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Childhood’s End

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“If you are looking for a clear marker of cultural decline, something that represents an inescapable cul-de-sac in the American ideal of forward progress, just ponder the all-too-familiar image of the kindergarten-aged child whose parents have outfitted him (it’s usually a him) with a Mohawk haircut. A friend of mine who teaches young children is forever complaining that the Mohawked boys have chronic self-discipline issues. “They are always the ones who have the behavioral problems,” she says.

When I ask her why that is, she explains that “they are being raised by adult-aged children”—in other words, people who are too immature to know better.

That shocking thatch of hair flanked by pallid scalp, once a symbol of rebellion, marginalization, and class rancor is now being buzzed onto the heads of children in Minion T-shirts who barely know how to wipe their own asses. The problem is not simply an aesthetic one (though the child-sized spikes are undeniably vulgar); it is also that parents are styling their not-yet-literate offspring in the garb of disillusionment.

Just what it does it mean when parents use their children as signifiers of their own neuroses about being grown-ups?”

Without adults, the West is doomed to extinction.

Odds on cultural survival and eventual renaissance?



Not necessarily easy.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Russia vs. America in Syria — Using Plausible Deniability Against a Systematically Lying Adversary

The latest from The Saker.

What – precisely – are the interests of the American people being defended by the American military in Syria?

Lauren Southern, Generation Identity, and the Quest for Meaning

Via Gab from VDARE comes this interesting reminder that “free speech is not worth very much if we don’t have anything substantial to say.”

Basing opposition to transnational socialism on the “restoration” of the 230-year-old organizational system that, since 1861 at least, has been used by the national government to trample on individual and states’ rights is co-dependent delusion at best.

BWS much?

Why is it that traditional Americans cannot even discuss in polite society the defense of the culture that — modern cant notwithstanding — built this nation?

And when did “equality” — whatever that means — become the trump card over any other consideration?


FBI Agent Charged With Lying About His Role In Shooting An Activist During Oregon Wildlife Standoff

The inside story on this deal must be fascinating.

The Way Forward

The latest from JJ at VFS.

Run the same tactics that your enemies have seen and analyzed.

Get progressively worse results.

Does anyone on the so-called “freedom team” have what it takes to defeat the Reds?

Z Blog: Boomer Cons

A/k/a kinder, gentler Bolshies.

Learn about the roots of Buckleyism.

Know that there is no right wing in FUSA.

So far.

Your person.

Your people.

Your property.

No one trifles with them and lives.


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Save The Date

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What rational basis can one cite to oppose the cultural and economic annihilation of traditional Americans?

MVT Sends

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MVT ‘Black Flag’ Patch.

This is for when you need to raise the black flag. 3″W x 2″H. This is the same size as the standard MVT brown patch. We have never made parches commercially available. However, when the new website is up, we will offer these two for sale. The Shield and Rocker patches will still be awarded only the CTT graduates.

The Team Coyote patch will not be available commercially; it must be awarded.

MVT website

Live hard.

Die free.

SLL: Breaking the Alternative Media’s Dependence on the Mainstream Media

Read the whole piece.

As the MSM/Fake News crowd self-destructs, help to build something better.


With op/eds always clearly labeled as such.

Fred: On The Diversity


Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

New Woodpile’s Here!


K Blog: The Sacred Oath

On the Constitution and (some of) its defenders.

Could it be that, rather than limiting the national government’s power and thereby protecting individual freedom, the USC and BoR are working precisely as intended?

Check out the 19th and 26th Amendments as a kickstart to your thinking.

The Things Men Do – Part II


See also Part I.

Max V On The Squad Hasty Attack

Live hard.

Die free.

MVT homepage

Free Speech? Or Acceptable Speech

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A Reader Sends

Open thread; moderation as possible.

Badthink Awfulspeech – In Two Movements

Via Mises on Twitter.

See also this Heartiste post (h/t GVDL) on what is coming.