Fourth Circuit Bobos Put Judiciary On Collision Course With America





Do you understand yet?

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  1. I understand that is has become clear that many federal judges are domestic enemies of the Constitution and in bed with the Soros/Globalist criminal enterprise.

  2. william williams

    There is one American group that is at the top of the list for rounding up, and thorough re-education:
    federal judges.


    Do you understand yet? Yes, I understand. The POTUS will not implement the provisions of the Patriot Act and the NDAA to override these syphilitic-thinking Marxist “jurists”. The big question is WHY?!

  4. It’s well within the Constitutional power of the administration and Congress to fire half, even all, the Federal Judiciary.

    • While you are absolutely correct that they can be removed, the weasels in Congress will NOT go along…98% of the Dems favor impeachment of Trump….McVain & Graham to name a few would also go along if the President were to fire these people….
      90% of the Republicans in Congress today are members of the Uniparty and are just as dangerous to us as the Dems….Ryan, McConnell, Graham, McVain etc need to be fired right along with Schumer/Pelosi/Warren/Sanders

  5. Federal Judge Flip Wilson ….

    Affirmative Action was, and is, always about affirming benefits to those who do not merit the gift

    this guy is just like GMPI …. acting out the perpetual grudge, and immaculated courtesy of his melanin level

    [GMPI : gay mullato polydrug-using islamicist }

  6. This is easily solved: President Trump orders the AG to direct federal marshals to arrest the 10 judges in question for interference with federal officers, throw their asses into federal prison, and refer them to a US Attorney for immediate prosecution for felonious interference with federal officers.

    Congress can either impeach those assholes before the conviction, or after, but either way, it’ll be the last time they obstruct justice under color of authority, and the point will be made.

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

    In the meantime, the ban is re-issued, and you see how many more Nazis in black robes you can flush out of the pile.

    If SCOTUS doesn’t like it, then they can do their damned job, overturn these kangaroo court rulings, (and Congress can start impeaching every judge that ruled similarly, for malfeasance) or we can create 5-7 vacancies on SCOTUS using the same federal marshals. ‘Twould be a sight to see, and a great lesson in power politics for the ages, on which branch holds sway.

    Trump can also, a la FDR, suggest none too subtly, that he’s inclined to appoint 2-6 more conservative justices to SCOTUS immediately.

    They are no where in law limited to only 9 justices, as the court in FDR’s day figured out in about a New York minute.

    Meanwhile, let the bans and round ups begin.
    And if Trump pusses out on this, or keeps playing their game, he’s over.

  7. Consider that one Beranton Whisenant Jr. washed up on the beach in Miami this morning with what appeared to be a bullet hole in his head.

    He was working in the US Attorney’s office, prosecuting visa and passport fraud cases.

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all that there’s a connection.

  8. States Will Regret Not Reconstituting
    The Constitutional Militia
    By Devvy Kidd

  9. Anonymous

    Trump is playing his ‘golly-gee I can’t reduce central power because it’s against the central power’s rules’ acting part, just like he played a populist acting part during the campaign. Whatever acting part fools the populace into accepting the trail of tears will be played. Trump is playing, and you’re being played.

  10. And the icing on the cake is we are paying these leftist mongrels to do their courthouse treachery .

  11. Mr. Frosty

    Trump will do nothing because he is a Boomer. Boomers will never attack the system that made them the wealthiest generation ever. They have trillions locked away in stocks, pensions, 401k, etc. If (when) the system collapses they will be penniless and too old to work. Traditionally, their children would take care of them, but some chose material wealth over children and others raised their children to be as selfish and materialistic as they are. Within the next decade we will see elderly Boomers starving to death on the streets and being beaten for fun by the “vibrants” that were supposed to pay for their Social Security. Cruel justice for the only American generation to live better than their parents…and their children.

  12. Black robed nazgul at all levels are nothing more than the priesthood for the parasite class…they have no more legitimacy than the HMFWITHIC from ‘Mordor on the Potomac’ or any of his enabling remoras (and that goes especially for the ‘good citizens’ that enable the parasite class by continuing to VOTE for it!).

    ‘pResident’, judges, congress critters, bureaucrats and their enabling badged orcs and satraps…all part of the same false god/religion called ‘gov/authority’..all the way from ‘Mordor on the Potomac’ to your local town/city ‘council’/board of stupidvisors…all of it fake..all of it criminal…

    They’re not your ‘representatives’..they don’t ‘work for you’, they aren’t ‘your Betters’ and don’t own you…you owe them NOTHING!

    And people still support the parasite class…why?

    Free your mind from them and give them NOTHING!!..not your time..not your $$$, not your sanction..NOTHING!!!
    They have NO legitimacy and should be treated like the blood sucking ticks and rabid jackals that they are!

    Think Free..Live Free..Be Free!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  13. I’m a boomer and I don’t expect any of my three grown sons to take care of me in my old age. I hope they will be o.k. I’m 58, and one of my prayers is to let me live to see things set right in this country. I want to die on my feet surrounded by a bunch of dead Antifa assholes and empty 30 rounders instead of sucking on a tube in a socialized hospital. I also pray that I have two rounds left if it comes to that, one for my beautiful wife of nearly 40 years so the godless bastards can’t have her, the other for me. See ya in Glory, babe, it’s been a helluva ride.