Men & Women Of The West

Read this adult-grade stirring-stick.

Then share the concepts as your sister, whose apartment walls are festooned with oil paintings of her now-deceased felines, asks you at the family picnic what you’ve been reading lately.

Enjoy the holiday.

27 responses to “Men & Women Of The West

  1. A lot of words to say, “Don’t think with your dicks, boys.” I wish I’d read this when I was sixteen. It would have saved me a lot of agony.

    Perhaps this should be relabeled, “The Talk (Men’s Version).

  2. I admit I didn’t read the entire article. I hope he got around to noting that modern ‘men’ are effeminate, pussified little mama’s boys bearing no noticeable relationship to a real ‘man’. Of course women will reject a male that’s less man than they are. Who could blame them?

  3. ‘Struth!

  4. The readers digest version —

    “Any man enamoured of a beautiful woman must ask himself — Surely the pain must have exceeded the pleasure dearly for no man in his right mind would give her up willingly; then assume you are that man and walk away.”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The only way to evaluate a relationship: Is the fucking you’re getting worth the fucking you’re getting?


    Good read. Maybe this is why in today’s “Western Culture” many young men are choosing not to marry. It is just too frightening what the Leviathan-backed institutional matriarchy here in Amerika can do to a father/husband should his spouse decide she would rather be at a witch rally singing “I am woman, hear me roar.” I’ve been down that road before. It is unpleasant.
    Even though it is no guarantee, a young man concerned about desires of the heart should join a honest, independent, Bible-believing church. It is usually easier to winnow out the frauds and liars. I was blessed to find a good Christian wife after my marital disaster. After twenty sometimes stress-filled years, we are still rock solid thanks to the steadfast instruction of our boss, the Jewish Carpenter.

  6. Randall Flagg

    Bottom line: This is the natural result of secularization.

    Man can not serve two masters.

    • A person can, and does, choose to serve many masters, just look around.

      I choose to serve none.

      Nor do I acknowledge imaginary superheros.

      It’s been 34 years for us and I don’t have any special recipe other than that which I apply to everybody, I treat her as I expect to be treated.

      I don’t always get that in return but it’s not about her, it’s about me and my word, and my character.

      Somewhere along the line people got the idea that it was all about their selfish egos and things started falling apart.

      Now, just about everything is fragmented.

  7. Well that pulled no punches. Like a swig of lemon juice with a bracing Tommy Sotomayor slap to the face finish.

  8. Here’s the condensed version of the essay, and if you’re married, it won’t get you a berth on the couch.

  9. A real man faces each day with a fuck you attitude.Get in my way when I am parenting,earning or protecting and I will chew you up and spit you out.I have important shit to do..get out of my way.
    Contrived drama,indignation,hurt feelings and politically correct drivel have no place in my world. Be a man or get the fuck out of the way. There is important work to do. Get back to basics. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others you deem worthy.That is the main reason you are here.Protect the vulnerable,young and infirmed to the best of your ability. That is what a real man does.
    You will never understand women 100%,because often they don’t understand themselves. Putting yourself in their emotionally driven world is a path to slow suicide. Use that brain you grew yourself and realize you will never win an argument with a woman. Get back to work.

  10. “”Commies still deserve helicopter rides.” – Jesse James, VFS”
    Yes, but nobody said the exit had to graceful or survivable.

  11. windy and vulgar. I’ll simplify:

    you can have Judeo-feminism, or you can have White Western Civilization. Not both. Objectively, though, the process of (((subversion))) and decay has gone too far. WWC has had it. It’ll be replaced by…something else.

  12. pump n dump.

    you will live a much better life.

    i seen this shit show coming decades ago.

    i chose to live my life and not be an ATM for someone else’s.


  13. Interesting that a woman wrote that article.

  14. One time a “judge” asked me if I had taken
    the court ordered (passing the buck) anger control
    workshop, by which I responded – “This whole thing is an
    anger control workshop!”

    Short smirks started to eyeball me from all sides 🙂

  15. SemperFi, 0321

    I just finished a Wilderness First Aid course, in it were about 18 college aged kids. The attitude exhibited by the females was amazing. most every one of them looked like they were looking to kill something, more like your menopausal ex than a young female in her breeding prime.Tried being nice to several of them and all I got back was nasty arrogant attitude.
    I know they’re a product of their environment, but I think most of them should be shot for the sake of society. They really are evil bitches.

  16. Linkin Park, nice reference on the topic. When I was in my teens, I learned that “chicks” just want to play with our hearts and enjoy our (emotional) pain.

    Eventually and before I became an adult I lost all passion for “the hunt” and just went on with life without any concern for relationships. Guys would ask me why I wasn’t married and tell me I was lucky. I didn’t feel lucky being alone on every holiday and weekend.

    I also do not pay child support for violated visitations, alimony for her latest boyfriend and no looking over my shoulder. Back in my 20’s and 30’s women wouldn’t even give me the time of day. In their near menopausal state they want to give me their attention. Now they want to take me out on their dime. They keep their dime, I go out alone…

  17. Anonymous

    Women only get their way that much because men let them.. It’s men’s fault, men could stop it any day then want. Start by ignoring the family law courts. If she rejects you, she loses your paycheck.

  18. Anonymous

    War between the sexes is correct; outcome of women voting is not correct. Subtract off the technological growth, and politics of the last 100 years with women voting is exactly like all previous politics without women voting. An original claim for women voting was that mothers would never let their sons go off to war. Did that turn out to be true?