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  1. Detroit III

    So today we live Trump?

  2. I’ll just leave this here:

    Aliens Cause Global Warming:
    Michelin Lecture to Caltech by Michael Crichton
    January 17, 2003

    Trump to GloBull Warming fabulists:
    Fuck off with that horseshit!

    • congrats, Trumpaholics. Donald finally fullfilled a campaign promise. We’ll now see how long he sticks to it. Meanwhile, for a fact, the kid screaming in the basement will not – for awhile – be getting that 6-figure feet-up-on-the-desk job at the Department of Climate Change.

  3. https://twitter.com/stevenmnuchin1?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

    How the Financial Collapse Steeled Gary Cohn for the White House

    The Paris accord withdrawal is the correct move. Unfortunately folks like the two lads above are not just swamp creatures, they are swamp super heroes. They ARE THE FUCKING SWAMP.

  4. Camacho2016

    From the top turnbuckle, President Trump delivers a flying atomic death drop to the Paris climate accords. Just like Hormel Chavez on Ow My Balls or Monday Night Rehabilitation. That’s just how that shit went down on TV!

    Judging from the world reaction, the accord existed for the primary purpose of shackling America. Funny how withdrawal “unmasks” (to borrow an NSA term) the true intent.

    Now gimme back my VW TDI so I can make a bigger carbon buttptint on the world. ‘MURKA!

  5. fuck that fat orange POS.

    i see the scumbags are still chemtrailing..

    the idiot murkins are so damn dumb. they won’t even look up. i guess they’re too busy texting…

    J.F.C they are st00000pit.

    • You got a Canuck citizenship now?

      “Oh,,, Can Ah Dah. Land of stockinternetphotos thaaat I LUuuv”.

      It gets harder ever day to believe even a single fucking thing you have to say.

    • Spraying in my AO is almost nil for past four months

    • Tough beat, huh?
      Another campaign promise kept, and one more nail in your droning counter-factual monologue of how “Trump will fuck you all!” chicken-littling. and making it that much harder for you to keep telling us you told us so. (Not that you’d stop, despite mountains of evidence the other way. “Consistency is the hobgoblin of tiny minds.“. Truly.)

      Maybe get out your Lincoln Logs and work on your fantasy cabin in FUSA/Canada/FUSA/Canada…sorry, I keep forgetting which one it is this week. Pity Jake Gittes can’t ask you.

      But hey, watch out for those chemtrails, supergenius. Doubtless it’s a conspiracy of 50,000 CATP licensees to shower you with deadly dihydrogen monoxide crystals from 40,000′. The sky is falling. Run for your lives.

    • Hey, tfA-t: Re: the alleged sniper threat during MVT tactical training videos: I didn’t see any porches sat out there on the open range. That’s the only place ‘sniping’ is coming from 😉

  6. I loved seeing these limousine private jet owning multiple mansion having, offshore money stashing, Caviar eating libs melt down over this.

  7. The Builderburgers are meeting in Virginia today, where’s a MOAB when you need one?

  8. Across the globe, Chickens Little are soiling their tail feathers.

  9. The only thing better than seeing The Hildabeest shot down in flames when it was her turn is the paroxysms of outrage President Trump brings out from TPTB.

  10. Desertrat

    Isn’t this actually a renegotiation? Begun by Obama? Four years to come to a new agreement?

  11. I do believe in two value about the environment — 1) Do as little damage as possible. 2) Leave the place in better shape than you found it. Both I learned in scouting.
    Using that as a baseline, I don’t see how that Paris accord was ever a success since it exempted the worse polluter ever, China, for decades. There are countries signed to that piece of crap that have decreased their position since the time they signed off on it. In the end the whole accord was a means by which to hamstring first world economies, especially the US, by diktat.

    US pulling out will not end the world.

  12. Grenadier1

    His pull out game is strong

  13. On target: secondary events mean bonus points.

  14. thesouthwasrght

    Trump deserves some major props here. He pulled us out of a fucking for the ages regarding this trumped up climate agreement that was nothing more than a shakedown of the American taxpayer. And he got that mook soetoro all whiney to boot.

  15. European liberals should be worrying about how much carbon will be dumped in the atmosphere when the muslim hordes stack their bodies and burn them.

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you-President Trump!! There is nothing like a bare nekkid, no thrusting, balls out pull out!! No wonder all of the little bitches are screaming no! Yes, he was elected to represent US CITIZENS and not CITIZENS OF THE WORLD bull. If he does nothing else, I will forever be grateful that this climate change horsemanure was beaten with one grandiose womp.
    This was Obama & the Elites making you, me, & every other Deplorable pay 3rd world darkie dictators our money and letting jobs and sanity flee the country.

  17. Obama and his mate,General Ursus, are invited to go fuck themselves. Bad mouth that piece of shit any chance you get.Never heard anything in eight years about his white half.The epitome of a racist cocksucker.

  18. We should worry about America’s climate, I don’t know why the world needs to come together over Paris’s climate. Maybe its the smoke from all those burning cars.

  19. Yup, got it right. China India and the other major polluters can pump as much crap as they want. The US has limits with huge fines for failure to comply.

    He got it right,


  20. Distinct absence of the “TRUMP IS A ZOG CRYTOJEW COMMUNAZI!11!” crowd.