The Truth About Civic Nationalist Cam Whores

Via Occidental Dissent.

FUSA is terminal.

And the fratricide on all sides will be spectacular.

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  1. robroysimmons

    I can hardly blame the patriotards, they are just slightly more engaged proles who for some reason still respect the authority of the mind fuck played on ‘Murka for the last few decades.

    The intellectuals have failed us horribly, they were beaten by a few near meaningless words, “racist” complete mumbo jumbo but elevated to metaphysical heights that even Jesus in his hey day probably could not match.

    • “ideas” have little to do with it. When brother Woodrow allowed the Jews (Rothschild, Warburg) and their shabbatz goyim (Morgan, Rockefeller) to set up the Third National Bank (alias the “Federal Reserve”, chartered 24 December, 1913) everything that’s happened since was engraved in stone: WW I broke out shortly thereafter.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The intellectuals have failed us horribly, they were beaten by a few near meaningless words”

      Cuts both ways, though. The rank and file weren’t lining up to back Goldwater back in ’64, for example. That’s been one of the great failings for traditional America – there is no cohesion and no mutual support.

  2. think this is my 2nd post here ever, I read and ponder much of what is posted here. I get a sense for personalities and the well developed egos.

    I had been hesitant to post my conclusion about what I see but part of the tagline posted by admin seemed to finally hook me:

    “And the fratricide on all sides will be spectacular”

    IF I were to take the comments posted at this site and render them down to key beliefs based upon the volume purported of key beliefs I am of the opinion that I would believe the following:

    Everything of ill nature happening to the US and the world at large can be attributed to Jews. If by some chance they aren’t responsible then its the blacks or niggers as is the preferred terminology. Cops are complicit in whole to everything Jews and niggers want to do to destroy the world.
    Liberals are just stupid, even if white anglo they are really Jews or niggers.

    Guns solve every problem within society especially the problem of jews and niggers.

    Having a penis makes you smarter and better than most unless you are a jew or nigger.

    What else, what other profound gems have I gleaned? Not much.

    There are some here that actually think, some rather regular posters that think before they type, heck they may even be a jew or nigger, but best they don’t reveal that. Some I have learned much from, even if I do have to sift through their egotistical slant on what they write.

    “And the fratricide on all sides will be spectacular”
    Yep, bet you’re spot on there. Cuz there will be plenty of room to hate on anyone time soon enough. The whites will hate the blacks will hate the latinos will hate the asians will hate the whites will hate the….

    Those are the easy monikers, now get to religion or gender or club memberships, or political affiliation, or you name it.

    The hate that is puked out here in so many posts is nothing but fuel for the coming fire.

    I see the truth in border protection, in preserving culture etc and so forth, way ultra conservative in my mindset. What I have no patience for is the self righteous rantings of hate.

    To befriend or espouse hate groups or leaders or ideologies is nothing more than being the other side of asshole. Still an asshole.

    I recall a picture of a known racist dictator petting his dog, thought to myself that even an emissary of satan has a moment of humanity to pet a dog.

    Nothing is so black and white that anyone can say a group or race or flavor is responsible for the shit we are now in.

    We are all complicit in some way, by ignorance or not. If it wasn’t the group you hate that you think is responsible it would be another, perhaps yours.

    Evil is evil, stupid is stupid both are indiscriminate in the gifts they lavish upon the accepting.

    Lastly fire away if you must, I don’t care, haven’t changed your mind, you can bet you haven’t and wont change mine.

    Be sure to reference how much PT you have done this week. Penis measurements. Your time in the shit. Cause your white. Oh and how your exemplary lifestyle has influenced those and the world around you for the better.

    • uh oh….

    • Your name says it all.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Red, you make some good points but there is no denying that behind the world’s conflagrations there can be found well placed Jews making hundreds of millions of $$. That wherever blacks congregate in number the standard of living plummets. These are simple truths.

      Simple truth also is, as you said, we are all complicit to one extent or another.

    • Julius Streicher

      All well and good.
      What’s YOUR solution to the problem, wise guru smarter than us dirt people?

    • Yes, lots of blaming and wanker measuring.

    • Cryptkeeper 7 Actual


      Not sure if this place is a Klan Rally or a Fed Honeypot.

      Longtime reader as well, but between the sociopaths in the the comments section, and the schizophrenic/cognitive-dissonance subject matter around here as of late, I’m pretty much ready to take my eyeballs elsewhere.

      I mistakenly thought this place was a general anti-Marxist, pro-liberty truck stop. Maybe it was, at one point.

      The comments especially would give a psychoanalyst decades worth of material. If the lights ever go out, there ain’t a goddamned single sonuva bitch commenting here is want within a day’s drive of me.

    • Some Guy in WA

      “Red,” indeed.


      Red: It is not about Jew or Black. It is about mentally disordered criminal psychopaths who feel they have some “endowed right” to tell me who to like, what to think, what to own, and how to live my life. I was not talking s**t about Blacks when, in my post back in August, 2014, I described “bump day” which occurred on the streetcars in LA. I was not talking s**t about Jews when I described how they took over the school boards in LA County in the 1950’s and you could not reference the Good Book or use the term, Merry Christmas.
      When we talk about Natural Law there are two principles: 1) DO ALL YOU HAVE AGREED TO DO. 2) DO NOT ENCROACH ON THE PERSON OR PROPERTY OF ANOTHER. The reason these “minority groups” are able to violate these principles has to do with your statement above. Yes, evil and stupid both lavish their gifts upon the accepting. The lavisher of these gifts is the Leviathan at all levels. It is supported by men and women with guns, uniforms, and badges.
      The ethnic and political groups you have referred to are mere pawns on a chessboard of corrupt, Godless power which has roots going back to Biblical times. Their physical appearance and ideology are what provoke the visceral reaction from myself and others. And, in my situation, it is based on years and years of life experience since childhood.
      Remember the post from a day or two ago about: “…my next door neighbors are Muslims and are really good people”? That says it all. When you start making exceptions based on individual contacts, you run the risk of being ripped off, stabbed in the back, or worse. I chose many years ago to live a separate, secure life from those who would encroach on me. I have not had too much luck even here in North Idaho. And, you may not be interested in Jews, Blacks, Sexual Deviates, and Marxists of every stripe. I assure you, sir, the psychopathic elements of these groups are interested in you. And, they are backed by the full power of the Leviathan. Bleib ubrig.

    • Grenadier1

      Very much truth in what you write.
      I very much take the following view.

      I dont hate people because of their race, there are more than enough other reasons to hate people. That said however I cannot ignore the tendencies of large groups of people. Individuals can be rather smart and easy to get along with, but people are stupid. Among the more swarthy types that adage is displayed by near animal behavior when given the opportunity. Among whites that adage is what is commonly referred to as racism. Its the same behavior just acted upon in different ways. Its always someone elses fault and always used as an excuse to justify terrible behavior.
      Its universal and I cant say I am immune to it. There are many times that I have looked at a situation and chalked it up to a black or other minority behaving just like I expect them to behave. I dont condone that idea, I dont encourage it in anyone I just understand its a natural thing to do and remind myself that we must constantly work to rise above that mindset.
      It is a general belief among the old mystics that man is never to reach perfection that he must constantly work to improve himself. To keep himself above the lower beasts. Falling into closed tribal beliefs is an admission that one has failed to do that.
      All that being said I cannot disagree with those who say that our country would be better off if it was all white and a common shared European culture. I don’t disagree with that idea at all. I dont disagree with the idea that there is a global cabal of people who wish to rule us, I just dont believe it is a cabal exclusive too or controlled by Jews.
      My objections to people who voice those theories or generously throw around those derogatory terms is that by doing so we provide ammunition to our enemies. We adequately demonstrate all of the worst traits they accuse us of being. At some point it will no longer matter. Those terms will lose power because we will have gone to guns and then all that matters is logistics. My message to these groups would be to stop attacking each other. Agree to disagree on these matters. Stop trying to build “unity” with the commies. You have more in common with the LotS than with BLM. They will NEVER see eye to eye with you.
      As much as I disagree with guys like Pat Hines and Haxo on racial matters I would stand in line to fight beside them because we can all agree that the Commies will kill all of us if they get their way.

    • Iceni26AD

      Please note that there are more than a few members here, who are not male, white or otherwise, and just do not have a dog in that hunt, as it were.

      You should have been here 4 or 5 years ago, read for at least 2 of those years, before making your presence known. You would have a more well informed picture of membership, personalities, mind-sets, and opinions.

      Of late, the last 9 months or so, to be sure, those to which your comments pertain, are overly represented in the comments section. There are perhaps many reasons for that…I can only speak to my own reasons for not being present and accounted for, with regard to the posting of comments. However, I do make time to read more than comment, and WRSA is a daily stop.

      If one has quality questions, there are members here who can proffer quality answers.

      Insofar as group hate is concerned, it is my opinion that as time grows shorter, and responses to stimuli become more and more limited, the group hate will necessarily be replaced with more immediate (read local) priorities. I don’t suffer from such malady at the moment, and hopefully never will, but then again, it isn’t difficult to look around my own AO and know where the problems for my own family will likely rear up. I may not suffer from certain maladies, but I can’t change certain things like my gender or my race. That every single day of the last several years I am reminded that I have no value, except that of another notch on the rifle stock, by virtue of either or both identifying classifications, to one or another group, who wear their own maladies like badges of honor, necessarily
      requires me to develop appropriate responses, should I ever find myself in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Thanks to many things, chief among them, the policy of importing the very essence of “group hate”, and Soros money funding civil provocateurs, the wrong place at the wrong time could be anywhere, anytime, in short order.

      At times like those, it will matter very little to none, how some who post here feel, believe, think, or act.

      In short, there are many teachers here. What one chooses to learn, and from whom, is strictly a matter of personal choice.

      I ask you, then, does your sense of moral superiority improve your target groupings, your intel, or your personal security? If not, you may want to reconsider its usefulness in this particular setting.

    • I assume from reading your comment that your are a baby boomer. Your comment is very typical of the sort of things that “patriot” boomers write. You try to do the “pox on both houses” game, but it rings hollow because it has no connection with reality.

      The fact is, Jews are responsible for quite a bit of the upheaval in Western societies. It’s not mindless hate, it’s just a clear statement of reality. You call Hitler an “emissary of Satan,” and immediately following that state that nothing is black and white. Well, guess what Boomer? WW2 isn’t black and white either. We are now seeing the result of WW2, and I’m no longer certain we were on the right side.

      Ultimately, unrealistic dribble like this is why I left the patriotard movement and joined the alt-right. They have a realistic world view, and patriots don’t. Screeching about “muh constitution” does no good if we don’t have the raw racial numbers to simply force our constitution. It’s not pretty, but it’s life.

      I am proud of my culture and race. I want to see my people be fruitful and multiply. I don’t care if that makes me “racist” or “hateful.”

      Have you considered that the road to liberty goes through fascism?

    • Red, let’s just say that, judging by the quality (or lack thereof) of your 2nd post, you simply don’t deserve a 3rd.

      I could tear your comment apart point by point, but why bother? Either you’re *incredibly* obtuse or a troll; both are unworthy of serious consideration.

    • You took the worst aspects of the people you dislike the most and combined that so you could feel good about yourself.

      Whites are the only race that votes in the majority for conservative/ libertarian ideals. Even Asians vote for BigGov in spite of the fact they get screwed by AffAction and monkey behavior worse than whites. How do you maintain those values when whites become a minority, which will happen even with 0 immigration?

      Some reading material for you:

      It’s not “hate” or “evil”, its common-sense survival.

    • The first time I met Pete was, oh, probably 9 yrs ago, when WRSA had put together a 2 day rifle course in Yakima, WA, and my pa and I went and about 18 other men. It was about as good as any 2 days could be spent. He was in the process of having several training weekends across the country so I know he can’t remember us all. Most of us predictably had our ARs and Glocks, my pa showed up with his Garand and 1911-A1 (he was 74 at the time) and I still have the image in my mind of him standing on the course transitioning from rifle to sidearm, except he has the Garand in his left hand ready to fire (he has forearms of steel,he does), and his 1911-A1 in the right hand ready to fire. Ha! We all thought that was a hoot as the trainers helped correct him so he didn’t get stuck like that again. And we moved on. Prior to that day we were all strangers,by the end we realized we were a group of common interests, from many walks of Life, and treasured our Right to bear arms. I think it surprised us all.
      I bring that up because over the years WRSA has become a repository for valuable information and has been in the serious business of Liberty and independence for Americans. There can be no denying a concerted effort is underway by many who see the USA as really only threatened by free and independent American citizens. Information and training is crucial and you are right, there is alot of chaff showing up here over the last year or so, but keep culling through it. The characters that spew hate and vulgarities and pound their chests…yeah, they are tiresome. I have found the hard men I respect most are the ones you have to pull out of them their opinions and backgrounds. They rarely shout or speak with hate. They do have solid principles and will defend them and their rights – all without using a bullhorn. The deadliest man I have met is Robert A Boyd and he is quiet and commands respect. Some of the characters here could learn from him. The next is Bo Gritz and when I met him he spent 20+ mins talking to me and my family when he had plenty of other pressing issues, I am sure. Pleasant, gracious, and human. Part of the problem can be we expect everyone on ‘our side’ to be perfect. Anyway, the valuable nuggets you find here can be critical for the times ahead. Hope you don’t disappear as balance is needed here and Pete is a good man.

      • Thank you. Those were good times.

      • Thanks for posting your Yakima recollections. As CA has said, those were the good times. Remember, that WRSA was a splinter group from Appleseed which numbered considerably less than a dozen people during the great divorce drama times. Some here still do remember and cherish those times. CA has built that splinter, by his ownself, into a well-respected place for the cat herd of freedom-minded folks to exchange information and insults.

    • Publius X Maul

      Fuck off, bitch. Is your name Bernstein or Cohen, Jewess?

    • Truth Corps

      “I see the truth in border protection, in preserving culture etc and so forth, way ultra conservative in my mindset. What I have no patience for is the self righteous rantings of hate.”

      Translation: “The demographic of my AO is 98% White.” (me thinks above the Mason-Dixon line, but what do I know- I’m just a hateful “racist” busy waking patriots up by helping them remove their self imposed blinders)

  3. It looks like a fuckfest at those protests. I’ve noticed Oathkeepers getting boisterous about showing up at these things. What’s up with that?

  4. 200 million.

    • Maybe you’re right, lately every “group” has proven to be a disappointment.

      Do people actually have anything to believe in anymore, or even have a belief or values?

    • Randolph Scott

      Taking down the Confederate flags offends me and many others as well. What about our feelings?
      Atlanta will most likely burn again in the future, and I won’t say anything except ‘they had it coming’.


    • I drive by the place regularly. It was a private farm with a Historical Marker out front until the housing bubble collapse. It was sold to a developer that went bust and the Country took over the property. It is surrounded by subdivisions that were part of the Atlanta Olympic housing boom in the early 90’s and are past their prime and are full of Section 8 renters now. Henry County is where they used to film The Heat of The Night series with Carol O’Connor. McDonough is the Country seat and I expect the Memorial in front of the Courthouse to be next. The Farm is right on the County line with Clayton County and Clayton County is a shit hole famous for losing its school accreditation. The bridge jump scene in Smokey and the Bandit Was filmed on Flint River Road just a few miles away. That entire area used to be rural small farms but now it is part of Metropolitan Atlanta sprawl. After the Atlanta Housing Authority razed 90% of the old projects to make way for the Olympics and tax paying development, the former occupants took their vouchers and moved to Clayton and Henry Counties on the South side. Most rational people saw the changes for the worst and sold out at the peak of the bubble and moved further out. I did. My kids went to Swint Elementary, and one day in Lovejoy HS. Now Peachtree City is the last bastion of a place you would want to live in a suburban setting on the South Side. Pinewood Studio has the new facility there and prices are going up which should keep the Section 8 problem at bay.
      Demographics are Destiny.
      Price guarantees exclusivity.

  5. Steven Barber

    “Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism…This is the caveman’s version of the doctrine of innate ideas—or of inherited knowledge—which has been thoroughly refuted by philosophy and science. Racism is a doctrine of, by and for brutes. It is a barnyard or stock-farm version of collectivism, appropriate to a mentality that differentiates between various breeds of animals, but not between animals and men.

    Like every form of determinism, racism invalidates the specific attribute which distinguishes man from all other living species: his rational faculty.”–Ayn Rand

    Remember Mao’s dictum that ‘A guerrilla swims in the sea of the Normies?’

    If you can’t hold hands with Patriots, you sure as hell can’t get sufficient relations with Normies.

    Keep your collectivist claptrap to yourself while you build *local* tribes around anti-prog ideology.

    And maybe blow the dust off of Human Factors and take another look at it?

    • Grand Inquisitor Silencius

      You’re due for a noose fitting on the Day of the Rope, Shlomo.

    • Marcus Ciero

      Here we have a TOP CUCK typing away while his wife gets busy with Tyrone and his homies upstairs.

      Hey, Steven, the Bruthas want you to get to work prepping.

  6. The riots in Venezuela are 100 times more violent than the riots here, and they haven’t changed a thing.

    It’s time to think outside the box.

    • More effective violence? Harsh psychological operations against socialists and leftists in general?

      Just querying.

    • “100 times”??

      The casualty list in Venezuela is shorter than the list of dead people will be here in the US from drunk driving next weekend. It’s nothing but kabuki street theatre.

      Venezuela is merely loud and large Latinate crybabying about exactly what they voted into power there a decade and two ago.
      When it gets bloody there, you’ll know the difference between a riot and a revolution.

      And anybody expecting riots anywhere to help or save them is too stupid to talk to in the first place. Riots are but tantrums for the mentally challenged, Tourette’s writ large and washed down with a Molotov cocktail. They announce the participants’ displeasure and stupidity with equal volume, and nothing more is expected, nor achieved.

      Eventually, they’ll just trade Maduro for the Army, and get a more regular allotment of crust and crumbs for the effort. Neither freedom nor plenty is on the menu, nor will be.

      You want to think outside the box, avoid crowds, ignore riots, and start looking at – and preparing to accomplish – conquering your own AO of whatever size (starting with your own patch, then your block or section of land), freeing it, and working outward.

      Can’t do any of that?
      Then you’re the refugee, not the freedom fighter.

    • Randolph Scott

      Tear out the sides to the box and eliminate those holding and enforcing the box.

    • Publius X Maul

      Seizure of (((ill-gotten))) wealth by a return to real money.

  7. Red, well said. Even the haters here have contributed much, if your listening. A lot of fantastic Intel comes via this pipe line. Like any site or news paper, it is the duty of the reader to define, fact from fiction.

    Some days it’s tough for me to visit. I use to come her for the political satire, the jokes just made my day.

    We are clearly living in different times, Deep State, is pushing hard, their showing their true goals right now. This is how we know their fighting for their lives.

    Please don’t stop,stopping by, Pete’s done a fantastic job putting WRSA together, I weekly find Intel that fits a piece of the puzzle called american politics.

    enjoyed your post. Like you I’m not a hater, I’m a frustrated citizen, who’s just trying to,figure it all out. Trying to determine my short term and long term strategy.



    I come from a Southern family. My ancestors fought against British occupation, then against the Yankee occupation both during the War of Northern Aggression and Reconstruction. We forged a place for ourselves that would later take our name. That was just my paternal side. My mother’s side of the family ran moonshine and resisted the Yankee occupation as well.”

  9. Rblee22468

    I really enjoyed this white nationalist article. Thanks you for sharing! 🙂

    • Truth Corps

      Go spend a summer on any MLK Jr. Blvd in any city nationwide. The entire summer. Night & day.
      Come back & preach then.
      In between murders, robberies, rapes, burglaries and stray bullets- try to do a little research on the color of crime in America.

  10. Rblee22468

    Can you ask Nurse Ratched how she will continue paying for her lifestyle after she secedes and loses her US Federal Government retirement check? I guess she can always make wine…

  11. Interesting read for those inclined to cerebrate – ratiocinate – cogitate – ruminate & vacillate on.

    Who is really behind all the nonstop terrorism?

    The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are low-level fronts; the Black Nobility holds the key to temporal power.

  12. Regarding the original post:

    1. Numbers talk, bullshit walks.
    You either have numbers, or you’re just BS.
    If 10,000 (hell, even 2,000) like-minded and resolute people showed up at any one of those monuments, surrounded it twenty to fifty bodies deep, and said “Fuck y’all, cops, BLM, Antifa, anybody; this sumbitch ain’t coming down, EVER! And we’re coming after those council members who tried to get rid of it in a recall Monday morning.” that would’ve been that. (And you probably could have expanded tenfold after Day One.)
    But there’s no such base of support.
    So you (whoever you are in any case) get rolled.
    Welcome to How The World Works, Since Ever.

    2. 90% of everyone who shows up for such an ad hoc “happening” is a cam-whore, a thief, a liar, and a certifiable whack-job, or frequently all of the above.
    Video camera lights draw those assholes like porch lights draw moths, in 110% of all known cases.
    If you haven’t vetted your crowd long beforehand, and imposed a hierarchy and discipline on them, long before anybody shows up with cameras, you aren’t tall enough for this ride.
    I’m sorry if that only now became apparent to anyone, or is news to them.
    The memo has been out since at least the 1960s, if not 1917 or 1790, and probably long prior. This is one of those Reasons History Is Important To Life you didn’t learn in school because you were fucking off and/or your teacher wasn’t very good about driving the lesson home.
    Final Exams can happen decades later, there’s no grading curve – it’s pass/fail – and you just got an “F”.

    3. Stop playing on enemy turf:
    If someone wants to take something down, find a site on private land, and put it back up. The same (if TPTB will let you purchase it for a nominal fee) or bigger than what was removed. Once it’s on private property, you can defend it, legally, with force of arms if necessary.
    Expecting the guvmint to do it for you, because reasons, is still sucking on Uncle’s tit, and the other side of the coin from EBT cards and welfare phones.
    If you don’t have the means to be a patron of the monuments you care about, once again, you aren’t tall enough for this ride financially either.

    4. Honestly, let’s be men about this: there’s nothing wrong or shameful about admitting you can’t do what you want. Dig in, and get to work on that, so that you can do so eventually.
    Or else admit you really didn’t care that much, find another hobby, and shut up about it.

    Being grown-up is hard. Suck it up, buttercup.

    That is not the face you want to show to the world.
    Pull up your big-boy pants, and git ‘er done, or go home.

  13. The Usual Suspect

    Change does not occur until the pain of staying the same
    is worse than the pain of change.

    • Iceni26AD

      Ahh…my favorite truism…good to see someone else knows this. Sort of settles most issues with all people…yes?

  14. Ah the men of WRSA have had their good name sullied by someone named Red. The irony is thick right there. Red, good luck and God bless in the coming days. Here’s hoping Rawanda Times Bosnia finds you right with your make and in good spirits!

    You too Cryptkeeper! And BTW the mental health industry are just street dealers for Big Pharma at this point. What they think about anything matters not.

  15. Mr. Frosty

    A Patriot is someone who loudly declares they will not fight and die for their blood-tribe, but will fight and die for a piece of paper with magic words that create “freedom.”

    I’m a Nationalist. Blood and soil mean more to me than paper and ink.

    • Thanks for proving the OP.

      • Mr. Frosty

        Nations based on pieces of paper don’t seem to last long. China has a long history, Yugoslavia does not.

        “Muh freedum”
        “Muh cuckstitution”

        • Comparing apples to horseapples neither illustrates nor proves your point.

          China is a homogenous culture, and has been so for thousands of years.
          “Yugoslavia” was always and only a cat’s breakfast of antithetical subcultures held together (barely, and solely at gunpoint) by Tito, and only for part of his life.

          Meanwhile, the English seem to have done very well in the 800 years since Prince John signed Magna Carta, despite cobbling half a dozen sub-cultures into one, whereas France, fiercely homogenous until all but recently, is already on its fifth attempt at a republic in two centuries.
          The tri-lingual Swiss, OTOH, have been an independent and coherent state for 370 years, except for the disastrous attempt by France to subjugate them by force in 1798, which Napoleon himself was unable to sustain beyond 5 years before having to rectifying the error.

          So maybe dig a little deeper for actual reasons.

  16. Who is the bigger cuck? The guy who puts on plastic Roman armor and singlehandedly derails/disrupts/divides everyone there, or the guy who goes home and writes a whiney post about it on his blog and Facebook?

    What a fucking joke these people are.

  17. Jimmy the Saint

    “And the fratricide on all sides will be spectacular.”

    Unfortunately, the Right will do theirs before they start fighting the Left. The Left will do theirs after they crush whatever survived on the Right.

  18. Rhodes calls Identity Europa nazis, yet IE’s member forum specifically prohibits Nazi or Hitler stuff.

  19. Central PA

    3% , patriots, ect aint shit. Its a bro club for statist, *ass slap in the locker room nonsense.
    These are the same type of idiots with blue lines on their vehicles screaming ” support the blue” as that blue boot is standing on their neck..

  20. The main mistake they made (besides being ‘camwhores’) was by exhibiting the ‘flag of empire/Northern Agression’ alongside a flag of Liberty (Stars ‘n Bars)..the two are COMPLETELY opposed to each other and always will be!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner – An Arizona Copperhead!

  21. Pro-White vs. anti-White. Everything else is noise.