Two From Mosby

The Only ‘Call To Action’ For Me

Why I am not a Capitalist…Wait! What!?

Food for thought and action, as always.

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  1. You gotta love a guy who tells you he’s not a capitalist while he try’s to sell you his merchandise. This clown AND “Max” are salesmen. Not “patriots”and Not “leaders” SALESMEN. They sell fantasy training to fantasy “warriors” and fantasy books filled with bullshit and yet more fantasy. Its the one and only JOB they do. A week in the woods at “X” training school will no more “ready” anyone for TEOTWAWKI (or anything else) than masturbation will. Going to one of “Mosby’s” (not his real name) training weekends makes you slightly LESS ready and well trained than your average Somali pirate. 99% of the people reading the “conservative blogs” are over 50. That means that no matter what a bullshit artist like “Mosby”[not his real name] have to say about it. you are too old for infantry ground combat. I don’t care who “trains” you. If you try “running and gunning” in the real world you won’t last four days. Everything else is bullshit, wishful thinking and pure fantasy. Combat kicks 19 year old asses. Most of you passed that mark more than 30 years ago.

    • Did you even read the posts? Or any of the books? I reckon you didn’t, as the logic is sound, whether you agree with his conclusions or not. Who gives a fuck about what name he uses? I’ve looked him in the eye and shook his hand. Furthermore, I’ve benefited greatly from his training. Whether that places me ahead or behind a Somali pirate really matters only to you and anyone else more interested in hearing there own voice.
      Mosby is offering ideas, his motivational and training skills, and then some.
      Just what the fuck are you bringing to the table?

    • I love you too Ray *hugs*

      Come training, you will have a blast and learn a lot.

    • Sorry, didn’t catch your Cred’s, let’s start with a no bullshit DD214, with 18 series numbers.

      A little story. Earlier this summer I volunteered my range for training. As usual I reached out asking for the lads over on SF brotherhood to vet the instructor. I reached out, and waited two weeks. Nobody vetted him.

      I thought that was odd. I dropped his name again and waited another two more weeks. Nobody vetted him again, in the entire SF community.

      This is real strange. I reach out farther to,

      CAG, and Group. My friends are real deal 18 series troops, retired.
      Waited a month, letting the name float threw both. My associates get back to me, their scratching their heads, cuz again nobody could say they worked with him in group, or CAG.

      By now im really scratching my head, I ask my long range shoot partner to reach out, this guys a SF retired Col, who did four with the SAS, back in the day, as a young Capt. No dice on vetting, nobody stood up for him.

      It use to be my practice to ask for a DD214 with their numbers. I thought I’d do this vet-process thru the back door. This guys got a stellar rep, those he trains think he walks on water. I assumed vetting thru SF brotherhood CAG or Group would achieve at least a head nod.

      All the 18 series guys asked me, to request a DD214. I do, and the guy tells me no way Jose. WTF.

      So I sadly can’t have him here.

      I also won’t burn this guy, I still believe he’s gtg. I just can’t have him here without his fellow SF guys confirm his Cred’s.


    • Thanks, Rayofeatshit, for the cold slap on the face… guess I’ll just kill my own sorry old ass right now before I have to kill a couple sons of bitches who are trying to kill me, mine, and take my shit.

      Fuck you ever so very fucking much.

    • Interesting take. I’m not a fan of Mosby these days, MV kind of cured me of that.

      But I’m 50 years old, have arthritis in the knees, am (or more accurately, *was*) thin and in good shape, but circumstances have put me away from the wife and my three kids, working so we don’t ALL end up on the street… Reading here for a long time, I’ve been keenly aware of my physical deficiencies and black of endurance for coming festivities.. So I joined the local gym, which seems to take a sadistic pleasure in *crushing* people in their PT classes… 1st day I thought I was going to stroke-out at ~30 minute mark (of one hour class). After a week of recovery I went for round two. Did better, made it ~40 minutes before I was at my limit. A few young college kids were there, 20 minutes in and they gave up the ghost. Tomorrow I go back again.

      I’ve lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks, feel like I’m regaining my focus, something I lost (with regard to PT) literally 30 years ago. Between the PT and forcing myself to eat better (avoid the “shit” junk good), I’m starting to see and feel the results already- something they say isn’t possible!

      The point of all this is NOT to brag… But to point out that even if you’re old and tired, busted up and/or arthritic like me, THAT’S NO EXCUSE.

      If Mosby (or someone else of potentially dubious character) motivates you to better yourself, that’s a very good thing. A wise man will always listen, even to someone he thinks a fool… Because sometimes, even the fool will say something very smart…

      Cheers,. 🍺

  2. ” Life is tough. It’s tougher when you’re stupid.”

    and that explains why so many murkins are broke and homeless.

    200 million+ should just about cure that illness…

  3. The “”Call to action…” is actually a wake up call from
    Mr Mosby, and is ringing the bells.
    Imagine spreading “a call to action” from clan/family/kin
    to spread throughout the land and creating those values
    to serve one another, in good times and bad. If bad – To
    help get stronger, and if good times, those doing better
    will also become stronger in ways that would bring
    Now, the weightier matters will need to be established via
    faith, justice and mercy, through what one owns outright,
    which is true capitalism.It has to be yours to give.
    “If your brother needs a coat, share your extra coat”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    Tens, Hundreds & Thousands…

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