Curtis Sends

A nice little morale booster, to start the weekend.

If you qualify.

3 responses to “Curtis Sends

  1. If you needed the trophy, you’re the problem.
    And don’t qualify for it anyways.

  2. “dumpkaine | May 25, 2017 at 18:15 |

    I keep trying to post as swrichmond, but something interferes. Even when I change the name for the post, it reverts to another name.

    P.S. have fun continuing to drive a wedge between liberty advocates ( traditional conservatives and libertarians), serving whom exactly? And thanks also for confirming the mindless resort to insults and the dearth of relevant facts. Bravo Zulu. Thank goodness you have a (nother) mission. Please remember me.”

    Don’t fret you little chicken shit behind a keyboard.