Secret court rebukes NSA for 5-year illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens

But….but….Consteetooshun! Murika! The black President who would bind the wounds of our inescapable waaaaacism!

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49 responses to “Secret court rebukes NSA for 5-year illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens

  1. Ooh, a strongly worded letter. That’ll send the NWO running scared.

  2. hummus abedin

    There is nothing illegal about it.
    However, it is a treasonous crime,
    deserving of a swift execution as

  3. Brought to you by the ministry of truth.

  4. Virgil Kane

    What is a Secret Court? Not that the NSA in itself is constitutional, but isn’t a secret court ruling on anything as constitutional just a bit ironic?

  5. Rice and Power are two cunts I’d love seeing nailed and in prison.

    Almost as much as the gay mulatto Hussein and the queen of cunts, Hitlery.

    But considering how useless these “hearings” always are, I’m not holding my breath.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Rice and Power are two cunts I’d love seeing nailed”

      Your interest in porn borders on the macabre, sir.

    • Why are you holding back on The Magic Negro? The politically correct nomenclature for Queen Hillary is Her Royal Bushpig; although Queen of Cunts has a certain ring to it. Old favorite, Madam and Monsieur Douchebag.

  6. And exactly no one will go to jail or otherwise suffer any consequences of their illegal actions.

    • because the scumbag cops are very busy… writing tickets for 5 mph over and shooting teenagers over a fucking joint.

      what a bunch of weasel fucktards.

      they’ll all go to Hell- BAMN

  7. “institutional lack of candor” = PC-speak for Liar’s Cabal.

  8. Holy cow! A “sharp rebuke”.
    That’s about as serious as a slap on the wrist.

  9. outlawpatriot

    Fail to understand how the Constitution has contributed to this.

    Assuming that it has, what are you suggesting it be replaced with? 🙂

    • The job of the Constitution was to restrict Federal government power. Is this story about the success or failure of restrictions on Federal governmental power?

      No rational people would support an organizational document that did not include ironclad dispute resolution and penalties for clear violation of the document’s term.

      I hope those who survive the upcoming reorg can recall that lesson.

      • That is its singular failing isn’t it? The Founders knew they had scoundrels in their lives. Its why they had the impeachment clause. But I don’t think they realized how entrenched the turds would rise to the top. If they had lawyers today would be referencing something called the ‘Lampost Clause’ in the Articles of that document.

        • Randall Flagg

          “That is its singular failing isn’t it?”

          Nope. There’s at least one more. Manifested in the 1st Amend.

      • Name any set of rules that have enforced themselves.

        • Any decent contract has dispute resolution and penalty provisions.

          I get what SFC Barry said here.

          The point is the game was rigged from the start.

          Doubters can study the doctrine of standing for some ideas on just how much the USC/BoR was designed to secure the God-given rights of Americans.

          • From what I recall, there where over one hundred
            Bill of Rights they wanted to put down on paper,
            but even as one of the doctrines on The Federalist
            Papers, states something like won’t stand the test
            of time in parchment.

            “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”

            “Every man to his family and his belongings”

        • another good one.

          for every action, there is a reaction…

          hence, why i hate cops so much.

          they really are digging their own graves.

          when they lost me, they lost everything…

          fuck the pooLICE.

      • outlawpatriot

        Deeper than that my friend. The Constitution, or any document for that matter requires a common view among those that adopt it.

        The Constitution is not the problem. It’s the people who have hijacked it.

        Gotta focus. 🙂

      • If the documents involved are actually *read* the “job” of the Constitution was to create a centralized Federal government with nearly unlimited powers. “Dispute resolution and penalties” were, and are, just so much foam.

        • Precisely. It was steered to just that purpose & intentionally NOT sold as treaty to the non-learned lesser folk. (A treaty of the period being regarded as something wherein breach of provision by one party negates binding of the other.) We have what was intended, writ ginormous.

        • Ahem..

          Article 1, Section 8: the powers of the Federal Government.

          Amendment 10: And that’s all of them. The rest belong to states, or to the people..
          Tell me again that “the ‘job’ of the Constitution was to create a centralized Federal government with nearly unlimited powers.” It makes me laugh so hard….

      • There is. The assumption was that voters would incentivize the politician to use them. The problem is that politicians are in cahoots with each other, and so conveniently don’t bother investigating/ prosecuting.

    • But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.
      [Lysander Spooner]


      One does not remove a cancer to replace it with another.

      At least, any rational person that is.

    • Anonymous

      At the time of the ratification, who was allowed to vote? Not women. Not non-whites. Not poor whites. Pretty much only the White Anglo males who were likely to recieve tax-funded whatever. Of course they were for it.

      Let’s replace the constitution with the idea that nobody is allowed to rule innocent people.

      • During the period when the USC was written many of the northern states had the concept of freeholder, owner of land free and clear. Those were the only persons allowed to vote. That meant a vast quantity of urban dwellers of the period could not vote at all even though they were a citizen and resident.

        Imagine the political landscape today if Freeholder was the law of the land. The Democratic voting bloc would disappear nearly overnight.

        “Let’s replace the constitution with the idea that nobody is allowed to rule innocent people.” Nah won’t work. I am damn sure I am not innocent any longer though I consider myself a fairly decent fellow.

  10. But Global Warming! Hoax & Chains! Mulatto Children! Elect Chelsea!
    So, they are all lying assholes who are in it for self glorification and money. And we are surprised….how?? FXXk all of them. I wish that I had a coal fired furnace to fire up, to celebrate all of the bullshXXt hitting the fan. I hope that damned communist, Merkle has her panties in a wad; there might be something to publish that she doesn’t want enquiring minds to know. Mr. Snowden should have a ticker tape parade in NYC. Seth Rich & John Ashe are unavailable for comment.
    “What I Saw at the Coup”………Matt Bracken just thinks that he writes fiction.

  11. Wake me up when traitors start getting kneecapped. Until then Ima pretend no progress has been made and that my life and the lives of those I care for are in grave danger from the advance of globalist/marxist/communist agenda. Godlessness is omnipresent throughout our governing bodies, fed state and local. It ain’t gonna stop til we stop it. Plain and simple. Get busy being free or get busy dying. No one is coming to save you. Not even the nice fuckers here at WRSA.

    • Prisoners dilemma. Anyone who acts first (or first 1,488) goes directly to jail. Does not pass Go.

  12. You want meaningful change. Hang these cock suckers, for their crimes against the people. A dozen maybe two dozen of these deep state pukes swinging will change many a bad attitude in the swamp.


    • no no. there you go shifting the blame on unarmed suit wearers..

      not one Fusa politician has ever shot an innocent or kicked in a door or…

      it’s the cops. it’s always been the cops.

      the murkins are so traumatized and suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, they actually defend the bastards. as i have said many times before, murkins are the dumbest cretins on the planet. what a bunch of cowardly jokes. they don’t even have the balls to criticize them. JFC.

      best thing i ever did was GTFO of that stinking hellhole and away from it’s stupid people and crooked blue devils. I await the death of millions before i return to claim my prizes.

      • Sorry, but according to Dr. Doolittle, the Floating Island is in the Atlantic, not the Great Lakes.
        If you’re going to keep changing daily which country you live in, everyone will know you’re still in mommy’s basement.
        Oh…too late!

        • Don’t bore TuFat with facts and geography and such. He’ll find a picture on the web and post it as his own.

          I’m looking at his posts now through a whole new lens. Takes me back to my youth, sitting on the floor at my grandparents house, watching another Commander McBragg cartoon.

      • No buck passing here. I alone am responsible for my actions, my deeds, my misdeeds. I except the responsibility for all my actions.

        As for free, other then WRSA, and the monitoring of my posts, yea I’m as free as the next guy. I can afford to do what I want, when I want. I exercise that freedom daily.

        I think structure is not always a bad thing. I’ve lived in nations with few rules, wasn’t for me.

        As for passing the buck, maybe, maybe not. I went to Conservitive schools from K-1, thru College. I grew up out in the ding weeds. Hunted pheasant or ducks and geese daily on the way to and from school. Left my shotgun in my easy rider rifle rack, in my truck, everyday.

        Rode my dirt bikes everywhere I wanted to go. Hell we would ride our bikes up the railroad tracks to Truckee Ca, with no heat from the man.

        I’m in an area where these freedoms still exist. Like I said I just reached my golden year, 60, I intend to ride this fucker hard to the end.

        I see what you all see, I prepare for the ” change” daily, but at least for today I’m doing well.

        I don’t want to live the rest of my life angry, or resentful. This nation is my nation, sure shits wrong, but it hasn’t impacted me at any point in my life.

        Not sure if I’m sailing today, or fly fishing. Tough choice in all this repressive govt stuff.


  13. HHH Old Vet.

    My next Big Blade will have the name: Sharp Rebuke, I’ll hammer out a number of them for other Men.

  14. What babbling bullshit. Nothing was done because: National Security Agency. They cannot be censured OR “punished” in any way. THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT. ALL OF IT. With absolute power over every living thing in North America. Babble about “law” “the constitution” “the court” or “sending them to prison” tells me that some people have no idea as to the state of the world they live in. America is a Military industrial dictatorship. You and all you have is the property of that governance. The NSA/CIA/FBI.BATFEIEIO/LEO’s are its enforcement arm. The Emperor is whoever gives the “lawful orders” and WE, dear slaves have no knowledge of, or say over, who that is. You are allowed to pretend to be free so that you can have hope. BUT if you think you have any “rights” that anyone in the federal military dictatorship is bound to respect , you need to talk to the Bundys or the surviving Branch Davidians. The only rights you have is to be guilty without trial and dead if you resist. Enjoy your babble protest now fellow slaves for soon the beast will tire of us, declare that we are “subversive” and kill us all. That day draws closer every day.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yup, telling yourself you’re free is the greatest mindfuck we play today. But it’s a great game anyway.

      Had an illegal lien from the IRS placed on my property 2 months ago, all because an ignorant and extremely stupid county clerk would not investigate the legality of the lien. It’s from the IRS, so it has to be legal, right?, never mind it was signed by 2 fictitious IRS clerks and has to be signed off by a judge, which it wasn’t. Kinda like getting a registered letter from Jesus, better obey what it says. People don’t think, or have the ability to question anything, they just do what they’re told. I think those evil Nazi’s are still being chastised and flogged over that.
      The masses will never question or ignore anything from FedGov, it’s legal and therefore must be obeyed, under penalty of law, however flawed.
      As Pete said, the game was rigged from the start, and we’re living out a crooked game.

      • dude,

        your one of the few with a brain and sense.

        the rest are cowardly copsuckers who really should stop breathing.

        g’damn they’re stupid.

  15. Secret court?
    So now they’re on Double Secret Probation??

    Dean Wormer approves!


    Back in the early 1950’s, Hollywood cranked out a really good Si-Fi film titled: THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. The plot revolved around a smart radish from Mars who crash-lands at an Arctic research base and starts killing scientists and USAF personnel who just happen to be there.
    In the ensuing fight, the USAF guys set up an ambush and plan to electrocute the Martian. As they are getting set up, one of the group asks: “…what if he can read minds?” The response from his buddy was: “…then he’s going to be awfully mad when he gets to mine!”
    So what if these FEDGOV fascists can read my posts? Well, I guess I will find out how mad they are when they kick in my front door and shoot me and the dogs, or drone my ass while I am out in the back yard watering the kale.

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  18. She is married to Cass Sunstein. Read about him here: jtrig manipulation

    Maybe he’s the brilliant mind who came up with the Russian hookers peeing on Trump in Obama’s recently stayed in suite, in order to illegally spy on Trump and everyone he ever knew his whole life. Smh.