Censoring You To Protect You

Your masters know better.

And they don’t trust you to think otherwise.

Imagine a society built on such a premise.

7 responses to “Censoring You To Protect You

  1. speaking of thugs with badges with a hard-on for violence…

    i wonder why they wear masks?

    and just plain retarded cops.


    because hydrocodone, fentanyl, alcohol, and cigarettes are good for you- pot bad, very bad…


    • a follower

      We know why they wear masks, to conceal their identity. They do appear to be a lot like isis. Intimidation etc.
      There seem to be a lot of people on the stage blowing their own horns, just do your job! Stop lying when you discover the Truth.
      Reveal the Truth.

  2. From the “About” page…

    Gatestone Institute is funded by private donors and foundations. We are grateful for your support.
    Ambassador John R. Bolton, Chairman
    Nina Rosenwald, President
    Naomi H. Perlman, Vice President

    (Clearing throat… polite cough…) I think that speaks for itself.


  3. no on Bolton, yes on (((Nina))) and (((Naomi))).

    “the Jews are ruined by their women”
    – Georges Valois

  4. a follower

    If perpetual war is needed, ‘desired’ for the continuation of their agenda, how then should we react?
    Many of you say and quote to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results is the definition of insanity. Does this also hold true with war?
    Was islam or radicalized islam, created just for this purpose? Do some research.
    They have lied to the world for how long?
    my war

  5. Gatestone does good work, but ultimately, is all just mental FAPing.

    So their readers sit around and congratulate themselves on a job “Well Done” and it makes no difference whatsoever.

    Nobody in Europe is gonna pay any heed.  Certainly not Team Mo.

    They are on a road to where there is no turning back and seem to be loving it, so fuck them. Right up the ass. If they don’t have the balls nor the mission to take out the likes of Merkel, May, Cameron,  Junker or the EU in general then they’re not serious.

    They should have listened to Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech at least weekly.

    We have our own problems to deal with without worrying about the EuroWeenies.

    Let them fry in their own bacon fat. (heh…)