Buppert: Politicians Are Violence Brokers And Nothing More

And you most certainly are not exempt from their targeting.

Who are these people who presume to rule over others?

17 responses to “Buppert: Politicians Are Violence Brokers And Nothing More

  1. “Who are these people who presume to rule over others?”

    “We the People…”

    How’s it working for you?


  2. Jim Klein

    “But maybe bad is good.”

    Oh sorry, that’s another thread. Bless you both, and thanks. ‘Course by now it’s fact overload and there’s only one thing left.

    “Get ‘er done.”

  3. Politics is low intensity war.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Voting keeps you from having to get your rifle dirty. But sooner or later, that time will arrive too, and in our case, we’re overdue.
      The masses have no idea how late they are for undoing this clusterfuck, it will hit their naive and ignorant faces like a brick wall at Nine-O! The look of surprise will be priceless.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    “Has a nation ever fought a war, which at its conclusion rendered a smaller state than it started with?”

    There are a couple that immediately leap to mind: Confederate States of America; Kingdom of Jerusalem (and pretty much all the Crusader States).

  5. Take the Raisins, Leave the Constitution.

    The “financial markets” have been a farce for some years now, much longer than I thought (((they))) could sustain. My macro view was very good up until 07, when I was dreadfully wrong. As they say being early or late is still wrong. I was/am early in spades. But then again so was Burry.


    The state of the metastasizing economic cancer is obvious. It cannot ever return to the recession-depression and then boom of the 1920’s. There are too many trough feeders and Banksters with skin in the game to keep things going the way they are.
    It has been mentioned here many times that the fratricide will be horrific. Agreed. Before and if Amerika can return to a system of specie-backed honest money, there will be chaos and much death. One can only be prepared for what is about to happen. And, all signs are pointing to the festivities starting before the end of 2017. Bleib ubrig.

  7. Orwell was a literary genius, but the statement as presented is utter nonsense. I suspect the edit of the original sentence(s) in question (indicated by all those ellipsii) rendered it thus, done by someone with far less wit than the original author.

    A people that elect corrupt politicians…

    Um, as opposed to what other kind, praytell….?!

  8. “Who are these people that rule over others” you ask?

    The Investigators, of course.

  9. Honoring Memorial Day

  10. I revert to the Barnhardt Axiom concerning politicians. To run for office a person must be a sociopath. A politician can look you in the eye and lie their ass off. That is why so many politicians are lawyers.Professionally trained liars,manipulators,instigators and intimidators. The description sounds eerily similar to that of Satan.A rebellious angel who challenged God himself.Politicians challenge us daily to see how many lies,half and partial truths,misconceptions and total bullshit you are willing to digest. The more you digest without rebelling and disavowing, the more malleable and weak you become.. Shit spewing, felchers. They all suck!

  11. on being told that Calvin Coolidge had died, (((Dorothy Parker))) remarked:

    “how could they tell?”

  12. The Walkin' Dude

    I really hoped Khillari would win. We’d have already got the party started and be in the puking/drawing-dicks-on-faces stage.