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Fourth Circuit Bobos Put Judiciary On Collision Course With America





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SLL: Advice On Dealing With Crazies

Be they nations or individuals.

RRW: Refugee industry wants Trump to admit 75,000 refugees this fiscal year, and another 75,000 in FY18

Why not?

Everyone else is committing suicide.

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The Truth About Civic Nationalist Cam Whores

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FUSA is terminal.

And the fratricide on all sides will be spectacular.

A Response To “American Vendée”

A Response
Z Man: American Vendée
SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Although it has never happened in history, I understand the author’s enthusiasm for the American Myth of “the people” (whoever they are) rising up in rebellion against an oppressive government. But using the Vendée as an example is simply bad intellectual history.

Quotes by Z Man in italics followed by comment…

“The key insight of the Jacobins was to send representatives out into the smaller towns and cities to organize radicals and incite rebellion.”

The “radicals” [sic] referred to where largely Huguenots who, with the usual Protestant addiction to revolution, were only too happy to lay wreck to the Catholic society they infected. The Jacobins were also adept at finding and loosing upon French society pockets of the Albigensian heresy that had been ruthlessly suppressed by a formal Crusade in the 13th Century. (Heresies never die; they simply go underground to fester and become Secret Societies.)

“Many rural peasants welcomed the revolution as it meant some degree of freedom and the redistribution of lands seized from the Church and aristocracy.”

The “degree of freedom” imposed on “many rural peasants” by the Revolution was suffocating compared the the true liberties enjoyed by them under the Estates and Manors. The rural peasant saw exactly nothing of the “redistribution” of lands, and the properties “seized from the Church” and turned over to the Republic laid waste a far reaching and ancient infrastructure of charitable institutions (hospitals, orphanages, schools, etc.) that left the peasantry destitute. Those hereditary properties seized from the aristocracy were sold off to bureaucrats who ran them as businesses reducing the peasantry to penury.

The only peasants who “welcomed the revolution” were the criminal, the depraved, and heretics.

“The enraged populace took up arms and quickly formed a Catholic Army.”

That is not true.

And here, Oh! rebellious “the people” is where you must pay strict attention. “The enraged populace” did not take matters into their own hands. While it is true there was an initial uprising over the course of 36 hours that overwhelmed the sleepy garrisons of one small town a hand-full of villages, they immediately went to and demanded of the local Nobility and Aristocracy (or shamed them into it) that it was their duty to defend Altar and Throne and lead them against the depredations of the Revolutionaries. And the Nobility and Aristocracy who agreed made it very clear, in unambiguous terms, that the “enraged populace” appealing for counterrevolution was now under martial disciple and that nothing less than perfect obedience (upon the usual penalties) was demanded of them. It bears repetition and considerable emphasis… “The enraged populace” sought lawful authority to command and lead them in counterrevolution and accepted the discipline of martial order from their betters.

The “enraged populace” did not form “a Catholic Army.” The Nobles and Aristocracy formed and commanded the Catholic Army, the “enraged populace” manned it.

“[T]he Committee For Public Safety was limited only by its imagination (ff).”

The author seems to imply that the “revolt of the provincials” against the “cosmopolitan elite” of the East coast (we know who they are) should follow the example of the Committee For Public Safety against the Vendée. (If I am wrong in my reading of Z Man’s last couple paragraphs he should tell me how I misread him.) In other words the end justifies the means. Which is pure Leninism. Or, as I am fond of saying, “Liberty Movement” folks would have been welcomed as Comrades on the barricades of the Communist Revolution of 1848.

Civil War?

It is useless for the “Liberty Movement” (and other anarchists) to appeal the the Vendée as an example of “the people” resisting oppression. The Vendée fought and died defending Altar and Throne against the Freemasons, their Protestant allies, and other heretics. You know, those same delinquents who founded the United States.

The battle cries of the Vendée were, “Vive le roi! Vive les bons prêtres! A bas la République!” Battle cries – along with all their implications — that would cause “Liberty Folks” to recoil in horror. In other words, the Vendée violently resisted those very things the “Liberty Movement” stands for.

Further, the Vendée were a people. The US is a mongrel. The Vendée had a long and ancient history. The US is a myth. The Vendée was a country. The US is a wholly artificial construct. The Vendée had a culture. All the US has is advertising. And the Vendée had a Just Cause. All the “Liberty Movement” has is the damned “Revolution of ’76” – which delivered them unto where they are now.

There is a lot of talk these days about a civil war in the US. The definition of civil war is two domestic political powers contending by arms for control of the government. The Vendée was a civil war; Royalist and Catholic against the Revolutionaries. There are no two contending political powers in the US. Just two contending factions squabbling about their interpretations of the damned Constitution they both believe in. One faction having control of the damned thing, the other faction appealing to it.

No. There will be no civil war.

If you want to see what a civil war looks like study the Spanish Civil War. The Catholics called it “The Crusade.” Of course, the US, which supported the Communists and Anarchists, called it a fight for “Liberty.”

Final thought…

Don’t look to Catholic counterrevolution to inspire your revolutionary dreaminess. There is nothing there for you except “in signum cui contradicetur.”


Be One

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Wilders: Islam Is Responsible For Manchester

Along with those who have permitted the invasion of the West.

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Z Blog: Ruminations On The Way Down The Mountain

A travelogue of sorts betwixt ideologies.

FUSA is dead.

The PRUSA* project is in its final construction phase.

And Team BFYTW had best get its public messaging completed.

“Eff you all”, no matter how emotionally rewarding, is not something that the normies will understand, let alone support.

*People’s Republic of the United States of America

Max Sends

From Max:

I am going to add a comment here and it will likely be the idea behind a new Max Talk video. I always get comments on videos from people who do not understand training and drills. They are not professional infantry / SOF, nor are they experienced veterans or trainers. They are tactical midgets. I deleted one from YouTube today. Frankly, it is embarrassing that people make these comments (for them). So:

1) You have not attended the training class and you do not understand context, or the training of drills. When you see people walking down a trail, it is designed as such, on a range, so that a drill can be executed, which is either an assault forward, or a break contact drill.

2) MVT runs a number of classes that teach actual tactics. What you see in these videos, is mostly drills. There is a relation between tactics and drills, or TTP’s, but the point is to learn the drills so that it can be applied tactically.

3) If there is no cover, there is no cover. It happens extensively in the Middle East and all across the USA. You may not always be in a place with a lot of cover / concealment. These are ranges and techniques are being taught. PT is often an issue with tired students taking a knee rather than going prone, but taking a knee is also legitimate where speed of movement is a factor, and where you are creating cover by your suppressive fire i.e. ‘cover me!’

4) What you are seeing is students doing an excellent job after a couple of days of running good solid basic drills. They have been training in weapon manipulation, safety, movement, communication, break contact drills etc. What you are not seeing is people trying to ‘sneak about’ with ‘tactics.’ You are seeing them shoot, move and communicate.

5) You do not see the squad attack at the end of CTT where we put it all together and use a covered approach to conduct a squad hasty attack. You do not see Force on Force, or Combat Patrol, or the Combat Leader Course, where we expect people to apply the techniques along with the tactical use of ground. That is tactics.

6) Here at MVT we are professional infantry / SOF combat veterans who know what ‘tactics’ is. We also now how to train people through a progression. We do not need comments about walking on a trail in the open or taking a knee rather than prone. If you come on a class, then you can go prone. You will still walk up the trail, so we can initiate the drill and train it. If you want to stay in the woodline, you will miss running the drill.

If you are a tactical midget, please do not comment. Thank you.


Source For Further Thought On The Matter


One must assume that the secret police will always act like secret police.


Enabling Murder

(Her name was Ebba. She was 11.)

A reminder that it is the predominantly-white, non-Muslim politicians of the West that have loosed the scourge of Islam upon all of us.

How are those non-partisan elected/appointed official accountability files coming along?

A Meditation

Both on the question itself and the need for its asking.

Suarez On Manchester

With a discussion of pre-emptive remedies.

Diversity + proximity = war.

Better Go Get Gomer’s Nerve Pills

Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years

Bonus question:

Get out your copy of the Blessed Parchment and find, either in the USC or the BoR, the provision(s) that authorizes the Federal government to intercept and store for future retrieval all digital communications originating from or terminating in the United States. Provide the citation(s) for said provision(s).

Buppert: Totalitarianism and the Great War

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Bill’s latest on where the modern troubles began.

Where they will end is a pyre.

No matter who wins.

The Correct Answer And Its Antithesis

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“Knock & Talk”, My Ass

From Rutherford.

Never ever talk to the police.

As the man said years ago.

Kim DotCom DotBombs

ZH article.

Just another unsolved homicide.

Training Aid (Simplified Version)

From a reader.