Wilders: Islam Is Responsible For Manchester

Along with those who have permitted the invasion of the West.

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4 responses to “Wilders: Islam Is Responsible For Manchester

  1. Who perpetually agitates for ever more muslim immigration into the West?

    Wilders knows. Wilders never says.

    Muslims in the West = symptom. The people pushing for endless muslim immigration into the West = disease.

  2. “our leaders have betrayed us” – Wilders

    can he actually be this dense? The Euro-welfare/illfare states are massively debt-financed. (((Those))) who control the debt, control the state.

  3. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Possibly interesting samples from a post-Manchester bombing ‘war’ that’s underway.:


    To catch the flavor of the abovementioned ‘conflict’, do a search using ariana grande i hate america &/or morrissey manchester bombing as the terms & peruse the resultant headers. My fave ‘response’ to Morrissey’s ‘rant’ is use of the Jo Cox murder which is similar to the reflexive “McVeigh was a Christian so you have to blame all Christians for what he did if you’re going to blame Muslims for what a few have done” rejoinder used over here. Given the amount of American Leftists actively/by example advising their U.K. counterparts on how to more effectively promote the tenets of their shared religion, would it be too much of a stretch to characterize such efforts as collusion?