Action, Reaction, And You

One more for stimulating discussion ’round the swimming pool this holiday weekend.

Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

11 responses to “Action, Reaction, And You

  1. Zbigniew Brezezinski has finally kicked the bucket. 89 years too late.

  2. aleksandr baranov

    obama return money to iran(iran will buy weapons from russia),trump made deal to sale weapons to saudi….will be hot in mideast….booom…cabooom!

  3. Here’s 1000 words in response:

    • A valid response, provided it is understood that the horns are tuned to receive the frequency on which The Official Story is broadcast.

  4. (((Globalist Elite))). Then and now. That said, one of the 2 creations – Hitler’s Reich – got somewhat out of control and might have won, to the great dismay of the (((Globalist Elite))). And now the (((Globalist Elite))) is buying consent via an ever-steepening pyramid of debt. When that pyramid collapses, (((they))) may well be terminally dismayed.

  5. To bad the Hegelian Dialectic isn’t more well known and applied more often by the citizenry/sheeple.

  6. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    “Imagine where we will be”
    Considering that America has been the “Noah’s ark” for every second and third world come up; along with Europe, I’m pretty certain we will be the leader in this. With Europe being the backup plan for controlling Islam.

    Everyone else is a throwback to an old, racist world order.

  7. Oldtradesman

    Sundance and his stooges at The Conservative Treehouse will merely spin this as another 5th dimensional chess move by our 88th Degree Grandmaster of Politics.

  8. Anonymous

    I stopped reading when I got to ‘open air fires can’t melt steel’. If he got this wrong, what else did he get wrong? Obviously he’s never seen a blacksmithing demonstration at a county fair. Steel doesn’t have to melt to liquid, just get red hot and soft. Think that building fire might have formed a chimney and drawn a draft? As for building 7, explosive demolition to create firebreaks and smother burning buildings has been part of big city firefighting for a long time.