Drug Warriors: DEA Blasted for Botching Foreign Operation, Lying to Coverup Wrongdoing

Muh drug war.

Feel safer?

55 responses to “Drug Warriors: DEA Blasted for Botching Foreign Operation, Lying to Coverup Wrongdoing

  1. yup

    support your local state and federal goon squads.

    you fucking stupid murkins need to go.

    anyone who stands behind these badged psychopaths really have no reason to even be at WRSA…. you don’t want freedom. you want to be robbed and raped.

    200 million+…

  2. The DEA, like the ATF and the IRS, should be eliminated since thePeople and the States did not delegate those powers to the Feds.

    • Not so sure about the IRS. They went thru and amendment process for that one and the state concurred. Still I would like to see the gone.

  3. “The War on Drugs Is a War on Freedom” by Laurence M. Vance was on the reading list when we home schooled. Covfefe…

  4. wealthy farmer

    Time to close down the DEA. It is a complete failure. This nation is FLOODED with every type of toxic dangerous drug, satan’s pharmacy. And americans are more than willing to self medicate from this hellish medicine cabinet. Closing this corrupt ineffective agency would save many billions. FBI, and state and local police could pick up the slack and do a better job. One less pocket of muck in the vast swamp.

    • Yes sir and the FDA too. The sad truth is that big pharma makes the Cartels look like chumps. Entire armies of DSM street level dealers masquerading as mental health professionals are handing out the mind skittles and ruining lives every day here in Murica.

    • Want it gone? Legalize it all.
      True story. Back eons ago I worked as a manager for RiteAid. The pharmacist was one of 6 in the city of Philly licensed to formulate controlled substances. He had to account for every gram used. He pointed to a bag the size of 1# coffee pouch. “$30k on the street, company buys it for $25 a pound”. That was 1983. That was the day I knew we would never win ‘The Drug War’. Too much margin in it.

      Pull the insane profit out of it and simple economics will destroy the cartels.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Except the cartels would whack any pol (and their family) who would vote for legalization. But then again, once the it was all legalized, the government would quickly start regulating it. There would be maximum amounts of allowable THC, purity percentages, etc. So, in the end, the black market would just shift to provide higher quality stuff. So perhaps the cartels would just wait them out.

    • The Drug Export Agency is a complete success for it’s real purpose. All the ABC agencies were set up to protect the banking ,intel, medical, ‘legal’ and all other cartels and monopolies. All drugs should be legal. Personally I think doing coke etc is retarded but none of my business. Giving these fuckers jurisdiction over ‘controlled substances’ is is the precedent for clamping down on supplements, organic food and the ‘patenting’ of natural substances and even DNA by the likes of Monsanto.
      We won the debate on guns so they poison the young with GMO and 50 vaccines before they are 5 years old. This crew is as low as the bottom pit of hell.

  5. ben dover

    “Investigators found that in the aftermath of the botched missions, top DEA officials consistently lied to the Department of Justice (DOJ), ”

    Let me know when someone goes to jail.

  6. In reference to the graphic – they are going to need a lot more training given how well they are doing with their current war. The next war will be like going from High School sports to the Professional level.

  7. The joke, War on Drugs. It seems that history has proven druggies are always going to find drugs. Allow big Pharma to make it, and market it.

    Cuts out the DEA and the Cartels. Win Win! No DEA, no more dumb ass DEA shootings.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Allow big Pharma to make it, and market it.”

      So, just like the medicines that cost $2/dose outside the US, but $200/dose inside the US because of Big Pharma’s effective monopoly protections, the rest of the world would get flooded with cheap dope, and US users would face financial ruin for an 8-ball.

  8. and as always, w/in a given time frame, the .gov foulness coming to light is no more than 10% of what’s actually going on.

  9. If they are as effective in the war on Guns as they have been in the war on Drugs….What the hell are we so worried about again?

    • you should be worried that you or your family may be their next fuck-up.
      you should be worried that this is going to progress even worse than it is now.
      you should be worried that these scumbags are authorized to take everything you have worked for.

      shall i go on?

      anyone who supports these LEOs have no business here at WRSA unless their desire is to change the minds of few freedom loving people here.
      after all, misery loves company… furthermore, these cop lovers will be on the list for punishiment when that day finally arrives. so you see, the miserable will have company.

      • So, you’ve said you’re a non smoker, you must be Rheinhold. ((Just asking?)). http://www.superiortrails.com/canoe/wabakimi-album5.html

      • Dude, you won’t make it to the “Great SHTF” you’ll have a heart attack before it happens. Calibrate sarcasm meter before you permanently vapor lock.

      • Na my friend the point of being on WRSA, is to exercise the right we have via the constitution and Bill of Rights. While my views may not reflect your views, we both have valid points, from different prospective

        That you hate cops is your privilege. I also dislike many many of the things being done by the popo. Where we differ is I see govt as the ultimate enemy. I see your view of just the police as very short sited.

        Their a tool, not the shot callers. You got a bone to pick, your recourse should start in your local elected leaders office. Change the rules, change the outcome.

        Don’t mistake my position, I’m not pro police, I’m not anti police. I see them, their work for what it is. This country would rip itself apart without rules and enforcement. That dosent work for me.

        I intend to spend my golden years doing what I do.


        • newsflash.

          the country IS ripped apart.

          i hate the poo poo and the rotten gubbermint. FYI one cannot exist without the other.

  10. 1) ref. Haxo above
    “No matter how paranoid you are what they are actually doing is worse than you can possible imagine.” _Ralph J. Gleason
    2) OK – so the DEA is a pack of lying murdering Nazi thugs. What else is new?


    When they are not running their “investigations” they are tasked with hanging out in the parking lots of venues hosting gun shows, writing down license plate numbers. A patriot friend of mine caught them doing that over in the Josephine County, Oregon fairgrounds about ten years ago. It seems he knew the agent from when he was CHP. Tip of the iceberg, folks.

  12. I’ve tried to warn the “law and order” fetishists that the cops were just sharpening their claws on the potheads and assorted stones. Big waste of calories.

  13. The cartels hate us for our freedoms.

    • Then they are quickly running out of things to hate about us. We’ll be on open mouth, Big, wet sloppy kiss terms before too much longer.

    • but the cops and their owners hate you for not being a cop or an owner…

      fuck the pooLICE
      fuck the gubbermint

  14. Judicial Watch is just doing the job the FBI won’t do.

  15. Now, you all know why I am no longer a pharm tech and let my license go. Despite the fact that I do believe, medically, we live in the age of everyday miracles, I deal with the foolish crap that goes on. A lot of bizarre chitszky goes on. Let’s see if Aesop can back me up on some of this:
    Case 1-I graduate, 4.0 with honors, thinking that I can now help save the world. (Stop laughing). My first job offer is at a California State Prison, dispensing meds to prisoners. As a PT, you are expected to go out INTO THE YARD and give prisoners their meds!! I explained to the nice lady, that being gang raped by 20 guys in the bright sunshine was NOT my idea of a good time. And why is it exactly, the prisoners do not come to us? She looks shocked, and says, “Well the guards watch all of the time! And they DO have automatic rifles, just like the military.” So now, as I am being gang raped by 20 guys, I will also have bullets flying around me. Of course….that makes it all right. I feel really secure.
    Case 2- My second job offer is to be a tech at a research lab on trapped dogs and cats. They kill so many, under torturous conditions, that most techs are burned out within 12 months. No. Thank. You.
    Case 3- I apply at various pharmacies, get insulted or propositioned by the pharmacists, and get offered the magnanimous sum of $10 an hour. Before taxes. I did not need an expen$ive education to be paid this. Because of Obamacare, the pharmacies had one place to cut-and it was the techs. You cannot open without a Pharmacist, so those folks are a-okay.
    Case 4- I volunteer for one year at a very good hospital. I run drugs between floors, I mix drugs under the supervision of a pharmacist, I work in the hospital pharmacy. I have no hope of being hired. Their backlogged employee applications is over 36 months.
    The DEA basically exists to terrorize honest dispensers. Make a mistake on your paper work, refuse medication to someone, or give medication to someone who abuses it by doctor/pharmacy shopping; you will be crucified. If you are a doctor who dispense medication directly, you will be hit with improper labeling of dispensed products. The FDA constantly asks for tests, retests, and testing of known results. I have no faith in the FDA. People abusing drugs are like people bent on suicide. They will do it anyway. My mom had a fellow nurse friend, who killed herself at 26. Everyone spent days watching her, trying to help her. She did it anyway. She simply waited her chance to be alone.
    I have grown up in California, I have been around doctors and nurses-and therefore drugs-all of my life. I have never had an interest in getting high/wasted/dead. The War on Drugs is a boondoggle.

  16. Quantrill

    Having been on the recieving end of these lovely fellows,(sarcasm,most of them are arrogant pricks who lack the balls to serve overseas.) there honestly is not alot to fear from them, they stumble into areas, making so many mistakes, and only succeed with huge odds against unarmed or non combative targets,once our streets start resembling Juarez, these overglorified metermaids will be nothing but cannon fodder. Plus it’ll be nice to take their shir for a change.

  17. 1) The DEA is a waste of skin and oxygen. Always has been.
    2) Calling it a drug “war” is recockulous. It’s a drug hissyfit, at best.
    3) Direct the Coast Guard to shoot down the planes and sink the boats, and tell ICE Customs & Border Patrol drug smuggling is a shoot-on-sight offense, at the border, or the airport or harbor. Same-day execution if caught.
    4) Make drug sales or production a capital crime with mandatory death penalty, like in many other countries. Fuck deterrence, execution itself shows a 0% recidivism rate. That includes conspiracy and helping with moving or receiving the profits. Put bank CEOs on notice that they’re on the hook, and the game goes away.
    5) If caught with drugs, you roll on your dealer, or your initial sentence is 25 years. If you do roll, you get a year’s drug rehab – in prison. If caught in possession twice, execution. Everyone deserves a second chance, no one gets a third.
    6) Countries growing coca and heroin poppies get carpet-bombed with napalm.
    First time, the fields.
    Second time, the houses of the drug lords.
    Third time, their capitol cities.
    It’ll be a lot less funny for them after the first example.

    That’s a drug WAR.
    Call me when we try that.

    What we have now is little more than kabuki theatrics, plain and simple.
    Britain fought a war to allow opium sales.
    The least we can do is fight an actual one to stop them.

    And don’t spout any libertarian horseshit in response (and it is horseshit), unless you FIRST OF ALL fight an actual war, tooth and nail, to completely dismantle the welfare state, top to bottom, to 1850 levels of non-existence.
    Failure to do that first and unilaterally, shows that most so-called “libertarians” are just junkies seeking a fix.
    Dismantle the welfare behemoth first and totally, and we can talk about legalizing everything – for adults.
    Then the original suggestions apply in full force, minus possession by adults.
    Too hard?

    • The most serious plan for a “drug war” I have seen. I agree with this plan. And drugs? Done in three months throughout America. Our leaders suck though. They feel foreigners and drug king pins have “rights” that supersede ours. So it is our leaders first. Then the drug war. I don’t think I will ever be calling you though. We are burdened forever with our lousy leaders. So step two will never happen. How many of our leaders and top career bureaucrats are on the cartel payroll or the muzzie payroll?

    • you’re whack. you must be a working stooge. they aren’t known for being very bright, having to be somewhere everyday and eating someone’s shit all the time. i can see how it would turn a person of average intelligence into a zombie.

      how about legalize all drugs and disband all parasitic scumbags.

      ALL drugs
      ALL parasitic scumbags.

    • Spoken like a true statist pig. Have you learned nothing here? The drug underworld is the soil of dark state growth just as ‘terrorism’ is it’s foil. Who says any fucker has the right to ban anything? Guns , alcohol ,drugs whatever. Countries that grow coca leaves and opium (not heroin) plants were / are being carpet-bombed but amazingly street prices are down to 1970s levels. Get a clue.
      BTW coca and opium are plants that grow in nature . According to you that warrants destruction of offending topsoil bearing land. Hell let’s get those moonshiners while we’re at it.

      • Countries that grow coca leaves and opium (not heroin) plants were / are being carpet-bombed but amazingly street prices are down to 1970s levels.

        That you’d try to play that joker as if it were true is probably your best talking point.
        BTW, botulism and anthrax grow in nature.
        Fuck them too.

        We’ve tried the bullshit hissyfit on drugs.
        It hasn’t worked, because everyone, there and here, knows we aren’t serious.
        Give a real war a chance.

    • Anonymous

      There is no moral requirement on libertarians to dismantle the welfare state which non-libertarians built. Every bit of freedom is valuable, separately and apart. If drugs become legal, great. For starters, far fewer junkies will do armed robbery to afford drugs.

      • Junkies being such upright and moral citizens that they’d never rob or steal. Got it. Well played, sir.

        Abandoning the greater principle is why everyone knows they aren’t really libertarians, just junkies, or wannabe junkies.
        The only freedom that concerns them is the freedom to buy drugs, just like BLM only cares about some black lives, but not the ones killed by other black criminals.
        They strain at gnats, and ignore the 800-pound gorilla in the room.
        When they’re not looking for pizza, chips, and brownies.

  18. Oh, and judging purely by the results, if the war on drugs was training for the war on guns, in ten years every home will have class II weaponry, and the DEA will have been killed off several times over, and banned by law in several states.


    Try “Children’s Crusade”.

  19. The U.S. invasion of Panama was the first act of military intervention in the new post-Cold War world — the first act of war since 1945 where the United States has not used Communism or “Marxism-Leninism” as the effective all-purpose alibi. Coming so soon after the end of the Cold War, the invasion was confused and chaotic — a hallmark of Bushian policy in general. Bush’s list of alleged reasons for the invasion were a grab-bag of haphazard and inconsistent arguments — none of which made much sense.

    “…And so the Bush administration laid on the “drug” menace with a trowel, braving the common knowledge that Noriega himself was a longtime CIA creature and employee whose drug trafficking was at the very least condoned by the U.S. for many years…”


    the entire system is infested with rotten corrupt scumbags. the POS poo poo are the lowest form of scumbag(jizz filled)due to their war on the people who are forced to fund their bloated lifestyles and overly generous benefit packages…



    • In 1988, Mr. Noriega was indicted in Miami and Tampa, Fla., on federal narcotics-trafficking and money-laundering charges. He was accused of turning Panama into a shipping platform for South American cocaine destined for the United States, and allowing drug proceeds to be hidden in Panamanian banks.

      Noriega responded by organizing demonstrations in Panama against the United States. Gripping a machete as he spoke to a crowd, he declared, “Not one step back!” The slogan began appearing on billboards throughout Panama City.

      There was a failed coup in 1988. The next year, Mr. Noriega annulled the results of Panama’s presidential election, ratcheting up pressure on the United States to take action. After another failed coup, in 1989, he anointed himself “maximum leader,” and the National Assembly declared war on the United States.

      Then, on Dec. 16, 1989, Panamanian troops shot and killed an unarmed American soldier in Panama City, wounded another and arrested and beat a third soldier whose wife they threatened with sexual assault.

      “That was enough,” President George Bush said in announcing the invasion, which included more than 27,000 troops.

      Real “murky” reasons there, huh?
      You could be forgiven for missing that story, since it was only covered in the NYTimes, 1,100 other newspapers and magazines, and 2,000 radio and TV news broadcasts at the time.

      I guess you were sick that decade.

  20. That was kinda my point earlier, but if your hair is on fire and you are frothing at the mouth all the time I can see where critical thinking might be a problem……