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  1. There is some good news…


    may they all die a horrible death and go directly to the deepest depths of Hell.


      Uh, rather than kill themselves, why don’t they just quit and go do something else? I worked with a lot of Deputy Sheriffs who did just that. Not everyone is suited to being a LEO. Surely it is the lure of the 20-year pension and benefits which keeps them there. But with Illinois being so broke, I wonder what Rahm and the rest of the criminals are going to do when there is no money left in the pension pot?

      • DWEEZIL,

        Dallas PD and FD are THERE. Their pension for the most part is insolvent for the purposes it was erected for. State of TX is attempting to come up with a plan, but taxes will be going up regardless. Employment is harder to achieve and there is a flight of the senior people.

        • Wait, what…??
          Dallas, Texas?
          You must’ve meant NFY, CA, MASSholia, right?!
          Not Texas?
          Pension-broke now?
          Oh noes.

          So, I guess things aren’t really as nifty in Blueland and Fuckyallistan as everyone wants to pretend.
          Welcome to the jungle.

          Maybe rethink casting other folks under the bus.
          You’re going to need all the help you can get.

    • Yeah, I mean its not like a chickenshit cocksucker like you will ever muster the sack to do the killin you so desperately hope to goad others into doing…. Coward.

  2. Lets think about that graphic for a moment. Who is the alcoholic? The Pols and their hangers-on, natch. Now if we did a little deeper we find that with minor exceptions Pols only know PoliSci. So their only toolset is more government since that is their only exposure. We get the same result that doctors see with newborn crack babies. Looking for a fix and don’t know why.

  3. Many stay cuz they are making a difference in people’s lives. Educating my community’s people became my passion. Teaching them the rules, so they could make informed choices.

    Teaching them how to have a voice, to stand up and say enough is enough. I had the ability to whisper in the County DA’s ear, and the Judges ear, to tell ” the rest of the story”.

    To tell both why a young man or,woman, needed a break, and not a hammering.

    It’s sad but I’m just now realizing just how fortunate I was to have those abilities, in my s,all community’s where I worked, to find solutions that both taught and fixed flawed thinking, was a gift. To have establishment support like the DA and Judges here, apparently was not common.

    I’ve lost a couple friends to suicide, all those men were at their 12 to 18 year mark. I refer to that time period in law enforcement as ” the awakening” you realize the trap has sprung, you walk and loose all your pensions, or you stay and tough it out.

    I’ve talked with so so many of my fellow police, who reach that period in life where they have zero feelings, for ANYTHING, it’s all mechanical. That’s the fuckimg trap.

    The govt never has been the solution, it’s not the people who are problematic, it’s the politics of everything.

    Their was a time I thought that zero rules was the answer. After reflecting on my observations of life, that solution just won’t work. From the beginning of man kind, a set of rules has always been needed.

    The problem isn’t the rules, it’s how their applied. Frankly some people ARE above the law.

    Frankly I’m amazed at the numbers of people who agree to try and live by some semblance of order.

    Things in America will never change until media is reigned in. Their jobs has always been to keep the people uninformed of the truths.


    • wendystringer48088

      Thank you for explaining. And thank you for beinfg one of the good cops trying to make a difference.

    • Stop speaking sanity, you’re fuckin up tFAGGOTS herpyderpy narrative….

      • there is no hope for this country as long as peasants like LoL continue to worship at the feet of slave masters. cowards like him need cops to protect them from the bad bad boogeyman. what a POS.

        you’ll get yours from one of them corrupt fucks soon enough and i’ll be laughing at you, pussyboy. no run along and polish some rotten cops badge.

        now go lay down and lick your balls.

    • A person who is raised and taught by smart,caring,loving parents will have positive attributes that cannot be learned by adults.Morality,positive values,respect,manners,common sense and a keen bullshit detector are imprinted and reinforced at a very young age. In many cases when a person reaches the age of seven or eight they are well formed or deformed.My experience has taught me to perform a modified triage assessment of folks,it is my fucked up version,that works well for me. When you observe glimmers of hope,it gives you faith.Don’t get sucked into thinking you can fix people. People who get fixed and change for the better do it for themselves, sometimes with the guidance of others.Nobody “fixes’ anyone else.It sounds like you found that out the rough and hard way. I will continue to have faith in the human spirit. The dirty commie bastards can never take that from me.I usually have a smile on my face.They fucking hate it.

    • Jim Klein

      Frankly, you’re all over the map.

      ‘The govt never has been the solution…”

      “From the beginning of man kind, a set of rules has always been needed.”

      “Frankly I’m amazed at the numbers of people who agree to try and live by some semblance of order.”

      How about they do just that, and it’s on them to stop any two-bit thugs who wish to harm them? Or are you the only one who can do that? Or is it the badge? The patch maybe?

      “Things in America will never change until media is reigned in.”

      Is that so? Why…how many media people have stopped people who don’t wear a seat belt? How many media people have handcuffed kids for smoking a joint? How many media people starved the Ukranians, or gassed the Jews, or sent innocent people to Siberia? That many, huh? Why not reign in paraplegic grandmothers? They’re about the same threat, after all.

      Try a course in logic. And quit defending the indefensible. I promise, you’ll feel better for it. It’s your saving grace…at least you want to feel better.

  4. wendystringer48088

    Thank you for explaining. And thank you for being one of the good cops trying to make a difference.

    • you’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome along with the rest of the peasants. have none of you here learned anything? cops are there to protect the system- not you. they are the shakedown thugs that feed the beast.
      CA, they cannot be helped.

      God the murkins are dumb.


      200 million dumb fucks need to go so some of us can live in liberty and freedom from the jackbooted traitors who rape rob and murder for the state.

      here are some more examples of cops “doing Gods work”

      Houston Independent School District (Texas): A now-former officer pled guilty to an “improper relationship” with a 14-year-old student. His plea agreement allows for deferred adjudication and, if successful, he will not have to register as a sex offender. Under the terms of the plea, he is not allowed to contact the victim. ow.ly/vbnz30c8L2p
      Casper, Wyoming: An officer was charged with felony child abuse for actions against her adopted child. ow.ly/mVXO30c8Lty
      Update: Sarasota County, Florida (First reported 2/10/17): A deputy who has been charged with tampering with her colleague’s attempted murder case has been fired. ow.ly/UmO730c8LDP
      Update: Baytown, Texas (First reported 5/22/17): An officer was indicted for bribery for soliciting nude photos of female drivers to get out of tickets. He has been indefinitely suspended. ow.ly/QyqH30c9sE3
      Collier County, Florida: A deputy was fired and arrested for doctor shopping for pain medications. ow.ly/HcV430c9tju
      Update: Cleveland, Ohio (First reported 11/24/14): The officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice has been fired for lying on his employment application, which he may appeal. His partner was suspended for 10 days and ordered to undergo retraining. ow.ly/x3Cd30c9VtA
      Update: Ascension Parish, Louisiana (First reported 2/21/17): A deputy who was fired after his domestic violence arrest will not be charged. ow.ly/pzzh30c9tBP
      Lampasas County, Texas: A deputy was placed on leave after a video was released showing him punch a teen in the face four times. The deputy admits the actions but said the teen swung first and his actions were to subdue the suspect. ow.ly/kLZ030c9u3g
      Benton County, Arkansas: A deputy pled guilty to misusing a confidential law enforcement database for personal gain. He was sentenced to six years of probation and ordered to serve 120 hours of community service. ow.ly/F0Vx30c9vqw
      Sangamon County, Illinois: A deputy pled guilty to misdemeanor drug possession for buying mail-order steroids. He was suspended for six months but will retain his employment. He had a prescription for legal steroids but said he was trying to save money by ordering the controlled substances online. ow.ly/PQ3i30c9vOC
      New York, New York: An officer was arrested for selling drugs while he was off-duty in Corona. ow.ly/UQsp30c9zTB
      New York, New York: A school officer was arrested for beating his daughter with a belt at home. ow.ly/SR9a30c9ArD
      Fairfield, Connecticut: A detective was arrested for tampering with evidence for allegedly removing drugs from the evidence room. ow.ly/y2CC30c9COa
      Update: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (First reported 12/21/15): An officer who was working for a private security firm while he was off-duty was found guilty of federal civil rights charges for beating a teen at Heinz Field. ow.ly/jqJ130c9DXM
      Northglenn, Thornton and Westminster, Colorado: The three police departments and three officers (one from each department) are being sued for a fatal drug raid that killed James Strong Jr. The plaintiffs allege that the officers blindly shot through walls and therefore needlessly endangered the other people who were in the house during the raid. ow.ly/1z0630c9Evw
      Salem, Massachusetts: An officer was suspended 18 months for falsely reporting that he was injured while on duty. ow.ly/oypm30c9Fw7
      Update: Bay County, Michigan (First reported 11/15/16): A now-former deputy who served as a school resource officer was sentenced to 30 days in jail for trying to cover up his accidental shooting of teacher. ow.ly/nEdy30c0bSq
      Windsor, North Carolina: A now-former officer was found guilty of drug trafficking for transporting drugs under the guise of legitimate law enforcement purposes. He was one among 13 law enforcement and correctional officers caught in a regional drug and corruption sting operation. ow.ly/vVrt30c0mA4
      Cleveland, Ohio: The City is being sued by seven people who were arrested for protesting the acquittal of now-former officer Michael Brelo, who was the only officer charged in the fatal double shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. Brelo jumped up onto the hood of the car of the unarmed couple and unloaded two full magazines of ammunition into their bodies. He and several other officers were terminated as a result of their actions. ow.ly/eHe030c0nRq
      Update: Kosciusko County, Indiana (First reported 3/2/16): The now-former sheriff was sentenced to one year of probation and 250 hours of community service after his plea to official intimidation. He took $40,000 from an inmate in exchange for preferential treatment at the jail. ow.ly/9BBg30c0pFu
      Parker County, Texas: A constable was arrested for a violation stemming from his arrest for domestic assault. He continued to contact the victim against the terms of his bond agreement. ow.ly/vQVb30c0qgI
      Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania: A deputy was arrested for allegedly beating and strangling his girlfriend. He is no longer with the department. ow.ly/nobC30c0qU3
      Los Angeles County, California: A deputy was sentenced to six months’ home confinement after testifying against other deputies in a vicious inmate beating and cover-up. ow.ly/jzrn30c0rMD