Three From MVT

Close Quarter Battle Course AAR, May 26 – 28: JohnnyMac

Close Quarter Battle Course May 26 – 28 AAR: Barry

Idaho 2017 3 day: Direct Action / Combat Patrol:

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8 responses to “Three From MVT

  1. We have space on the Combat Team Tactics Class July 7-9. Thanks!

  2. P.S. if you skip forward past the 2:11 point on the video and you will get through stuff you have seen before in the other videos that were posted, and you will see live fire ambush / hasty attack and raid training.

  3. more instruction on becoming sniper victims.

    the murkins are truly stoopit.

  4. Good for these guys. Sure a sniper could be an issue, that’s why counter snipers exist. I live in country that’s simlar to this. It’s amazing how much cover their is.

    Good on you guys for training.


    • wendystringer48088

      There is always an argument not to do something.
      What good is your Karate against someone with a gun?
      What good is your pistol against a team of Russian Special forces?
      What good is your rifle against an armored fighting vehicle or tank?
      What about enemy snipers, enemy machine gun fire, enemy motor and artillery fire, enemy armored vehicles and main battle tanks, enemy attack helicopters, jet fighters, armed drones, etc.
      So let’s all sit around, stuff our faces, drink beer, get fat, watch tv and bitch.
      But some people don’t see it that way.
      If you train and never use it you win.
      If you train and put up a fight and win you win.
      If you train and put up a fight but lose you still win.
      You died fighting like a man (or woman) istead of like a helpless bitch.
      God bless those who train and are serious about improving themselves.

  5. Good coordinated teamwork and discipline!!

  6. Idaho Cajun

    I was fortunate to have the time and means to be a part of this training in Idaho. I’m sure we’ll be called “Disnyeland Wannabes” several times, but for those of us who were never soldiers and see the utility in training to support and defend our families and neighbors take this very seriously. Yes, the terrain doesn’t offer much cover, but the topography offers great concealment. Yes, without proper recon, planning, etc a sniper could have a field day….but that was not the focus of the drill. Yes, this is basic stuff, but when you consider the varried level of students (age, PT, intelligence) it is a testemant to the instructor on how well he can organize/train them to function at this level. Yep, I’m a wannabe, call me what you will. As an ER physician, I’ve been spit, pissed and shat on. What I can say is that what Max and MVT offer is of quality and well worth the money and time investment. Just my two cents worth….probably not worth that much…

  7. wendystringer48088

    I’ve been to weekend martial arts seminars and tournaments and spent about as much money everything considered as these MVT classes seem to be ($450 + ammo).
    If you are the kind of person who cares about your abilities I think it’s a good idea to put yourself in a position to test yourself in some way from time to time. Something safe but stressful and mentally and physically challenging.
    Something like a martial arts tournament where there are rules and referees but each of you are trying to win and the no full power blows and kicks goes right out the window once cantact is made, Even though I always get my butt kicked, I consider it good training (If nothing else I know I can take a hit and keep going. Just knowing you can continue to fight back against someone much better than you is worth a lot I think).
    As to tactical training like the MVT video, I am sure wearing the combat gear and carring the weapon and ammo and moving like you mean it in uneven terrain is quite the workout. Plus the reaction to the stress is there even if it is training.
    Better to find out what your limits are there in training surrounded by people who don’t really want to hurt you and will get help if you need it (whether martial arts competition or tactical training) instead of it happening during the real thing with people who really are intending to hurt or kill you (street fight or shoot out).
    Sure it might be viewed as something you would actually never use, but I figure even if something does go down you are a step ahead of breaking the freeze and reacting having done something like it before in training.
    The MVT training seems well worth it to me, if someone can afford the cost of the class the ammo and other required equipment plus the gas to and from and meals and local motel. Maybe not cheap but any out of town convention for anything would run you about the same and I do think that you would take away a lot more from this training. 🙂
    Don’t really see how anyone can criticize this training unless they are already doing something better.