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  1. In Honor of America’s only real heroes.

    the rest?


    just a bunch of dumb suckers.

  2. Gunderson

    His decision of career path and employer was “voluntary”, no?
    Play stupid games and whatnot.
    These sociopaths are chaotic evil. He chose
    to be a subordinate to them.
    All subordinates are expendible to the sociopaths.
    May the insurance justify the policy.

  3. It would require a coordinated insertion with the SoS designees at the district level to pull this off, ALL OF THEM. Any one could blow the whistle. That’s the weak link in the suggestion.

    • Mark Matis

      Well actually, Soros has had his Secretary of State project going for many years now, so that would not be much of an issue.

      Of course, it is not beyond the Communists to put something like this out there to fool as many people as they can, and then turn around and discredit it so that everyone else can be painted as fools for believing the truth. Never underestimate the moral turpitude and corruption of the Uniparty.

  4. That’s from his GF? Why is she calling him “Seth Rich”? Not “Seth”? Oh well, could just be so there is no mistaking who the subject is.

    Anyway, do we have any other sources that claim this to be the case?

    We’ve already got a decent case that Rich was the Wikileaks source. They’ve all but said he was. I actually wish Assange would just come out and say “Rich was our source, and here is the undeniable proof that he gave us the material.”

  5. Saw that afew weeks ago…
    Made me go, hmmmmmm.
    Can it’s legitimacy be confirmed?

    • Sure could, crazy easy. Get hold of the app and assuming the server is running and unmolested. (They’re Millennials after all.) Next get a list of the SoS published polling locations. Then start running street addresses that should map to a given SoS location and see where you are mapped to on Google Maps per the app.

      If it holds true this is a level of voter fraud unheard of in the annals of voting schemes worldwide.

  6. Virgil Kane

    They would have had to kill him anyway? They would have had to kill a lot of people across the country. Horse shit.

  7. And no one will pursue it because:

    (((We))) won! MAGA!

    Barnum was wrong, stupidity in America is an ultra low latency commodity.

  8. O/T, but for Memorial Day…the truth about that traitor Juan McLame (and a whole lot of others, including John “Lurch” Kerry, Kissinger and Nixon) on how they conspired to bury the truth about the MIA’s left behind in ‘Nam.  
    McCain and the POW Cover-Up

    The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam

    by Sidney Schanberg
    McCain was the point man for all of it. 

    RTWT. Especially if you live in AZ. That bastard Wet-Start should be thrown out of office BAMN. 

  9. Horsehockey.

  10. ‘Feels’ like too many moving parts involving too many people to be even somewhat plausible.

  11. If the girlfriend winds up dead, too, we’ll know she was right.

  12. Sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas. I have no sympathy for those that get involved with criminals and end up dead.
    In other news, how about we all pay our respects today to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. All of them.

  13. Like Stalin said, ‘It doesn’t matter how they vote. It matters who counts and REPORTS the vote’.

  14. CA Warrior

    Remember that Andrew Breitbart was killed on the street just after publicly implying that he knew of skeletons in John Podesta’s closet. Seth Rich was killed for knowing too much about backroom dealings. And the slime media and establishment posers are running scared about what is to come.

    Make no mistake, these events were designed to silence and intimidate opposition. Watch and see who is next……

  15. Wow, a Clever Plan so ingenious that anyone with a cell phone could decipher it, and leaked only to the entire internet. What could go wrong with that?

    This is babbledyfuck times ropeadope.

    Shrillary’s other Clever Plan, to post an app that directed Sanders voters to the location of open manholes, was probably on Double Secret Probation.

    If she’d written that he was killed because he outted a secret mission to the Sun that was going to survive the intense heat by going at night, it’d be tough to decipher which idea was more clever.

  16. Not hard to believe. No, actually, that’s the easy part. Proving it in a world of Teflon… Now there’s the hard part… To quote Obi wan: “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

  17. He knew that that the DNC fixed the nomination for Clinton at the convention but sanders actually won. This is common knowledge. Why is this still being treated like spooky mystery or something. It’s not.

  18. Sounds like Seth’s squeeze better start practicing situational awareness.

  19. Wiki leaks never releases sources names…NEVER.

  20. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    For the sheeple, “Magic” explained away the murder of their Greatest President of the 20th Century. For the cowards need a reason, any reason not to fight back. The “Magic Bullet” was the people’s sacrifice to the priests of the State. As their slain King was paraded and mocked through the Great City, they bowed in silence to the “Magic Bullet” requiem, and hung their heads before the State……. So to this will pass, unto a conquered people.