Herschel: SCOTUS On Excessive Force

BLUF: Serfs aren’t really people, so screw them.

Expect more of this kind of thing.

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  1. Why these imbeciles were ever given a lifetime tenure, is beyond me. They surely do believe that they possess magical powers, and don’t even need to report to Voldemort. Be very careful when you open your front door-and yes, it should always always be locked.

  2. I sort of see their point, except about the not having a warrant thing. What I would like to know is what happens if cops bust into a house and are on the losing side; would the home owner still be charged? Unfortunately this is up in the air, as results can range from charges dropped to seeking the death penalty.

    I think the real take-away lesson here is to have a strong door that will hold up to a pounding longer than it takes you to get ready to shoot. Carried by 6 vs. judged by 12, and all that.

    • Randolph Scott

      I truly hope to read of that happening sometime in the near future, fuck I would like to hear about the homeowners handing out justice every day. The thugs might get the message.

    • and if there is a God, badged thug sowders did not meet him…

      scumbag pigs.

      these blew turds are what killed the republic as we knew it.,

      may they all die as violently as they lived and go to Hell. that goes for the copsuckers too.

  3. Alito did give an out for the case to be revisited. Per the original article Herschel quoted @ guns.com,

    “The case is not over as Alito held that the lower court on remand should revisit the liability for damages under the warrantless entry claim, “based on the deputies’ failure to secure a warrant at the outset.”

  4. Virgil Kane

    The US Constitution is dead…er.

  5. more cops doing “Gods work”

    so if these are the “good cops”… just what is a bad cop then?

    the murkins need to be culled because they are so damn dumb.

    Houston Independent School District (Texas): A now-former officer pled guilty to an “improper relationship” with a 14-year-old student. His plea agreement allows for deferred adjudication and, if successful, he will not have to register as a sex offender. Under the terms of the plea, he is not allowed to contact the victim. ow.ly/vbnz30c8L2p
    Casper, Wyoming: An officer was charged with felony child abuse for actions against her adopted child. ow.ly/mVXO30c8Lty
    Update: Sarasota County, Florida (First reported 2/10/17): A deputy who has been charged with tampering with her colleague’s attempted murder case has been fired. ow.ly/UmO730c8LDP
    Update: Baytown, Texas (First reported 5/22/17): An officer was indicted for bribery for soliciting nude photos of female drivers to get out of tickets. He has been indefinitely suspended. ow.ly/QyqH30c9sE3
    Collier County, Florida: A deputy was fired and arrested for doctor shopping for pain medications. ow.ly/HcV430c9tju
    Update: Cleveland, Ohio (First reported 11/24/14): The officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice has been fired for lying on his employment application, which he may appeal. His partner was suspended for 10 days and ordered to undergo retraining. ow.ly/x3Cd30c9VtA
    Update: Ascension Parish, Louisiana (First reported 2/21/17): A deputy who was fired after his domestic violence arrest will not be charged. ow.ly/pzzh30c9tBP
    Lampasas County, Texas: A deputy was placed on leave after a video was released showing him punch a teen in the face four times. The deputy admits the actions but said the teen swung first and his actions were to subdue the suspect. ow.ly/kLZ030c9u3g
    Benton County, Arkansas: A deputy pled guilty to misusing a confidential law enforcement database for personal gain. He was sentenced to six years of probation and ordered to serve 120 hours of community service. ow.ly/F0Vx30c9vqw
    Sangamon County, Illinois: A deputy pled guilty to misdemeanor drug possession for buying mail-order steroids. He was suspended for six months but will retain his employment. He had a prescription for legal steroids but said he was trying to save money by ordering the controlled substances online. ow.ly/PQ3i30c9vOC
    New York, New York: An officer was arrested for selling drugs while he was off-duty in Corona. ow.ly/UQsp30c9zTB
    New York, New York: A school officer was arrested for beating his daughter with a belt at home. ow.ly/SR9a30c9ArD
    Fairfield, Connecticut: A detective was arrested for tampering with evidence for allegedly removing drugs from the evidence room. ow.ly/y2CC30c9COa
    Update: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (First reported 12/21/15): An officer who was working for a private security firm while he was off-duty was found guilty of federal civil rights charges for beating a teen at Heinz Field. ow.ly/jqJ130c9DXM
    Northglenn, Thornton and Westminster, Colorado: The three police departments and three officers (one from each department) are being sued for a fatal drug raid that killed James Strong Jr. The plaintiffs allege that the officers blindly shot through walls and therefore needlessly endangered the other people who were in the house during the raid. ow.ly/1z0630c9Evw
    Salem, Massachusetts: An officer was suspended 18 months for falsely reporting that he was injured while on duty. ow.ly/oypm30c9Fw7
    Update: Bay County, Michigan (First reported 11/15/16): A now-former deputy who served as a school resource officer was sentenced to 30 days in jail for trying to cover up his accidental shooting of teacher. ow.ly/nEdy30c0bSq
    Windsor, North Carolina: A now-former officer was found guilty of drug trafficking for transporting drugs under the guise of legitimate law enforcement purposes. He was one among 13 law enforcement and correctional officers caught in a regional drug and corruption sting operation. ow.ly/vVrt30c0mA4
    Cleveland, Ohio: The City is being sued by seven people who were arrested for protesting the acquittal of now-former officer Michael Brelo, who was the only officer charged in the fatal double shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. Brelo jumped up onto the hood of the car of the unarmed couple and unloaded two full magazines of ammunition into their bodies. He and several other officers were terminated as a result of their actions. ow.ly/eHe030c0nRq
    Update: Kosciusko County, Indiana (First reported 3/2/16): The now-former sheriff was sentenced to one year of probation and 250 hours of community service after his plea to official intimidation. He took $40,000 from an inmate in exchange for preferential treatment at the jail. ow.ly/9BBg30c0pFu
    Parker County, Texas: A constable was arrested for a violation stemming from his arrest for domestic assault. He continued to contact the victim against the terms of his bond agreement. ow.ly/vQVb30c0qgI
    Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania: A deputy was arrested for allegedly beating and strangling his girlfriend. He is no longer with the department. ow.ly/nobC30c0qU3
    Los Angeles County, California: A deputy was sentenced to six months’ home confinement after testifying against other deputies in a vicious inmate beating and cover-up. ow.ly/jzrn30c0rMD

  6. To quote CA:
    “Harden your hearts.”
    CB Addendum:
    Harden your dwellings.

  7. The SCROTUS has ruled that it’s OK to kill little unborn babies and allow gay “marriage” so what’s a few more bodies of serfs on the pyre of abomination at this point.

  8. wealthy farmer

    Psychopaths have always been attracted to police work. Power is as addictive as heroin, and for a psychopath, beating the crap out of someone (anyone) and/or murdering another human being, is an intense orgasmic rush that they can’t find anywhere else. For these freaks the 20 year pension and qualified immunity is just the cherry on top. Police Departments try to weed out the real screwballs but two major problems are that psychopaths are very good at disguise (its part of the fun..) and they are very good at recognizing each other (dog whistle). When a department’s leadership (including the union) is infiltrated by psychopaths they will change the culture to make it safer for themselves and their fellow travelers in mental illness. So now we see nationwide emphasis on ‘no hesitation’ shooting (summary execution) instead of de-escalation. Black uniforms. Shaved heads, tatoos (ugh..).

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  10. This case is far from over. The entry appears to be unlawful, making any conduct inside unlawful. SCOTUS, is nudging 9th, to revisit the flaw, and readdress the real issue of warrantless entry.

    Once that legal hurdle is addressed, these two retards who shot the shit out of these people will have a real issue.

    Dosent change a thing. A large wad of cash will be offered and excepted. A non disclosure Claus will be signed and poof, everything’s fixed.



    • well, that’s a relief. now the guy can grow a new leg and his pregnant wife will not have the pain and scars of being shot in the back…

      see. just-us served.


      • Got it.
        Your beef is with 700 years of common law, and all law going back to Hammurabi.
        You’re clearly a legal super-genius, and smarter than every human being in recorded existence.
        If anyone doubts that, they should just ask you.

  11. teh lurker

    And they shouldn’t a been poor.
    Livin’ in box like that, and on the back 40 ‘n all. Shoulda happened sooner.
    Next time they’ll duck…
    the lurker

  12. Grenadier1

    The problem is going to be that dwelling. Its a shack on the back of a property and I am willing to bet it looked like a storage shed. The police were not aware it was being used as a dwelling. So did they get a warrant to search the main house and assumed that covered a storage shed on the property not aware that it was being used as a dwelling? That will probably be how it gets argued. I think there is some case law (CA ?) that says that even if this was “illegally” being used as a dwelling it would still be protected by the 4th. They will just argue that they didn’t know it was a house so they went in. Slap on the wrist, probably settle for medical bills and some gravy. Stuff it to the tax payers and move on.

  13. FTR, both of the last two LASO chiefs have been indicted.
    That the department is institutionally corrupt isn’t merely suspicion, it’s documented fact over decades.

    The two asswipes should be fired for gross stupidity. Probably not going to happen.
    Indicted criminally for attempted murder, not so much.
    Sued to poverty and forced to get jobs where they couldn’t carry guns, I’d applaud.
    Instead, the tax-paying suckers of L.A. County will get stiffed to pay the settlements. If they sit still for this, qui tacet consentire, silence gives consent.

    And the takeaway is that hell yes, getting through your door should require tracked armored vehicles, or you’re doing it wrong.

    While they didn’t deserve to get shot up based on circumstances, living in a storage shed behind a drug house probably wasn’t a great plan, and I doubt they didn’t have some idea of what was going on in the main house, all of which would come out in a civil trial, and still leave the cops on the hook, but mitigate the damages correctly based on mutual culpability. When you play hopscotch in a minefield, the blast is not all, or even mostly, the mine maker’s fault.

  14. And if this was a case overturning any one of fifty other cases in the Ninth Circus (the most-overturned circuit in the country), you all would be doing somersaults of glee.
    The odds that the Supremes got this one right are automagically much higher than average, every time they visit one of the cases of alleged jurisprudence by the Ninth Circus. As Dirk said, note that they handed it back to the Ninth to re-visit, rather than dumping it outright.