Indian Country

Schlichter’s latest, via Kindle.

Worth a read, along with its sequel.

10 responses to “Indian Country

  1. 10.00 for a kindle version, is Bullshit.. I purchased an A American book last week for a road trip to Nevada for Memorial Day, dessert hikes, and Virgina City beer drinking. 15.00 on my kindle. After reading it was truly pissed for spending over 5.00 for the book.

    I enjoy prepper fiction, have well over a thousand kindle books on my reader, Their pricing themselves out of my market. The money’s not the issue, it’s the value these B team authors think their master pieces are worth. It’s fiction, regardless of who penned it.

    Purchased anyway.


  2. Ah! Doom porn! I guess its always time for some good doom porn. I thought for certain you would be all up in a panic mongering fear frenzy about Ebola crawling across your yard by now.

  3. The one star reviews already posted make for fun reading.

    “Kurt’s desire for civil war and the killing of his fellow Americans shines through his writing,” posted by a supposed Trump voter.

  4. Jack Crabb

    Seems to me the libturds are coming out of the bushes with fake one-star reviews at Amazon. I guess that’s only an issue when right-leaning folk do that to unfunny hacks like AmySchumer?

  5. read a few pages of the “look inside” preview. Kelly Turnbull sure shot the shit out of those ragheads. Yessir, he did. This Chinese take-out lunch special I’m eating now also cost $9. And much better spent.

  6. Pretty good, but they have their faults. I’ll comment on those in my Amazon reviews. Basically, the hero is so infallible as to be unbelievable, but he IS a lot of fun. Buy the books, though. Libtardism/Regressivism is portrayed beautifully. Death to them all, ultimately. Fun for the whole family. 🙂

    I’ll be buying more Francis Porretto books soon, y’all should do the same.
    After the “Realm of Essences” quintet, I think we should support him. A fantastic writer, and if you don’t read his blog first after WRSA, you are seriously fucking up. He’s on the left in the margin, Porretto’s Liberty’s Torch … 😉

  7. Is this only available in an electronic version? I have been looking for a hard copy (to read at work) and cant find anything.

  8. Schilichter married a Cuban Lady, from the States.
    Maybe read his book with Cafe con Leche in the morning.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”