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  1. Can’t be trained. You have it or you don’t.

    RIP Hawkins (75th), Patterson (75th) and Vazquez (7th Group).

  2. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Something else from the Good Guys®.:

    And when The Party starts just how do you think the Imperium/its acolytes & sycophants will (in appropriately Righteous stentorian tones) characterize Its opposition to justify whatever actions It deems necessary ‘to protect & defend Owr Uhmerruhkuh® from the forces of Dahkness & Anarkeh’? And for those who doubt such propaganda methods would work against Constitutional Restorationalists/FreeFor/etc., note that to most people the Imperium narrative regarding Randy Weaver/”DANGEROUS anti-Govt white supremacist (i.e., NEO-NAZI!) nutjob w/ GUNS”, the Branch Davidians/”anti-Govt child molestin’ ‘religious’ nutjobs w/ GUNS”, & militia/”DANGEROUS anti-Govt white supremacist (i.e., NEO-NAZI!) nutjobs w/ GUNS” is STILL largely the one that immediately springs to mind when such are mentioned.

  3. Teddy Roosevelt made a dog’s breakfast of the Russo-Japanese peace, leading to a highly unfavorable result for Japan, and losing Japan as a friend of America. Sherman was a butcher who ignored both the laws of war and morality…..


      Word. TR was the first “Progressive” who took FEDGOV meddling to new heights. Sherman took it out on the Native Americans after his band of Bummers murdered and raped their way through Georgia and South Carolina. But then, they do not teach that in high school “American History” classes.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Japanese were, like Italy, pretty hacked off over the whole “We fought on the winning side in the Great War and all we got was this lousy t-shirt” thing, too.

    • Opinions on the Russo-Japanese war and the aftermath vary. Japan, which attacked the Russians before a declaration of war (familiar?) was technically the aggressor. Russia, Germany, and France had all been restraining Imperial Japan from taking territory from China in the aftermath of the Sino-Japanese War.

      America was largely supportive of Japan, seeing them as underdogs against the established powers of Europe, and many Americans were surprised at the public outcry in Tokyo over the treaty of Portsmouth. While it is true that Japan drew away from the US after the war, I don’t think that TR deserves the bad reputation he got among the Japanese; he brokered the best compromise he could, witness the fact that Czarist Russia grew closer to Japan after the treaty was signed. Note that Japan was also able to gain control of southern Manchuria and Korea as well as Port Arthur, formerly Russian, and the southern half of Sakhalin Island. All in all, the Japanese did well out of their surprise attack.

      The US Navy would have done well to pay attention…

      As regards William T. Sherman, he was a brutal man, appointed by a brute, to do a brute’s work, but he did obey the first law of war-
      WIN. “War does not determine who is right. War determines who is left.”
      Say what you like about his morals, he gutted the Confederacy, and was a significant factor in winning the War for the North.

  4. Money quote-

    from TR (not surprisingly)-
    ” ‘ [M]y disagreement with the peace-at-any-price men, the ultra-pacifists, is not in the least because they favor peace. I object to them, first, because they have proved themselves futile and impotent in working for peace, and second, because they commit … the crime against morality of failing to uphold righteousness as the all-important end toward which we should strive … To condemn equally might which backs right and might which overthrows right is to render positive service to wrong-doers. . . . To denounce the nation that wages war in self-defense, or from a generous desire to relieve the oppressed, in the same terms in which we denounce war waged in a spirit of greed or wanton folly stands on a par with denouncing equally a murderer and the policeman who, at peril of his life and by force of arms, arrests the murderer. In each case the denunciation denotes not loftiness of soul but weakness both of mind and morals. – ‘ America and the World War”

  5. a follower

    Perhaps the good guys balk at being pulled into the trap of never ending war.

  6. Paging Mr. Bracken, I have Reconquista Texas on line one:

    Money quote: “I’ll put a bullet in your head”.

    Agree with poster from the other day. Khillary would have speeded this up. But it looks like we’re getting there. At this point “Murica” is so drugged up n stupid it’s gonna take a lot to get them going. And usually it’s 20pct at best that will fight.

  7. “Because of their sacrifice we go safely to our homes.”


    they sacrificed their lives for the thrill and a paycheck.

    someone inform us all just who this boogeyman was that threatened anyone here in Fusa besides the corrupt cops and gubbermint agents?

    • It is never too late to stop being an ass.

    • Your thrills must have been the cheapest then oh mighty peacetime cadre blue braided ear necklace wearing straight outta the mean skreets of motor city truck washing magnate Warlord of the fortified tree filled twenty acre cheap linoleum Canadian island fortress.
      And great post yesterday, you classless motherfucker. Even the Russians still called it nekulturney after seventy years of godless self worship.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Stop being such a spoiled sport, the dumbmasses need gov’t sponsored entertainment, even if it involves sending their kids off to summer camp to chase new boogeymen.

    • Wrong. They died because of indoctrination and/or the promise of a college degree. No more, no less. Worthless deaths.

      I agree, the only thugs that could threaten me are those badged in Blue, Black, or Tan. I’ll just shoot the other thugs, then boogie. No lasting threat.

  8. Wow, just wow, I did eight active, and four reserve, I did it cuz at the time I thought it was the right thing to do. Patriotism VS Realism, doesn’t occur until one has many many miles under them on the long road of life.

    I became a cop, cuz again I thought it honorable. Silly fucking me.

    Seems like I was reborn, at least came to my senses when I turned fifty. What a waste of 50 years.


  9. “It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.”
    –Thomas Paine

  10. The Usual Suspect

    We just heard from the mentally disturbed !

  11. Thing is, we’ll never know.

    We’ll never know whether, having done on Krazny Plaschod and London’s Mall what they did on the Champs Elysees, it would have been enough; or whether the Wehrmacht would have been sent to do it in Times Square or down Constitution Avenue.

    We’ll never know whether, having consolidated the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, The Empire would have turned east.

    We’ll never know a great many things of this kind.

    I thank God for it, and for allowing me to have been an active participant.

  12. the difference between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” is who writes the history books. That would be the winners. Therefore, Win. Don’t lose.

  13. Most of “our guy’s”, are the good guys. It just takes a little while to realize your just a pawn in their game.