SLL: Advice On Dealing With Crazies

Be they nations or individuals.

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  1. Is that a guest post, or did Gore move to Moscow?

    We in Russia…

    • Tom Wolff

      Read the second paragraph again … 😉

    • singlestack

      It was written from the POV of a Russian as an intellectual exercise.

    • He’s applying a 3rd party narrative. Have you not ever had that crazy uncle show up and say to yourself ‘is he crazy or what?’.

    • Answer: Neither

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

    • When speaking parenthetically, punctuation helps.
      Or maybe just putting the whole stream-of-consciousness exercise in italics.
      Grammar rules: not just for school kids.

      • wendystringer48088

        “When speaking parenthetically, punctuation helps.
        Or maybe just putting the whole stream-of-consciousness exercise in italics.”
        ^^^^^ This.

  2. Ridicule them IE; see ANY of my responses to tfaGGOTs “herrderrr kill cops” schtick……

    • your fucked up heroes…

      ASSHOLE copsucker.

      Here are the seven reports of police misconduct May 22-24, 2017:

      Update: Bay County, Michigan (First reported 11/15/16): A now-former deputy who served as a school resource officer was sentenced to 30 days in jail for trying to cover up his accidental shooting of teacher.
      Windsor, North Carolina: A now-former officer was found guilty of drug trafficking for transporting drugs under the guise of legitimate law enforcement purposes. He was one among 13 law enforcement and correctional officers caught in a regional drug and corruption sting operation.
      Cleveland, Ohio: The City is being sued by seven people who were arrested for protesting the acquittal of now-former officer Michael Brelo, who was the only officer charged in the fatal double shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. Brelo jumped up onto the hood of the car of the unarmed couple and unloaded two full magazines of ammunition into their bodies. He and several other officers were terminated as a result of their actions.
      Update: Kosciusko County, Indiana (First reported 3/2/16): The now-former sheriff was sentenced to one year of probation and 250 hours of community service after his plea to official intimidation. He took $40,000 from an inmate in exchange for preferential treatment at the jail.
      Parker County, Texas: A constable was arrested for a violation stemming from his arrest for domestic assault. He continued to contact the victim against the terms of his bond agreement.
      Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania: A deputy was arrested for allegedly beating and strangling his girlfriend. He is no longer with the department.
      Los Angeles County, California: A deputy was sentenced to six months’ home confinement after testifying against other deputies in a vicious inmate beating and cover-up.
      Bluefield, West Virginia: An officer was arrested for DUI.
      Update: U.S. Customs & Border Protection (First reported 9/12/16): A now-former officer was sentenced to 5 years in prison for accepting money and sex for cooperation in human smuggling into the United States.
      Las Vegas, Nevada: An officer was accused of misconduct for fatal use of force for actions including using a banned chokehold and repeatedly using his taser on Tashii Brown.
      Fort Worth, Texas: Two senior officers were demoted for allegedly leaking video of a subordinate officer’s violent encounter in which he arrested a woman who had called police for help after her son had been assaulted. The video went viral and the officer in question was suspended for 10 days. At least one of the officers intends to sue.
      Montgomery County, Texas: A deputy was arrested for DWI after being pulled over for driving 95 mph on the highway.
      Wood County, Ohio: The County agreed to pay $32,000 to a Risingsun officer who was wrongfully arrested by a deputy.
      Baton Rouge, Louisiana: An officer was placed on leave after allegedly sending racist texts to colleagues following the protests of the Alton Sterling shooting.
      Update: Baltimore, Maryland: Three officers have been placed on leave until they face administrative charges, and possible termination, for the death of Freddie Gray. Two other officers who had been previously criminally charged in the case received light suspensions for their acts, and the sixth officer charged was administratively cleared of wrongdoing.
      Update: Tulsa, Oklahoma (First reported 9/9/16): The officer who was acquitted of criminal charges for killing Terence Crutcher will return to duty, but not on patrol.
      Indianapolis, Indiana: An officer was arrested for domestic battery for an incident at his home.
      Baytown, Texas: An officer is under criminal investigation for soliciting nude pics from female drivers to get out of tickets
      Stone Mountain, Georgia: An officer was arrested for reckless conduct after her son pulled a gun on another car from the passenger seat while she was driving. She followed the car to its destination and her son started an altercation there. He too was arrested.
      Crestwood, Missouri: An officer was named in a lawsuit for abusing and arresting a woman who flipped him off while she was complying with his orders.
      Update: Palm Beach County, Florida (First reported 12/28/16): A deputy has withdrawn his guilty plea to federal identity theft and fraud charges. He claims his desperation to get out of pretrial detention induced the plea.
      Bullitt County, Kentucky: The sheriff was indicted for obstructing the investigation of one of his now-former deputies, who has since been convicted of drug trafficking and is awaiting sentencing. He allegedly tipped the deputy off that he was under investigation.
      Update: Rocky Ford, Colorado (First reported 11/17/14): The City settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the family of Jack Jacquez, who was fatally shot by an officer. The now-former officer is serving a 16-year sentence for the shooting.
      Alexandria, Virginia: An officer who was fired for racially profiling the police chief’s brother has been re-hired by the department.
      Florida Highway Patrol: A trooper was arrested for domestic violence.
      Calhoun, Tennessee: An officer and the now-former chief who is currently serving as chief in another jurisdiction were arrested for extorting money from an arrestee.

      is anyone starting to see a pattern here- yet?

      baaa baaa baaa

      • better question here is:

        how many of you have raped a teen lately?
        shot a teacher?
        beat and strangled your wife?
        ran drugs while being a cop?
        shot innocents thru their windshield and got away with it?

        i’ll bet $ none of you have.

        but the cops do it casually and routinely.

        WHAT THE FUCK?

        • wendystringer48088

          Maybe I’m just stoopid, but I am still not convinced that the problem is just anyone with a blue uniform. I think there are more dimensions to the problem than that than that.
          You do more than make the point that anyone who calls a cop to solve a problem in this day and age is taking a pretty big risk.
          Anyone who calls a cop to a scene you are involved in to get you help is helping you about as much as pointing a revolver with some empty chambers and some loaded with live rounds at your head, spinning the cylinder and pulling the trigger.
          I didn’t used to think like that but these days I do.
          Told a black person I work with that and he said “You white people just figuring that out?” 🙂
          However, I am still not convinced that the alternatives (anarchy, private security, citizen militias and citizen grand juries, neighborhood security teams, etc.) would work out better in the long run (maybe the same people would be attracted to those positions and engage in the same bad behavior?).
          Still, tfA-t, thanks for continuing to stir the pot, pissing in the punch bowl and keeping us all informed with evidence to back up your views and continuing to challenge by presenting the hard facts and asking the hard questions.

      • there are about 1 million badged thugs in Fusa.

        to even say bad cops are rare is absolute bullshit.

        EVERY day around a dozen rotten apples are caught being criminals, those are just the ones who couldn’t cover-up their evil deeds.

        this shit has got to end.

        • Well you did your part… talking about it, as usual. As ever, cadre.

          Something about those who can, do.
          The rest type riveting and thought inducing, harsh and father like admonitions.
          On somebody else’s blog.
          From the fetid confines of their lift chair, in a 1978 fleet side double wide. Sorry, I meant “their Canadian island Warlord fortified twenty tree filled acres”.

          Go fuck yourself to death and cop the rough oral sex plea.

      • wendystringer48088

        Thanks tfA-t Don’t have time to look at them all right now, but went to this one because it looked interesting:
        Stone Mountain, Georgia: An officer was arrested for reckless conduct after her son pulled a gun on another car from the passenger seat while she was driving. She followed the car to its destination and her son started an altercation there. He too was arrested.
        In my opinion it’s worth going to the link to see the pic of the female officer and her son. Sort of adds another aspect to the story.

        • Took a look, had the same things happen in LA after Rodney King. I would bet that the son is a gang member, and mama is facilitating his rise in the kingdom. The fact that this crazy bitch has a badge and a gun makes me question the hiring practices of Stone Mountain Police……oh wait! She’s racially diverse.

  3. Anonymous


    Might be worth sharing.


    Why is this being buried by the Fake News?

    Can #NeverTrumpers not read between the lines and see what the implications of the above are?

  4. Robert hit it out of the park with that essay!

    America is the shouting loon on the world’s street corner…in this instance it’s a blustering red headed buffoon waving a gun in the air while he exposes himself and shouts threats and profanities at passers by.

    Where’s a sniper or straight jacket for these clowns when you need them!?

    Definitely ‘vote from the rooftops!’

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – We Dont NEED no stinkin parasite class here!!
    NorthGunner III

  5. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Will we have enough rope for all these Washington traitors

  6. copied this directly off an antifa FB page:

    “Do whatever you can to create further divisions.”

    “Sectarianism is bad for movements. Here’s to less sectarianism on the left and tons more on the right!”

    Let’s keep the weapons pointed downrange.