Dispatch From Murika

Via The Burning Platform.

This is not the country of your youth.

Plan and act accordingly.

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  1. Stay away from crowds.

    • Everything he described about his various trips and experiences are exactly why I will not travel East of the Mississippi River.

  2. when i leave the island and venture onto the mainland, i see these disgusting blobs of human waste everywhere.

    i stare at them as they shove hamburgers and drinking straws into their fat fucking cakeholes.

    i’m sure they’re wondering what i do to stay so thin and healthy looking.

    fucking morons.

    i want to puke and shit just thinking about them.


    200 million and another million just for general purposes.

    • no, they aren’t wondering about anything. Except where their next 40-oz soda and stack of fried onion rings is coming from. One of the side bennies of watching Russian car crash videos is the striking difference between the physiques of ‘Murkans and Russians. Russians, 80% slim and in-shape, ‘Murkans, 80% sweathogs.

    • Detroit III

      When you leave the Island? You said yor were a Canadian.

      Kind of tough keeping your lies straight

  3. dumpkaine

    Getting too deep into urban areas makes me almost claustrophobic. I haven’t driven the Schuylkill Expressway or the Franklin Bridge in a really long time but I remember them, especially the Schuylkilll as legendarily bad; one of those through ways that was shoehorned into too small of a space. Not enough lanes to handle the traffic, never had enough lanes to handle the traffic, never will have enough Lanes to handle the traffic, it being shoehorned into too small of a space.

    Admin: I stopped worrying about judging people when they started using their vote to steal from me. At that moment they became subhuman and unworthy of any respect.

    • You really want to set them off, next time someone tells you how their ancestors had it so bad that they deserve free stuff; tell them they deserve nothing and it is actually you who are the slave as anyone paying taxes for other to live off of; is a slave.
      I tell everyone I’m a slave now, it’s very fun and usually gives me a lot of alone time which is fine by me.

  4. Yes.

    I used to love attending the Indy 500. I’ve seen 30 or more of them since I was old enough to hold my mother’s hand.

    No more.

    My oldest, who has attended several 500s with me as a kid, asked me why. I replied, “People don’t know how to behave in public, and I can’t take the bullshit that comes along with it anymore.”

  5. wendystringer48088

    There are lots of overweight Muricans / Murikans for sure. Maybe the people storing up fat are planning on survival of the fattest come the famine.
    Well… if dying of a heart attack, stroke or diabetes doesn’t get them first.
    Does imply that a lot of these people will not be fit enough to survive a crisis that requires some physical effort or adaption on their part.
    He does mention “the gangs of black male teenagers roaming the streets like menacing packs of dogs.” Yep, those will be a problem if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time when law and order break down.
    The story of going to the Mumford & Sons concert speaks to the advice of avoiding crowds. Also, if you do go out, the wisdom to self segregate to places where the people are like you and other less desirable people are much less apt to be.
    Also how clueless many people (especially the younger ones) are. They are connected to all their friends on social media but not smart enough to disconnect from their electronic devices to be aware of their immediate surroundings to the full extent that they should be. Can’t seem to grasp that their social media friends are not actually there with them, that the physical space where they are and the people and things that are around them should be where their focus is.
    Another observation was how many (overweight/unattractive) white girls there are with black dudes, but there were no white guys with black girls.
    If I may add an observation from my experience, the white males tend to hook up with the more educated, more attractive and more feminine black females and the white male – black female couples tend to go to the better (more “white”) places and avoid the places the lower class whites and blacks would hang out.
    I would make a comment about that being the whole point of “dating white” for a black female – being with a guy who will treat you better (not disrespect or physically abuse you) and take you out to better places and buy you nicer things (what some would call enjoying white privledge), but that would probably be racist. 🙂

  6. Kids, can you find tFat in this picture?


    Good article. He’s saying the same things a lot of us have been saying on this site for years. It’s getting to the point now that no matter where you go, these slobs, mutants, and other assorted human dreck are all around you. It all started with the cultural meltdown of the 1960’s and has not stopped. The only thing which will change it will be a huge “economic correction” coupled with or in addition to, a major natural disaster.
    The more I see happening in this corrupt, syphilitic country, the more I am convinced that Mr. Bracken’s books and CAMP OF THE SAINTS are works of non-fiction. My disconnect with most of my fellow “citizens” is just about complete. It’s all about prepping, planning, and praying. Bleib ubrig.

    • Publius X Maul

      Why are (((Kathy Griffin))) and (((Sarah Silverjew))) not in prison?

  8. This article could have been written by me.

    The same as him, in Houston; our Astros, who I loved; went big time with a new stadium that I am helping pay for and dropped 50 years of national league team rivalry so the owner could save some money while the city built the stadium for him. What tore it for me was the Astros clued in to the fact that suckers will pay double and triple to see the red sox over the royals; since then; I go to maybe one game a year and have yet to watch an entire game this year; I spent 40 years watching the national league; I’m a national league fan and apparently the Astros need me more than I need them.

    okay, Astros rant off.

    I completely identify with this guy, going up when I did, women did not have tattoos when I was a teen and piercing were just starting. Today both are all over. I cannot number the amount of times I have thought that woman would be attractive if she removed the tattoos and peircings and the lack of women that actually wish to be physically attractive is supprising. I have become quite comfortable going without rather than having to accept that; and this is where we are now; imagine where we will be.

    Last, look at that fat slob in the picture; now she may be the 1% that actually has a legit problem and wishes she could do something; but likely she is like the majority of the country now that has no self control and practices responsibility. Do you think she won’t sell you out for the govt to keep sending her food stamps if she is your neighbor ? If you do, then you are wrong. IMO, the decline is going to be fast and swift and many unprepared will die off quickly and many of those will go down violently and if you are anywhere near them; you may just get run over by the hysterical stampede.

  9. After reading this article, I understand tFat’s point of view a little better. I also find myself agreeing with him. 100-200 million, indeed.

    Right near my house, there is a hogger that weighs 500 pounds if she weighs an ounce. The svelte one who takes care of her weighs 300 or so. Both of their cars are covered with Bernie! stickers. Is anyone surprised?

    (Humorous aside: My [now] wife and I were just getting acquainted, and happened to go to the local big box store. A gal wearing chartreuse stretch pants over an ass big enough to have its own ZIP code wandered in front of us while grazing. My wife turned to me and said, “You know, I don’t mind if you look at other women. I’m not the jealous type.” Five years ago, and it STILL cracks me up!)

    The neighbor up the hill has been trying to organize a community disaster response group. God bless him for it, but I’ve gone to two meetings now and I realize that there’s not a damned one of them (except for him and his family) I’d risk my life for by going near a semi-collapsed house after an earthquake.

    And as for iCrap, Joe Bob Briggs nails it:


  10. Thought I was reading our memorial weekend play list. Friday, south to Reno Nv, stayed at the Nugget, 25.00 a night. Had dinner at the ” Half Way House” perhaps the best Italian food I’ve eaten in 20 years, it’s a dive, off of fourth stree, between Reno and Sparks.
    AC/DC cover band Friday night small concert room. Dam good band

    Sat Virgina City Parade, saw” Mark Twain” Huge group of cowboy actors.
    Enjoy Virgina city, just feels like I was their in the old days. The IPA on tap, is ice cold.

    Back to the Nugget, dinner at the sea food Buffett, then saw the Little River Band, they were fantastic.

    Sunday morning, had breakfast with a couple members of the little River band, Pyramid Lake for monster trout fishing. The bite was off, drove to Dayton to the old Calvert fort, very cool.

    Took in a Reno Aces VS Sacramento Mudcats baseball game. 33.00 tickets behind home plate. Diner = hot dogs nachos IPA beers and a couple Moscow Mules was 52.00,

    Ladies gambled , I watched the sailboat races from last week in Bermuda, God those boats are fast.

    Monday leisurely drive back north to Oregon. After Susanville Ca, I doubt we say 50 vehicles headed either direction. Stopped and watched a couple of herds of wild horses, and also stopped to watch a couple herds of Antilope, biggest herd I’ve ever seen.

    Reno was full of freaks, we just choose to go a different direction. The blacks their are as mention low life thugs.

    I carried my little AMT 45acp hardballer in my pocket with two spare mags.
    Wear shorts and nobody ever notices. ” nobody expects a guy wearing shorts and crocks to be packing”

    Changed up my long gun package took one of those new Kel Tec 16 round shotguns side by side tubes, fits in my suitcase nicely with 50 extra rounds of assorted buck shot, a glock 30 and 10 extra mags. Nice lite response package.

    Great weekend.


    • Reno are all freaks. I advise to go to Tahoe instead, especially weekend nights at harrahs with their card playing setup where all the women are attractive, non-tattooed to the point that its noticeable and got their pushups on and Sammy hagar plays there on july 2nd !

    • Publius X Maul

      Was it fun THEIR?

    • Sounds like a fine weekend; got relatives in Reno, and know your itinerary well. Virginia City is a fine place too, and always worth the visit.

      Word to the wise: you’re in violation for CCW from Donner Pass to the Oregon border, as out-of-states cut no ice with CA cops. Not saying don’t do it, just don’t get caught doing it. They aren’t the citified badged a-holes thereabouts, but I’d still think long and hard about it, because that part of CA is probably the last place you’d need to be packing, but it’s your skin.

  11. “This is not the country of your youth.”

    No kidding!

  12. What goes through the mind of Chinese laborers sewing XXXXXXL sized clothing for these two legged pigs?

    • Probably something along the lines of ” I have 137 more of these to complete before I get lunch”.
      Don’t assume they think like you do, that’s the biggest lie of the Diversity means Same progressive shit sandwich.
      Freedom as you experience it has been bundled up and given, GIVEN to how many different places around the world? Most fail, some mutate, the rarest succeed. Must be bad soil that prevents the seeds from growing.

    • How about — “SuYan, you think this might be a two person tent?”

  13. kay_de_leon

    I skimmed this before I realized that listening to some guy bitch to the internet about his weekend is one of the last things I have time to give a fuck about.

    That culture that you’re looking for exists in a lot of places. If you’d rather stay home, fine. But for every 100 assholes whining about how everything sucks, there are 10 people across the street doing rad shit and having a blast…

    • kay_de_leon

      PS. Seems like this is the exact kind of person that will call the cops on my band for having a free show in the neighborhood, because too many people are parked in the street and it’s noisy and after dark.

      • you betcha. Keep the noise down when I am trying to sleep, or I WILL call the SWAT on U.

      • Jim Klein

        Great insight kdl. I don’t know about the author, but I know about the principles. Both comments. I imagine they apply to something like 80% of the general population, and maybe (hopefully) to 70% of the commentariat here. It’s gonna be big stuff when IFF gets real and there are consequences involved. ‘Course to about 90% of everybody, nothing’s real anyway.

    • Publius X Maul

      Yeah linked author is a grumpy loser.

      I feel bad for his family.

    • It’s the Jersey shore on Memorial Day weekend, and >horrors< there are rude and obnoxious tourists!?! Who knew??

      Some of it is marking the mileposts of civilization, most of it is getting smacked in the forehead by a major clue after long-standing cluelessness.
      If all of society were the Jersey shore on Memorial weekend, or any one of a dozen other places between the two oceans, the plan to nuke it from orbit wouldn’t be just a movie line.

      But as a good “stay off my lawn” rant, it’s mediocre at best.
      Sell the effing condo, and find a quieter piece of space not descended upon by the vagabond hordes every three-day weekend, and live in peace with the universe. Or else, suck it up and learn to suffer in stoic silence.

  14. thesouthwasrght

    Dude is spot on about this tattoo bullshit. Why people, especially womyn, do that to themselves is beyond me.

    • Publius X Maul

      They were brainwashed by the Jew to adopt subhuman nigger behavior.

  15. Community Organizer

    Nice thing about nose rings is it’s a convenient place to attach the chain for the one way trip to the mines.

  16. I never ever go to big cities. But daughter is in national spelling bee in DC.
    Went to see the founding documents. Trash all over the floors. Fat sow, a couple silver backs and a clown with more tattoos than skin were standing armed guard over our “freedoms.”
    Every other asshole in town was sporting a BLM t-shirt.
    The place is a shrine to the parasite class.

  17. Randolph - Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke - Scott

    “Evidently there was a long line of 15 people waiting to order and I walked in front of them all. After getting our slices my wife told me what I had done. I said fuck it. Shit happens. And I devoured my slice.”

    Now that’s what I’m talking about. After years of being nice to shitfaces it’s time to just cut in line and say ‘fuck it, shit happens’ and enjoy life.

    ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

  18. I receive free tickets to the Broncos,Nuggets and Rockies. I give them all away.

  19. YO! The Land-whales and Lard arses.

    Just yakked with my neighbor, Bryan, who’s a local Firefighter/EMS. He said they had to replace all their department’s gurneys, ‘cuz they couldn’t get the effing blobs of lard transported. Too many transport “cots” were busting under the weight of the occupant. He showed me a brochure of their new “cot” which looked like some rocket sled ready to blast off at Bonneville Flats. It’s rated at (get this) 800 lbs. Holy crap!

    Bryan said it’s no fun trying to maneuver some screaming morbidly fat bitch, high on dope, down 3 or 4 flights on a narrow stairs at the “projects,” whilst her suite and stairway are on fire. He said one time they lost control of one carry, and she flew down a stairway like a launched refrigerator on an iced toboggan chute. He said his crew “let ‘er rip,” since none of them wanted to smash their spines trying to stop this express locomotive. Can’t say I blame em. Brave men, they.

  20. I’m reminded … “Don’t judge a book by its cover” … After reading this. Jesus chose 12 fishermen to change the world. Jim Fixx died of a heart attack. Albert Einstein failed algebra. I’ll keep judging people by their character and abilities instead.

  21. “The proliferation of tattoos and face piercings among low class whites…”

    I’m pretty sure the reason is the hole in their soul from not belonging to anything. They can’t be proud of their race, or their people’s heritage. Everything their ancestors did is evil. The only sense of identity they are allowed to have is artificially created identity like music genres and tattoos.

  22. The losing War on Drugs continues. Latest highlights.



    Breon should know by now that there will always be snitches.
    Putting your business on Facebook is snitching on yourself.
    Great way to gather information about the neighbors though.