Of Course They Did

NYT: U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In

RRW reax; see also this recap:

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17 responses to “Of Course They Did

  1. This is indeed shocking news. Emperor Orange Julius the 3rd is doing globalist work and filling the swamp with lots and lots of creatures. Congrats to the RedHats on “Mission Accomplished!”.

    Now, let’s focus on where we go from here eh? The masthead yesterday said it best. Do something today to sustain yourself in the coming endarkenment. Really, Tempus Fugit.

  2. Demographics is destiny:


    Mr. Trump: You have failed us. Anathema sit.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    via the control levers at the State Department, whose Boss Man be one: Tyrannosaurus Rex Tillerson, who answers to his Boss Man, The Donald.

    …looks like I’ll be up-gunnin’ from 5.56mm to .50 BMG to be ready when “the festivities” begins.

  5. NYT declares that; “The real meaning of the sphere had little to do with the occult.”
    Uh, everything Saudi Arabia does has to do with the occult. It’s an occultist, totalitarian ideology of death masquerading as a religion. But what does the NYT know? The State is their God.

    More ammo, lot’s of ammo.

  6. Yeah, this shit tore it for me. A few weeks ago CA linked to a post by Ann at RRW that got me thinking.

    This and his kowtowing to his daughter and son-in-law.

    I’m now a skeptic until proved otherwise.

    (Still, he’s better than the cunt wound have been.)

  7. Next time listen to Haxo, ex-Trumpaholics. I warned you, from the get-go and repeatedly, about this infernal shabbatz goy.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Yay. So we owe you a beer. That being said what other choice was there? There wasn’t one.

      • On the contrary. Voting for Hillary would have sped up the movement of the ZUS government towards the abyss.

      • if the murkin people had any brains they would have stayed home on election day and watch the whole system collapse due to no confidence.

        but, no, they dutifully ‘voted’ and gave the charade legitimacy, so we get to continue on with the evil and corruption until these monsters kill everybody.

      • Oldtradesman

        Yeah, there was a choice. We could have stayed home on election day and watched the cucked Republican right go on about itself as “the loyal opposition” later that night. That is because average ‘burban baby boomer is all about his pension fund and those ea$y, no risk return$ on its Chine$e inve$tment$.

    • Right.
      Because Associate Justice Barak Hussein Obama was the choice to make in the ballot box last November.
      Look up the error regarding bathwater and a baby.

  8. Jesse Bogan

    I live in DC. It ain’t Ireland, unless by that you mean Ethiopia, Eritrea, and South of the Border.

  9. The citizenship issue. Granting citizenship Isn’t a government power.

  10. What is really disgusting about this is if Trump will backslide on this after what we have seen in Europe lately, most recently the suicide bombing of a teenie bopper concert, what kind of dark joker is he.
    This is the exact opposite of what we voted for and we know it is the end of this country.
    Time to fix bayonets children, all hope is lost for this nation anyway if we don’t stop this.
    Happy Memorial Day!
    This is not what we fought for.
    Damn these traitors of the American people!

  11. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Luckily we still control most of the land, have experience, and these people are not rocket scientists or soldiers.

    But the problem is we will look like monsters if we attack, and lose the war if we don’t fight back.

    We are pretty fucked. Not totally fucked, just mostly fucked.