Europa Ist Verloren

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  1. wealthy farmer

    Muslims in Europe are now way past the initial stages identified by Bracken, where they need to play the victim and use the host country’s institutions for support and protection while they relentlessly immigrate and reproduce. At 1-5% of population they start taking over. And there is a massive generational cohort coming up right now. In a few short years they have won. Their women are immune to western feminism. While europeans sit around and dither about their gender, sexuality, relationships, etc, the muzzies are busily building up their numbers (men and women fucking btw) like a beehive in May….The jellyfish swarm, linked by social/religious pheromones. WE NEED OUR OWN JELLYFISH SWARM…..

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Their women are immune to western feminism.”

      Perhaps more critically, so are their men.

    • The total collapse of western, Christian, anglo European culture is all but mathematical certainty at this point – and the numbers certainly don’t lie. The Europeans abandoned God, and prefer to contracept themselves into the dust bin of history – the one where the muslims and Africans who overtake their homeland will bulldoze their graves and honor nothing of their memories.

      Here is the ONLY hope:
      Return first to God. Fill the Churches, and get rid of the birth control pills. Marry young, stay married, and be open to however many children God blesses you with. Begin rebuilding your culture.

      Simultaneously, expel EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM who was not born on native soil, and never admit another. For those who are now natural citizens, If they refuse to learn the native language, and conform to the native customs, they must be banned from any social services – no children in schools, no ‘free’ healthcare or housing, no ‘free’ medical care.

      Native communities must also shun those who refuse to assimilate – don’t hire them, don’t do work for them, avoid them totally until they get the picture. Eventually, they will leave. They will also stop breeding with no money and no food. If they leave the country for any muslim area, they must never be allowed to return.

      The social safety nets will collapse and the economies will tank, but the culture will survive, and eventually, so will the Europeans.

      It doesn’t look promising though.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Native communities must also shun those who refuse to assimilate – don’t hire them, don’t do work for them, avoid them totally until they get the picture.”

        There are, of course, more direct methods that have been proven to work against these very same invaders.
        – Zombie Vlad Tepes


    So, here we are with another well-meaning and genuinely concerned Brit ranting about the death of his country and his culture. He should be out at a shooting range somewhere(I believe they still have them), practicing.
    If you look at the IRA model, you had a very small group of dedicated patriots who did not give a hang about their government’s oppressive edicts. They were able to procure arms, get trained, and fight back. Please tell me there is some German or British version of a Ross Perot, with money and secure connections enough to get the ball rolling. If not, then Europe is indeed lost.

    • Notarealperson

      The problem in England is that the people not only have the Muzzies to contend with but the authorities as well who go out of their way to jail any native who speaks out about Muslims. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 75 year old man. Off he goes to the big house. People are reduced to speaking in private among friends as to their real opinions.

      Yet they allow the Muzzies, Gypsies and other groups to do as they please.

      The same applies to Germany. This is what makes it a bitch to do anything. These people live in a true police state. Though we’re not far from it.

      Look short of a collapse of the EU or a war of assassination against media personalities, academics, mid level government officials and police. You aren’t going to get any real change in countries like England or Germany, their systems are designed to prevent outsiders from achieving power and initiating reforms.

  3. Systematic elimination of the so called leaders of the West and the top MSM talking heads. Someone has to go to jail in order to save the West. When they lock you up, request administrative segregation. Full pardons will be granted upon your success.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Someone has to go to jail….”

      In other words, let’s you and him fight.

      • No, Jimmy… let’s us and them fight!

        You are, of course, excused as the perpetual bestrider of the fence that you are.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Kindly show *exactly* where he said he’d go to jail. Note also that it was “you,” not “we” who would be locked up, and pardons were contingent upon “your,” not “our” success. Words matter.

          And who is “us”? Those who advocate killing all the police? So far, only BLM seems to be stepping up on that one.

          Those who advocate killing all the politicians? No one’s doing that.

          Those who advocate genocide against the blacks? The Jews? THe Mexicans? The blacks and the Jews? All non-whites? The Muslims? All non-Christians? Well, the blacks and Mexicans are doing a pretty good job of killing the blacks.

          Or how about those who just advocate killing pretty much everyone? So far, only Islam has taken up that banner, and they’re not doing too badly at it.

          Join the anarchists? Which ones – the ones fighting for big government, or the ones who won’t side with anyone?

          Join a group on the Right or alt-Right? For the most part, they’re all concerned with fighting (or at least not supporting) one another, and many have shown that they’re willing to side with the Left against those who should be their allies.

          • If you don’t know who “us” is, we’re not you.

            Hence my giving you a pass, s your comment so richly proves.

  4. Notice the lack of conviction concerning what to do about the muzloids already there.

    • Notarealperson

      Well yeah since there is no 1st Amendment protections in England. In fact say the wrong things about Muslims and you an face jail time in a jail cell with Muslims. See that’s a favorite tactic of the police over there, they arrest some native loudmouth who doesn’t like Jihad, stick him in a cell with Muzzies who then proceed to beat him to a pulp.

      BTW notice that most of the West European leaders are female and childless or homosexuals like Macron. These people don’t care what Europe becomes 20 years from now.

  5. Delusional, speaking out and voting is going to do exactly nothing at this point in Eur land. Here in FUSA we are on a similar trajectory.

    • at 40% non-White, borders gone, and with the White birthrate collapsed by the KCOD, the FUSA is quite a bit further along the trajectory than Europe.

  6. I’m traveling this weekend. I’m going to Vegas, news papers are reporting a ” creditable, Dash” threat their. Wonderful news. For the first time in decades, were staying right down town. Right in the middle of casino row. ” plans made by the other couples, not us.

    My question is. What does the well prepared couple bring to the party. Limited luggage to carry stuff.


    • Grenadier1

      If you are not going to check a bag to transport your carry gun then next best thing is probably a blow out kit. TSA might get a little pissy about a decompression needle but if its all sealed up in your luggage they might not notice.
      My advice is stay off the strip on foot. Vegas does a lot to make movement on foot convenient for tourists. Stay away from that. They have paths that wind through the hotels and casinos and over the main roads. Its a good walk but its crowded and that makes it a target.

    • Have you spelled “there” correctly once on your life?

    • hummus abedin

      If you have to ask (and actually go),
      you’ll never know you stupid, limp-wrist,
      beta cuck.
      I apologize for that outburst.
      The best thing the “well prepared couple”
      can do before traveling into a possible ambush
      by sharia law muslim terrorists is to “speak out
      against them, and voting against them”.
      You stupid gimp, sally forth!

    • how about not going to Las Vegas and giving all your money to a gang of Jews and Mexicans.

    • wendystringer48088

      “I’m traveling this weekend. I’m going to Vegas, news papers are reporting a ” creditable, Dash” threat their. Wonderful news. For the first time in decades, were staying right down town. Right in the middle of casino row. ” plans made by the other couples, not us.
      My question is. What does the well prepared couple bring to the party. Limited luggage to carry stuff.”

      First off, you don’t have to go anywhere.
      Even if you want to go, it’s not totally in your hands and things can change on a dime. You are only a car accident or a fall off a ladder or down the steps or a groin pull or twisted ankle or knee injury away from suddenly not being able to go anywhere, any plans you made be damned. (Ask me how I know). 🙂
      Now let’s assume you are going and won’t have bad luck and don’t want to dissappoint the other people…
      I would say to look at at this as a total picture: What is the general state of your health and your (I asume) wife’s health and abilities? Meds you have to take, what you need to have with you, things you physically can’t do, etc. Risk of heart attack or stroke or low blood suger or injuries from accidents doesn’t disappear because of possible terrorist attacks. Take along what you need plus extra in case you are stuck someplace for a while.
      Make an assessment of your wife’s abilities – cool and calm in a crisis or useless and would only be in the way – would reflect what you inform her ahead of time she does if certain things happen – stay close and help out or get away and hide and escape to a safe place and we will meet up later.
      Now the same for the other couple. Talk to them about your concerns and what if certain things happen. Under what circumstances will you stay together, under what circumstances will you part ways?
      While over there you will get to practice constantly looking around and noticing things and people and thinking “what if” so if things suddenly go Boom or Bang you will be that one second ahead of breaking the freeze and being able to identify and react to the situation.
      Stuff to take – my suggestion: Israeli Combat Bandage / Israeli Emergency Bandage and if you can also a Combat Application Tourniquet. Maybe you and your wife each carry one.
      Whether You Shoot Or Drive, Blow-Out Kits Can Save Lives
      [video src="" /]
      I can imagine it would be heartbreaking watching someone bleed to death and not being able to help thm.
      Also energy bars / dried fruit / nuts and bottled water. Will come in handy to fuel and hydrate yourself (and maybe to share with others who are with you) if you are suddenly very busy and/or stuck in one place for a while.
      I didn’t cover firearms as I don’t know your situation and assume you have that covered as to what you can carry and where and under what circumstances you will use deadly force and what legal aid or lawyer to call what your wife will do in these situations.
      Aside from that, have fun. Don’t get too drunk and don’t gamble all your money away and you should be fine. 🙂

  7. Masthead answer (Is this where I put it?):

    Ammo: Just bought some more 5.56 ammo. I guess that’s about all I can do at this time. Buy more. Shoot some of it, stock some of it.

    Food: Getting ready to start canning up a bunch of green beans bought at the local farmer’s market. Wife is researching canning more stuff we’ve never canned before. Waiting a week or so to buy some bushels of corn to can up as well. When bush beans come time to grow, we’re going to grow a bunch of those and can them too.

    Water: Going to buy several more gallons of water today to store for ‘cane season. Finishing up a construction project in the yard tomorrow, and then I’ll move on to planning a rainwater catch system.

    Bodies: I know a little about my neighbors, I know they’re nice people… But I’ll be heading over to say hi next week and offer any help they might need. Only have three houses within sight of our’s so they may be all we have aside from a few family members.

    Keep grinding.

    • wendystringer48088

      Masthead seems to have changed again, but as to what to do to improve one’s personal situation my answer would be that this is a good weekend (Memorial Day in memory of others who have fought the battes to keep us free before us, and the beginning of pretty good weather that will last through the next 5 or 6 months of Summer and Fall) to start a routine to build up, get dialed in and get more prepared evry day and over every weekend.
      Physical Fitness: Whether martial arts, hitting the gym, cardio, strength training, etc. all helps at any age if done within reason and within the limitations of one’s body.
      Firearms: Everything that shoots has to be tested with the ammo that will be used with it to check that you can hit the target with it and it doesn’t jam or misfeed when you shoot it. Rifles have to be sighted in with the sighting system(s) mounted on the rifle with the ammo that will be used with it first at 25 yds, them moving out to 100 yds.
      Ammo: Shoot up the old stuff . Bite the bullet (haha) and get decent newer stuff that can be relied on if the Zombie Apocolypse comes.
      Medicine: Some people are dependant on certain medicines. Best to have a supply built up in case of a glitch in the system.
      Medical supplies: For my mentioning to others about the Israeli combat emergecy bandages and the combat application tourniquet, I need to come up to speed on them myself. Plus sterile pads and gauze and all the over the counter stuff that may come in handy for pain, fever, cleaning wounds and treating cuts and abrasions, etc.
      Food: Dried and canned food and spices. Don’t forget the coffee, hot chocolate, drink mixes. Also paper towels, facial tissues, toliet paper, etc.
      Water: Cases of bottled water, gallon jugs of distilled water and water purification filters.
      Heat: propane and white gas stove(s) to boil water. Even SPAM tastes a lot better heated up.
      Camping gear: Sleeping bags, tents, etc. Cause you never know when you may need to take an unexpected camping trip, or even camp indoors under certain circumstances.
      Not even mentioning things like batteries for flashlights and radio gear. The more you get organized the more you see where you are lacking.
      People: Always a good idea to network with neighbors and other people you know in the hope of making new friends and getting together with old friends. Even if you and them don’t agree on everything sharing ideas and exchanging ideas is a good thing for future reference.
      So the thing is to set a pattern and keep to a routine, and keeping improving more each week.
      Tomorrow Saturday start of this year’s Memorial Day weekend would be a good day to start seriously on a routine to get as ready as possible.
      (Yes, I realized that we were to have everything ready by January 20th when the evil queen was to be inaugurated and was expected to executive order all the deplorables to be taken to the re-education / death camps).
      But Thank God for a (temporary) reprieve and to be granted the extra time to get prepared and to get to continue to enjoy and live life as it is now.

  8. “Get out and vote.”

    Didn’t I tell you, just the other day, that Brits have lost their autonomy as men … and are incapable of action without the sanction of the State?

    Just let it burn.

    • hummus abedin

      “Didn’t I tell you, just the other day, that Brits have lost their autonomy as men.”
      And you beta cuck White men, in America,
      are tripping over your limp wrists attempting
      to outdo them.

  9. The ballot box? Too little too late.

    • hummus abedin

      Wow, really?!
      Your tactical brilliance is blinding.
      Go back to manly clearing leather
      and fighting, only in your nightly dreams.

  10. If they ask for help, we should send it (not including people).
    But if they’re too far gone to do the work themselves, then they’re too far gone.

    At this point, nothing short of stringing up the entire goddam lot of invaders and/or forcibly and permanently ejecting (ideally at 10,000′ AGL) the survivors is going to avail, and they haven’t got the mental capacity to go there yet. If ever.

    Pussification has consequences.
    Wave goodbye.

  11. I admire this gentleman for coming up with some sort of so called solution. But, what he really should have said is;
    1-FXXk the government! Get yourself guns, by any means necessary.
    2-If you need to take a “scenic and culture educating” vacation to Eastern Europe, by all means go, and bring back any “supplies” that you may need. I believe that ammo and guns are quite cheap and accessable in some countries.
    3-Make range time your time. If you need to backhoe the garden because of a “pipe leaking”, get an underground range built quickly.
    4-Voting got us into this mess, so time for hard tactics.
    Probably wouldn’t have been published on YouBoob. Just a thought for my distant relatives in GB: Matt Bracken says you can pack a lot of supplies on a boat, and y’all live on an island. Just sayin’……….

    • Eis Augen

      This makes me think of the pansies complaining about my proposed MURDER WEAPON a few weeks ago, a modern Liberator for people who are willing to fight.

      • wendystringer48088

        I am definitely not going to be complicit in helping or encouraging someone to make a crappy little weapon only useful for assisinations and executions.
        I am sure the criminal gangs over there have better.
        Doesn’t seem to me there is anyone interested in fighting to preserve their own culture over there anyway.
        If you were serious, maybe take a trip to somewhere in Eastern Europe or Africa and bring back some AKs if you are serious. They are relatively cheap (so I hear) and reliable. If you go to Africa maybe also see if you can hire and bring back some of these guys to fight your war of liberation for you.

        At least they seem willing to fight. Maybe if you are lucky you can get some of these guys to impregnate some of your women before your local Muslims do, and the resulting children will have in their DNA at least some physical prowess and willingness to fight (to make up for what’s lacking on your side) and some hopefully moderate level of intelligence (to make up for what’s lacking on their side).
        Plus mixed race chldren are cute (so I hear).
        Just my (obviously pissed off at you and being a smartass) thoughts.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” I believe that ammo and guns are quite cheap and accessable in some countries.”

      If you want arms and munitions at low, low prices, sub-Saharan Africa is the place you want to go a-buying.

  12. Detroit III

    Europa ist kaput.

  13. Every Socialist nation in history has made the short descent into totalitarian hell where mass graves are filled with the bodies of unarmed civilians who failed to shut-up and sit down. Britain, and it’s de-nutted neighbors, may become the first nations where it’s native PPLs never even stand-up before they are shot-blown to pieces.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Fukn hilarious.
      This is what happens to people who crow and beat their chests over their great accomplishments, committed by their forefathers, rather than by themselves.
      When you’ve never done anything in your life, and play the part of the hero every day, eventually it catches up to you, like right now!

  14. Here at AO Northern Boundary, there will be former army infantry, ranger, engineers, tanker, a coasty, and medics on the firing line. If time permits on Sunday, we’ll each perform a brief period of instruction and then run through the patrolling course out back.

    Fuck the po po
    Fuck the gubmint

    • Wait, what…?
      All those tales of living in AO Southern Boundary were just…tales…?
      Pure fabulism??

      Color me shocked.

      Your slip is showing.
      Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

      • a follower


      • after much consideration i’d rather not be in some SA revolution crossfire.

        it’s very nice where i am, and i can navigate around the world from here-if I choose.

        and you’re stuck in the land of fruits n nuts. how’s that bullet button thingy that goes up?

        ha ha ha

    • wendystringer48088

      Good for you. Then you are doing something positive other than pulling our chains over here. Sounds like a good way to spend the Memorial Day weekend, in memory of those who made their sacrifices and even gave their lives to preserve liberty for us. By doing what we can to prepare for what we may have to do to preserve the sane.
      (Didn’t know you had enough room at your place for an engineering vehicle, a tank, and a coast guard cutter.). 🙂

      “false in one thing, false in everything.”
      You just never really know about people. They say things for their own reasons… Sometimes it’s best not to be entirely truthful… 🙂

  15. Ramsey Crooks

    Aren’t there any 75 to 80 year old European veterans willing to lay down their remaining years for their grandchildren’s future? A lead based thank you for Merkel and the head of the EU would probably go a long way towards making the rest of that pack of jackals reconsider their choices in life. You’re going to die anyway in a few years, why not try to save your nation?

    You can make the same argument for grandparents of young people killed by illegals in the US. Why spend your last few years sitting in grief waiting for the inevitable. Why not thank a piece of shit sanctuary Governor personally for their treachery?

    • wendystringer48088

      “Aren’t there any 75 to 80 year old European veterans willing to lay down their remaining years for their grandchildren’s future? … You’re going to die anyway in a few years, why not try to save your nation?”

      Scrolled down and saw your post and thought about it and just had to respond.

      My father died (of colon cancer) some years ago. Talked to my mother about his last years that he was alive and living with her. He didn’t talk much. She said what he saw on tv (how politics, society and entertainment changed since when they grew up and us kids grew up), she said that he said he was ready to leave this world. He said he didn’t want to be around anymore. Didn’t feel it was a world he wanted to live in anymore.
      My mother says the same thing, and can’t understand while she is still alive. Looks forward to meeting him again up in Heaven. Has had dreams about him waiting for her up there, they both look young like when they did when they were just married.

      So my answer to your question about why any 75 to 80 year old European veterans don’t act would be that old people don’t think that way. When they get to that point they just want to leave peacefully and move on to the next phase. It’s our world now. I suppose when I am that age I will be the same. It’s their world now.
      Also, just a thought, maybe you don’t know what their children and grandchildren are like.
      Might not be worth the effort anyway, even if there was a chance to be successful. I would assume even if you magically were able to get rid of the current crop of leaders, the current younger generations will simply put in power the same kind of new leaders.
      Especially if what @Notarealperson says about the authorities going out of their way to jail anyone who speaks out about Muslims even if it’s a 75 year old man. Then the problem is so deep it can’t be fixed, and it has to run its course. Let things play out the way they will and things will turn out the way they turn out. It may not be fair to the innocent, but that is out of your ability to change.
      It’s their world now. Let them have it.

  16. a follower

    Here in america, we too experience atrocities daily.Not just by muslims, not just by blacks, not just by men, not just by zealots, not just by pathological liars, not just the jews, not just the catholics, not just by the police, not just by the gubmint. not just by the mean man that hurts our feelings. etc.etc. Well you get the gist.
    my atrocity is bigger than your atrocity.
    mankind seems to be on a crash course, prepare Spiritually also. Seek His face.