Codrea: NY’s ‘Common Sense’ Gun Law Could Get People Killed


Good thing the Blessed Parchment makes such laws unconstitutional.

25 responses to “Codrea: NY’s ‘Common Sense’ Gun Law Could Get People Killed

  1. It will pass in NY.

  2. Forgive them Lord because we won’t. What a clown show. Bow-ties? WTF over?

  3. Marxists in bow ties are dead to me and I don’t hear dead people talking.

  4. hummus abedin

    The impotent beta-cuck that
    is Codrea is just as likely to
    get people killed.

  5. Nonsensical: Why we just thread the end of the barrel and put one of them child proof caps on it. Right?

    Of course it does not work. But why should it have to? It did not work for Big Pharma but everyone with moral superiority felt satisfied. So long as it works for guns too everyone can go home happy.

    I don’t know which will go first, my sanity at reading this posting or my physical being. Its a race to the bottom.

  6. FFS, it’s designed and intended to get people killed.
    Codrea should spare us the “Shocked! Shocked I say…”

    line, and cut to the point:

    Another politician has just outted himself*, and should be put up against a wall, come the day.

    They want us dead, we want them dead: might as well say it, since they already have.
    If that has to be couched in terms of “politically” metaphorically dead at the moment, so be it. Move heaven and earth to run his ass out of office.
    Pour encourager les autres.

    Can’t do that? Then STFU, and start stockpiling for Judgment Day.
    This is either/or, there’s no third option.

    *No pun intended, as he’s clearly a faaaaaabulous dresser with a keen fashion sense.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Another politician has just outted himself*, and should be put up against a wall, come the day.”

      It’s the “come the day” bit that’s problematic. One of history’s biggest lessons is that stupid, corrupt, and/or malevolent nobles can do irreparable damage before “the day” comes. Timing these sorts of things is very, very tricky. Act to early, and you go down alone. Act to late, and you’ve failed before you’ve started.

      • It seems that going down for nothing is what’s holding everyone back. If we all risked our lives together, going to prison wouldn’t be so bad? Start a trend. Be the first kid on your block to kill a commie.

  7. NY is a spectacularly fucked up place. The Yin to Mexifornia’s Yang.

  8. Hard to read anything from da oathcuckers anymore.

  9. “in this picture there is a gang-banger, 3 niggers, a White cuck, and a giraffe. See if you can find them.”

  10. PGT Beauregard

    Y’all can pontificate all you want about rights, but the truth is, negros should not own firearms. period.

    I know there’s the 10% that you’d let take your daughter to the drive in.

    But like Nicky Backay said; the numbers never lie.

    • Is yer spell check broke? They’re not “negros”, they’re “niggers”. Big difference.

  11. light29id

    As I wrote over at the Well Armed Women: “This isn’t about the children. It’s about hindering your 2A rights by making the weapon worthless for use. They want to be the ones with the guns. Not the worthless, unwashed, ignorant masses.”

  12. Its almost like the goal isn’t really safety. But.what could the goal possibly be then?!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      As with most Collectivist schemes, the goal is not the goal. The coercive measures need to enforce the goal are the goal.

      • Strange how every liberal piety only seems to get applied when whites are negatively effected.
        Feminism had no problem with B Clinton serially raping, or taking advantage of a powerless intern.
        Gun violence requires outlawing semi-autos which are insignificant sources of gun violence.
        Foreigners blowing shit up means whites need to endure more intrusive security measures.
        Etc. etc.

  13. What is it with faggots & bow ties?

    Looks like the bill nye fanboy club.

  14. The “Blessed Parchment” was never intended to be a spectator sport….

    So saith the 1st, 2nd and 10th (all other) Amendments, and the preponderance of opinion of the Founders.

    That Sin, Sloth, Cowardice and Greed have won out comes as no surprise to “a moral people, and no other.” There is the flaw, not in the intent or scope of the “Sacred Parchment” (all snark aside) but in the capacity of frail humanity to keep the watch and walk the walk.

    Trying to mimic God’s Plan of Salvation and Right Living with one of, by and for the world of Men will always fail… but it was still the best effort yet.

  15. My policy of never trusting a man in a bow tie, with the exception of an accompanying tux, holds true.

  16. Dick noses hi-jack various things. Homos hi-jacked the word gay..Dirty commie rat bastards hi-jacked bow ties. What’s next? Women wanting to be 0317.The day an SSP is a female unit, is the day to become a homo bow tie wearing commie.I hope this explanation helped.