Sharpton: African-Americans Who ‘Don’t Trust’ Trump To Protect Them From White Supremacists Increasingly Buying Guns

If Al says it, it must be true.

Nice folks.

43 responses to “Sharpton: African-Americans Who ‘Don’t Trust’ Trump To Protect Them From White Supremacists Increasingly Buying Guns

  1. Odds of black person being killed by white supremacist:
    1 in 300,000,000.
    Odds of black person being killed by any cop:
    1 in 3,000,000.
    (Odds of the above being killed during the commission of a crime:
    1 in 1.1.)
    Odds of black person being killed by black neighbor:
    1 in 10,000.
    Odds of a black person being victim of violent crime by another black person:
    1 in 40.

    They’re buying guns all right.
    But they’re more worried about the crackheads down the street and the gang-bangers upstairs than the Klan two states over.

    Thanks for playing, Al, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you, you lying race-baiting shitweasel.

    • Whoever “we” is, the “we” have no gifts for Al. Unless you speak of the super-secret FreeFor assassination team fer freedumb. Oops! Did I let the cat out of the bag?

  2. Just what black people need-more guns.
    The score in Chicago is approaching 1360 shot already this year.
    It is going to be a record year.
    Now y’all look out for those ole evil White Supremacists, ya hear.

    • “Just what black people need-more guns.”
      Actually, they do. Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the country. Any resident that has a justifiable need for a gun can’t get one. The perps know this so as a consequence Joe Six Pack is a sitting duck in that city.

  3. If Chicago is Shapton’s model his targeting is off. Its generally black on black crime that is the problem. Let them buy guns, give the black citizen of good nature the means to protect themselves from the jungle.

    • first laugh of the day: “the Black citizen of good nature”. And don’t forget the “Islamic citizen of good nature”. Also the “illegal Mexican citizen of good nature”. No doubt the (((honest banksters))) are also weaponing up.

  4. wendystringer48088

    YouTube video at has been taken down.
    Breitbart has the story and a working video here:
    Text from the Breitbart article:
    “The story of legal gun ownership among black Americans is as combustible as it is complex. Some have contended that modern gun control begins not with school shootings but with the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Who in May of 1967 legally entered the California state house, brandishing shotguns and pistols to protest a bill proposed specifically to restrict their gun rights. The visual of legally armed black revolutionaries promised then-Governor Ronald Reagan to sign the bill into law forbidding public carrying of loaded firearms. That and other incidents of the era prompted lawmakers to pass the first national gun control legislation of the postwar era, launching the gun debate as we know it.”
    “A debate that dogged the Obama administration where sales exploded under the right wing’s assumption that ownership would be restricted. But NBC News has found that it’s African-Americans that are now increasingly taking up legal arms in the Trump era,” he continued. “While the buyers are diverse in age and gender, the reasoning is singular. They don’t trust the Trump administration to protect them from the rise of white supremacists aggression that we have seen in the past year.”

  5. That’ll work out nicely for the privatized prison industry, what with all the pending felons in possession convictions. 🙂 Hey tFAGGOT, maybe you can convince the chimps to “herrderrrr kill cops” for you….. Coward.

    • On the other hand, maybe you… yourself, can take care of the chimp problem to protect your precious cops. No? Or, are you a… coward?

      And then along comes WRSA post above. And you can believe the cops will use it to the hilt. Ya know, officer safety. Going home at the end of the shift. All on… “I was ah-feared for my life.”

    • you’re a poor ignorant bastard and you need cops to protect you.

      LoL you POS coward.

      • Says the mean streets of Detroit kid who needs stock photos of national parks to inflate the tall tales of wilderness jungle island fortresses.
        What part of you is real?
        That avatar pic of McNiece you use is less plastic than you are, poser. Too weak and too late to be a has been, too old to be a Gonnabe
        Please say hi to injun Joe, I’m glad you saved him from that cave.
        In your version of the story.

        • God the murkins are DUMB.

          200 million +

          • pontiouspilot

            Being the mastermind you are tfA-t, please enlighten and wow us dumb asses as to your brilliant plan to save the nation and lesser extent, your own ass?

            • there is no saving this so-called nation because there is no “nation” as is demonstrated right here. get out of the cities before they burn… and shoot any POS who tries to escape, if they love them so much…. let them die there.

              how’s that for a plan?

      • Yawn. Hows that bodycount comin, tFAGGOT? Still at zero?…. There’s a surprise. Your impotent rage is adorable. Bitter lonely fucking sociopath.

        • i could buy and sell your whole family with the change in my ashtray of my truck.

          what’s it like to be one of the billions of life’s losers?

          seriously, i have no clue what that’s like.

          funny part is i haven’t seen a cop where i am EVER.

          E V E R

          we have no need for them like the weak and dumb in murka.

          that would include you.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          If I were CA I’d shut this blog down and enjoy myself a nice summer vacation of peace and quiet in the Rockies, but then again he must get a kick out of your intelligent remarks every day.
          Still too dumb to understand there’s a lesson in all of this?

  6. Anybody want to lay odds on them killing each other, instead of the scary ‘white supremacists?’

  7. Is that supposed to somehow intimidate white devils like myself? LMAO. Sharpton is a race whore of the lowest form. Anyone listening to a word that comes out of that suck hole in the middle of his face is a damn fool.

  8. That’s the intent of the 2nd…just stay in ur hood and I’ll stay in mine. Otherwise FU!!

  9. Reagan loved him some gun control!

    And Al(paca) Sharpton doesn’t seem to paying attention to the gun control murder count in Chicago by his esteemed confreres…

    • There is no hope Bill.

      The murkins deserve everything that’s happened and everything that’s coming to them. Especially the cop defenders here at WRSA.

      • Even a fucking retard like you should be able to differentiate between folks ridiculing you and folks “defending” cops, tFAGGOT. Then again, you ARE a fucking imbecile. You’d know that, IF you weren’t an imbecile. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for me some more you little sociopath bitch of a manlet. 🙂

  10. wendystringer48088

    I’ve taken some black friends of mine (martial arts instructors) to the range. Funny that they know all this deadly martial arts empty hand stuff and all the martial arts weapons – bo staff, nunchaku, filipino fighting sticks, etc. but never fired a handgun.
    But they do pay attention to the rules and learn fast.
    I am going to guess that thepeople from rural areas down South have the normal country boy upbringing which includes shooting and hunting,
    Up North in the black community I think it’s either be a gang banger or never think of touching a gun in order to stay out of trouble and out of prison. Seems there is no responsible male figure to show them the proper uses of a gun such as taking them pistol or rifle or shotgun target shooting.
    So there they go until they run into a knowledgeable white person who takes an interest in teaching them.
    I figure any black person who is a middle aged (well, over 30 at least) adult and seems sane and can legally possess a gun should be ok.
    Many blacks I have run across that have an interest in learning more about guns have experienced black on black crime and want to be able to defend themselves against a home invader (or invaders) with a gun.
    I think they are more afraid of thugs of their own race or of cops of (more so white cops though) than they are neo-natzis or the klan. So at least we have that in common.
    Maybe I am over generalizing, but that’s just my opinion based on my limited experience.

    • PGT Beauregard

      be careful your pets dont turn on you one day, Wendy.

      Lester and George Wallace knew the score; blacks should not be allowed to own firearms. They are too irresponsible and violent, and will use the guns on whitey one day to get “what they have comin’.”

      Encouraging firearm ownership amongst blacks is the height of irresponsibility.

      • wendystringer48088

        “be careful your pets dont turn on you one day, Wendy.”
        Thank you for the warning.
        I am not so condescending that I think they are my pets. I know that people may have a dark hidden side to them that lurks under the surface. Also people revert to their primal instincts in extreme situations.
        I do have faith in certain people, and go by are they one of their group or an outsider who doesn’t buy into their group’s typical behavior.
        But then again you never really know.
        Same with a lot of white people by the way.
        “Lester and George Wallace knew the score; blacks should not be allowed to own firearms. They are too irresponsible and violent, and will use the guns on whitey one day to get “what they have comin’.”
        As a group looking at the crime in the major cities I would have to agree with you. As to them getting what’s coming… Well, I would say that with the current state of affairs with crime and poor living conditions in the areas they live in the major cities I think it has already happened.
        If you are a white person you just need to avoid those areas so as not to be like a white rabbit hopping along in an open field and a wooded trail with a forest full of hawks, cyotes, foxes, wolves, etc. seeing who can claim you as dinner first
        “Encouraging firearm ownership amongst blacks is the height of irresponsibility.”
        As a group I would have to agree with you. Plenty of crime reports and video evidence of TNB for that. However, I myself think some people (of all races) are worthy individuals.
        Have been the victim of black on white crime in my younger days and so have been hit with the clue bat regarding the importance of being on guard and taking things seriously and the true reality of race relations.
        However, I have known too many decent black people to ever be one of the “Six Teens Ate And Eight” club.
        I think encouraging safe gun ownership and the moral and legal responsibilities that go with it to responsible American Citizens (they come in all colors you know) a good thing.
        Just my opinion.

  11. Daniel K Day

    One of the benefits of leaving my tv off: I never have to listen to that piece of shit’s NY-black-trash accent.

  12. Don’t forget to get training along with those guns! All those uninsured wounded people admitted to hospitals cost us tax payers a lot of money.

    Perhaps invest in 1 of these:


    • yeah…

      learn how to be sniper bait.

      bee bop around with your ‘team’ in the wide open and then wait for it… there will be some toothless billy with a rusty rifle just grinnin as he sights in…

      teh stoopit.

      iht hertz.

  13. Not sure the race that Lincoln saved (my ass) understands or not but being 13% of the population and shrinking as we write….might be best to pick your friends and enimies carefully.

  14. Blacks buying guns?
    Beats stealing them.

  15. Dem darkies sure gots some purty hair…….

  16. I see a business opportunity here…… pistols with the sights on the side.

  17. pontiouspilot

    I suppose the Black Panthers are still buying slingshots?


    I doubt if the citizens of Chicongo have to worry about “white supremacists”. I am sure the KKK, if it even exists in Illinois, would bother about the weekly self-destruction of the “people of color” which takes place in Rahm’s city.

  19. From the lips of the INSANE: