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  1. The Walkin' Dude

    I just heard about this railroading of a guy by the FBI, well before the whole Bundy Ranch stuff, and out of curiosity I searched your site for “Schaeffer Cox”. I didn’t find anything. I figured it would be something of great interest to you and the folks that regularly visit/comment.

  2. The training schedule for our ANG has been upped significantly. I’d say there’s a better than average chance sportiness is coming because it’s the only way (((they))) can paper over this mess.

    Resiliency is key.

  3. i’m quickly becoming one of the most popular guys here.

    my range doesn’t have over 120 yards depth(unless i cut more trees and berm it some more), but it’s the best one around… half a dozen pop-up ivans, a dozen assorted paper targets, 32 colored/numbered steel targets, an airplane on a cable, and a wheeled vehicle on tracks. next is improving the patrolling course- bunkers, sandbagged emplacements, water obstacles.
    then on to building a shoot house.

    $ may not buy love, but it sure does buy everything else.

    heh heh heh 🙂

    now i’m off to the boat(s)… and a day on The North Channel.

    oh. and eat some shit lf queer and associates.

  4. 6.3.17
    Green Marketeering to school Children as Climate Change to change behavior. This is from your Globalists, Warmists, Coolists, Corporatists, Change Artists, Envy Mentalists which are the sales men, the priests and congregation of the church of the Greatest Show on earth and greatest hoax the world has ever known. The Church of the Emasculated Deception of Climate Change and multi trillion dollar industrious complexities! God save US from their stupidity! Perhaps 2 degrees from nuclear war?
    Teachers’ Guide to High Quality Educational Materials on Climate Change and Global Warming
    #1 Global warming is caused primarily by carbon dioxide from burning coal, oil and gas. Nope!
    #2 Earth’s average temperature has risen about 1 degree F in the past 100 years and is projected to rise another 3 to 10 degrees F in the next 100 years. And what about the last 1,000 years, or perhaps 2,000, or even 10,000, what about that? What about the ice age? Did coal cause that too? Did cave man cause it?
    #3 There is scientific consensus that global warming is real, is caused by human activities, and presents serious challenges. Yes, some are paid to say that and some want to keep their jobs.
    #4 There’s a difference between weather and climate. Why yes there is. And some are Weather UNderground
    #5 The ozone hole does not cause global warming. Well, that is where it all started in 1984, isn’t it?
    #6 Global warming will have significant impacts on people and nature. Nope!
    #7 Sea level has already risen due to warming and is projected to rise much more. So have several ancient cities, or did they just fall off into the ocean?
    #8 Saving energy and developing alternative energy sources would help. Nope! However, fusion, plasma and clean coal might. Perhaps fuel cells. Maybe explore other world for some more real estate.
    #9 An international agreement known as the Kyoto Protocol has been negotiated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but the US is not participating in it. Good for US! It is a hoax and joke.
    #10 Protecting the world’s climate by stabilizing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases will require enormous reductions in current emissions. Or we could just unfund the UN.
    There are more topics and many more web sites directing teachers to teach Global Climate Change to K to 12. Some things are better left unsaid, the problem is the Climate Changers always avoid the real problem which is people. A fun fact from WP “ The body ( (human Physiology) produces (exhales) approximately 2.3 pounds, or 1 .0 kg of the metric system for which I hate but, not as much as the Climate Changers, of Carbon Dioxide per day, to do the hateful simple math of 365 days at 1 kg per day is 365 kg of Carbon Dioxide per year per person. Times that by about 7 billion. That is a lot of gas, is it not? And it also goes nicely with your favorite whiskey and carbonated water/ sparkling, I prefer neat however, a nice single malt scotch. Another name for Carbon Dioxide in the solid state is dry ice.
    Now here is some real science. For some odd reason a guy by the name of John Davy (1912) conducted an experiment of passing purified carbon monoxide and chlorine gas through a porous media of activated carbon exposing it to sunlight creating a gas he called “Phosgene”. Phosgene is a gas and the name was derived from the Latin “phos” (light) and “genesis” (birth), Phosgene. It is a poisonous gas that causes pulmonary edema in lungs of people among other nasty things and was responsible for 85% of the death in WWI. It also reacts with water to create hydrogen chloride and carbon dioxide.
    Paul Harvey claim to fame was “the rest of the story”. Not like in today’s court of law being “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” is not the truth but, who has the better argument and or team of lawyers. You don’t get the truth, what you get is an opinion, however the rest of the story may be told and not win.
    So you may now ask what does Carbon Dioxide have to do with Climate Change? The key word being Carbon, as is the Carbon Cycle that is being marketed to school children as half truths. The terms such as Carbon foot print and fossil fuels like coal and of course oil is black and crude which is not renewable, or so they say, which is explained somewhat in somewhat different light other than sunlight. Basically, Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere cause by respiration of animals that exhale Carbon Dioxide and the sun causes photosynthesis to uses Carbon Dioxide so plants and trees grow from splitting water to Oxygen and Hydrogen (photosynthesis) Then the trees and plants die and animals (includes people crap all over the place) then die too and decompose to create hydrogen sulfide, sulfur smelling stuff and the decomposed stuff is the fossil fuels that power the power plant to generate electricity so we can charge our cell phones and turn on artificial lights, or something like that. Which is a bad thing we, are to believe. All that boils down to, Save the Plant and planet you should stop breathing and that will cut the carbon emission and reduce the Climate Change by two degrees in Paris France.
    The Paris Climate Accord is really about the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC COP 23 and 2030 Agenda. Or more specifically, GCF, GEF, IMF, World Bank, WTO, various NGO’s , UNCCD, UNCLOS, UNFF, IAEA, ILO, IMO, UN-Energy, UN-HABITAT, UN-Water, UN Woman, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, UNFPA,UN/ISDR, UNITAR, UNU, UNWTO, WFP, WHO,WIPO,WMO, UNECA, UNECE, UNECLAC, UNESCAP, UNESCWA, OHRLLS, UN-DESA, just to name a few that wrote your Comprehensive plan and expect you to pay for their plan. The one molecule of truth about climate change is your money, another molecule of Carbon Dioxide is people and the whole agenda is to change behavior! The first meeting of the UN was in 1947 headed up by our very own it communist Alger Hiss and has now out grown out its usefulness, if it ever was useful, I mean except for more wars and peace keepers that never seem to keep the peace. Want to reduce the carbon foot print, start with them. I seriously doubt them would be missed.
    Certainly not the rest of the story but, a good part of it is from N. E. Tolbert Department of Biochemistry, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824–1319 THE C2 OXIDATIVE PHOTOSYNTHETIC CARBON CYCLE.
    ▪ Abstract The C2 oxidative photosynthetic carbon cycle plus the C3 reductive photosynthetic carbon cycle coexist. Both are initiated by Rubisco, use about equal amounts of energy, must regenerate RuBP, and result in exchanges of CO2 and O2 to establish rates of net photosynthesis, CO2 and O2 compensation points, and the ratio of CO2 and O2 in the atmosphere. These concepts evolved from research on O2 inhibition, glycolate metabolism, leaf peroxisomes, photorespiration, 18O2/16O2 exchange, CO2 concentrating processes, and a requirement for the oxygenase activity of Rubisco. Nearly 80 years of research on these topics are unified under the one process of photosynthetic carbon metabolism and its self-regulation.
    I guarantee you will struggle and be oppressed even depressed by your lack of scientific knowledge of living things to read if not understand the whole article. However an interesting part is this:
    We succeeded by using isotopically labeled oxygen as the substrate for respiration, since the oxygen produced from water by photosynthesis is, of course, unlabeled. The problem was of considerable importance in those days because the great Otto Warburg had decreed that photosynthesis requires an immense uptake of oxygen, reconsuming three quarters of the photosynthetically produced oxygen. We succeeded in showing that Warburg was wrong….I have sometimes been asked how we came to miss the phenomenon of photorespiration since our instrument was ideally suited for detecting it. The simple answer is that we did not miss photorespiration at all. We observed it and adjusted conditions to eliminate it, using low concentrations of oxygen and high concentrations of carbon dioxide. We chose these conditions specifically to avoid a phenomenon that was already well known but irrelevant to our concerns. Photorespiration has been described many years before by Warburg, who called it “photocombustion.”
    The point here being, science is not always right, much less settled. But, 80 year of work by an Idaho farm boy on cellular respiration seems to point out that “research on these topics are unified under the one process of photosynthetic carbon metabolism and its self-regulation.”. You should read the whole article.
    Not to wander too, too far off into the weeds as I just did, there are a couple of very basic phenomenon’s that happen in everyone’s every day life that we take for granted most often and have not got the slightest idea how they work. The Genesis or beginning of it all, no man knows! That meaning life, other than to read the Bible, specifically the book of Genesis, or believe something such as the Big Bang caused evolution which is speculation at best. In either case you have to believe, because we simply don’t know which came first the Chicken or the Egg. However I have a theory on that which I may have previously indicated had something to do with the rooster, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Still we don’t know where the rooster came from either.
    The basics which are taken for granted are as I like to explain them as Air, Water and Energy (AWE). All of these have many somewhat associated scientific explorations which seems to deal with temperature, frequency, and transitional states (gas, liquid, solid and plasma) mostly on the molecular level, like Carbon Dioxide being less than 0.04 percent of the one percent that is one component of air. Air as an example, assume some sort of standard conditions such as temperature, altitude and pressure, is mostly nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%). Argon is .93, why not pick on Argon, or even Neon 0.0018 and Helium 0.00052? The Tolbert article seems to point out is some sort of self regulating phenomenons and I might suggest air for the most part too is self regulating for its proportions gasses for some odd reason. Energy for a whole bunch of reasons and scientific study is not evenly distributed, as in some place the sun don’t shine much and so it gets cold. However, energy is in each and every molecule and atom. And the really silly part is most people think energy is about coal fired that sill boil water to generate electrical power so they can charge their cell phones, or any other device you may have (AOD-YMH). Yet few would consider cellular respiration and fuel for the body they own is a Big Mac and an energy drink? Take a deep breath now.
    UN like homo select US of the settled science that came from possible Hawaii by way of California and New York City, perhaps Boston, Homo Erectus the Neanderthal, out of Africa, I seriously doubt, been around for some 200,000 years and I am pretty sure climate change happened without any United Nations intervention.
    People breath air, they drink water and they use energy regardless of color, language or where they live and another thing they depend on energy of all kinds including the sun. Light on the other hand in one explanation is knowing and the choice to not know, I believe. Where we run into problems is when those we supposedly trust those that presume to lead have ulterior motives and agendas mislead and in particular use those in elementary education as their Red Guard.
    Back to the Genesis of it, Earth Day in 1971 / Earth summit Rio 1992. That was when John Kerry was throwing his medals for his wounded knee over the fence at the white House, Al Gore was discharged from the Army for political reasons of being a journal Leninist for his dad that lost an election later both gained political powers for a time as secretary of status and Gore veep the sore loser man for which they got the religion of the emasculated deception. The time being the beginning of a decided destruction of the USA, dismantled piece by piece. Then both became the mouth piece of the new left and joined the Church of the Emasculated Deception which is Climate Warming, Cooling and Change Marketeering of the United Nation of mostly communists. Please note, the people selling Climate Change are Politicians and Actors and Bill the nonsense guy engineering.
    While I have been accused of being incoherent while regurgitating talking points of the incoherent rants of big fat ass Al Gory, and horse face Johnny Kerry or of Leonardo does not have a da Vinci bone in his Dacaprio body of knowledge on Climate Change or even decipher the scientific evidence knowing the evidence is bought and paid for, as are them. Show me the Science that is settled! That according to main mouth piece of the communist party USA, previous POT US. Hint here, Al and Jonny and Leonardo, shut up and pay up, you want to fix it, use your own damn money! And 98% of scientist agrees with them if they want to keep their jobs! I have a fix for their Climate Change. Blow holes in them, problem solved, Carbon Dioxide reduces. May I suggest the ever popular The Russians did it, 7.62 x 39? Just a suggestion, a 7.62 x 51 will do too. You see, Climate Change is people.
    What’s it really all about? The simple answer is there are too many people. That you will never hear in public conversation or any of the speeches from the Climate Changers. However, behind closed doors that is the conversation by mostly the really smart people. The next question is why is the US (4.3% of the world population) the target of the climate changers when China (18.5%), India (17.9%)?
    Thanks to C 3 Headlines for the following:
    Quotes by H.L. Mencken, famous columnist: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” And, “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.”
    Quote by Ted Turner, billionaire, founder of CNN and major UN donor, and large CO2 producer: “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
    Quote by David Foreman, co-founder of Earth First!: “My three main goals would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with it’s full complement of species, returning throughout the world.”
    Quote by David Brower, a founder of the Sierra Club: “Childbearing should be a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license. All potential parents should be required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing.”
    Quote by Club of Rome: “…the resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million people but less than one billion.”
    Quote by Susan Blakemore, a UK Guardian science journalist: “For the planet’s sake, I hope we have bird flu or some other thing that will reduce the population, because otherwise we’re doomed.”
    Quote by Paul Ehrlich, professor, Stanford University: “The addition of a temporary sterilant to staple food, or to the water supply. With limited distribution of antidote chemicals, perhaps by lottery”.
    Quote by Prince Philip, royal billionaire, married to Queen Elizabeth II, and large CO2 producer: “I don’t claim to have any special interest in natural history, but as a boy I was made aware of the annual fluctuations in the number of game animals and the need to adjust the cull to the size of the surplus population.”
    Quote by Bill Gates, Microsoft billionaire, and large CO2 producer: “The world today has 6.8 billion people…that’s headed up to about 9 billion. If we do a really great job on vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 to 15 percent.”
    Let US add some Bacon here on Philo (middle Platoism) and the Scientific Method of Francis.
    Thanks to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy for the following: Bacon
    3.1.1 Idols of the Tribe
    The Idols of the Tribe have their origin in the production of false concepts due to human nature, because the structure of human understanding is like a crooked mirror, which causes distorted reflections (of things in the external world).
    3.1.2 Idols of the Cave
    The Idols of the Cave consist of conceptions or doctrines which are dear to the individual who cherishes them, without possessing any evidence of their truth. These idols are due to the preconditioned system of every individual, comprising education, custom, or accidental or contingent experiences.
    3.1.3 Idols of the Market Place
    These idols are based on false conceptions which are derived from public human communication. They enter our minds quietly by a combination of words and names, so that it comes to pass that not only does reason govern words, but words react on our understanding.
    3.1.4 Idols of the Theatre
    According to the insight that the world is a stage, the Idols of the Theatre are prejudices stemming from received or traditional philosophical systems. These systems resemble plays in so far as they render fictional worlds, which were never exposed to an experimental check or to a test by experience. The idols of the theatre thus have their origin in dogmatic philosophy or in wrong laws of demonstration.
    Philo did suggest in his writings that a prudent man should withhold his true opinion about tyrants:
    caution is the proper protection against one’s suffering sudden calamity, since it seems to me that caution is for an individual what its wall is for a city. So then are those people not out of their wits, completely mad, who are rash enough to display inopportune frankness, and dare at times to speak and act in defiance of kings and tyrants? They do not seem to perceive that they are not only like animals putting their necks under the yoke, but that they are betraying their whole bodies and souls, as well as their wives and children and that especially kindred crowd and community of companions and relations. […]
    Now when occasion offers it is a good thing to oppose our enemies and to destroy their power of attack, but lacking such opportunity it is safe to keep quiet, while if one wishes to get any benefit from them it is advantageous to propitiate them. (wp)
    So, the point of all that is, it is nothing new. Religion, Science and Politics used for deceptions have always been and when combined into an ideology such as Global Warming, Climate Change, or any other “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.” Is still true today.
    All that said, education of children should be about preparation for real life. That meaning not indoctrination to a specific ideology but, to question the ideology and the science and philosophy, to think critically and pursue those certain unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, certainly well educated on Human Actions of our economy. And of course to do the math.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You need to start your own blog, however, good info.

      Bottom line I always bring up;… come Key West isn’t under water? I thought all the glacial and polar ice melt was going to flood out the entire coastal system, and yet……Key West is still afloat. Only a few feet above sea level, and somehow, just barely even, the NAS runway is not used for hydroplane races, yet.
      Shouldn’t the Statue of Liberty be ankle deep in water too?
      I think the masses have been lied to, except they’re too stupid to figure it out, along with the rest of the brainwashed planet.

  5. “Working on it, Boss!”

    Got me some 10 rings, but lookin’ for more bulls-eyes!
    (near to dear old Camp Perry!) 7.62 x 51 seems to work fine for me.

  6. a follower

    Anyone who studies this stuff…the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, the Freemasons, the money, the political side, the elite, Hollywood all of it–anyone who goes really deep…finds God, the Bible and Jesus Christ. It’s all about Him. It’s a war on HIM.

  7. @tfA-t: re: comments about sniper threats during MVT training videos: I didn’t see your front porch, or anyone else’s front porch for that matter, out there on the open range. Cuz that is where the only ‘sniper’ threat is coming from 😉

    We make a habit of not conducting tactical maneuver in the open in front of someones front porch bench rest….just sayin’.

    • Seriously,

      Your fellas are NOT the only humans in a given AO…

      Murphy’s law requires something, somewhere, sometime…

      There’s always someone- always.

      Drones are pretty common these days, I even have one..

  8. Also, re: recent post / comments about ‘fat Murikans.’ True enough, but don’t forget the vast numbers of good folks out there. I am with the family for a birthday this weekend, at a Jellystone park. Nothing but decent families with multiple kids all over the place.

    Yes, a little of the usual waddling / swaggering, but a lot of that comes from untested false ego (as often seen in comments here). I see a number of ‘regular dads’ who given the right motivation, and subsequent attitude adjustment / fear / ego deflation, could easily be trained up to be effective fighters.

    Remember most live with false egos in ‘unconscious incompetence’ in our false society. They need to at least get to ‘conscious incompetence’ before they will consider needing to train. Those that continue to train build themselves to the level of ‘conscious competence’ and it is a delight to see.


    • I see things differently.

      Those “family”guys?

      They are the last ones to stick their necks out for anything…

      • Abu Hajaar

        @ tfA-t ,I agree with you about the “family” guys and your second response about candidate %. I think people like you scare the “family ” guys and the run over to Jimmy jamma Rawles “Jesus,Family,Redoubt” site LOL!
        BTW have you ever tried to leave a comment on his site which differed from his opinions ? I tried and failed-twice ( if you check in WRSA’s ABOUT page on May 31st you will see my letter to the editors of WRSA in which I chronicle my failed attempts). I would challenge you to do so If you have not all ready done so. Oh I also just noticed that after I posted my letter HERE on THIS site that Mr. James “Jimmy Boy” Wesley, <—— (muh comma) Rawles just "expanded" his discussion guidelines. Be careful tfA-t or he wont let you buy his new book about the future christian empire in Africa (you can't make this up). Sorry about the sidetrack one last question, in your opinion what would you think the actual percentage of candidates would be ? – best wishes Abu Hajaar

    • But agree with “‘conscious competence’ and it is a delight to see.”

      The whole thing is predicated on being physically fit enough to turn your thoughts into action. Your body must be as strong and agile as your thoughts and situation demand. Yeah, there is still a decent percentage of candidates
      but even those numbers are diminished when factoring in modern societies abnormal personality traits and addictions… Other possible considerations would be a close family members differing ideology and the operational security risks that entails. One thing for certain, this is going to get real ugly.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The whole thing is predicated on being physically fit enough to turn your thoughts into action.”

        There have been plenty of organized crime hitters who were approaching Yamato-class tonnage, yet who still racked up very impressive numbers. True, they’d be useless as backwoods guerrilla light infantry, but for strolling into a place and giving someone two in the back of the head, they were more than fit enough.

      • Family is what I will have to fight first. One is a Damned Meth addict. I did have the recent delight of choking the little shit into unconsciousness after he slapped his GF around in the living room and then challenged me as to what was I going to do about it Fat Old Man. Squished him easily. Now it got me to thinking though. His insult was correct. If there is ever another incident with someone more adept with their fighting skills than their BS skills , it may not be so much fun for me.

        A lot of times, assholes are right.
        Not much time left.

    • Jim Klein

      Notably, everyone lives with their true ego always. The memories and experiences are in there, and so are the judgments. For a lot of people, it’s scary stuff. That’s why they focus on others so much.

      You ARE an egoist, every time you lift a fork to your lips. The rest is whether you accept it or not. Every person lives with their own judgments of themselves, every single moment. It’s a choice what those are…both the actions and the judgments. If the judgments are correspondent, then the actions are probably good.

      tfA-t: Yeah, severe ugliness is pretty damn likely. Over/under is indeed between 100 and 200 million. What a lucky guess.

    • Abu Hajaar

      @ Max,in regards to your reply to tfA-t about ‘conscious competence’ , he suggested that in addition to physical fitness their is a mental and social aspect to be considered as well. Do you have any thoughts on that and if so what would you say the percentage of candidates(to become effective soldiers) is ? -best wishes Abu Hajaar

  9. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    You can cover my six any day!

  10. Funshow this weekend for me.
    Unless you’re sinking or on fire, you can never have too much ammo.

  11. Steven Y.

    The missus & I are working on carry guns tomorrow. That ammunition isn’t going to shoot itself…

  12. Here’s a little ditty to peruse in your off time:
    That old corpse known as H. Kissinger will be there, along with Senators T.Cotton, L. Graham: Gov. McAuliffe, R. Stephenson (AT&T CEO), and other assorted self important assholes on all sides of both oceans.
    Keep practicing-we need to hit our targets.

  13. Building my range (or at least going to build most of it) next week. Initially, it will only be a pistol range and a zeroing range for rifles, but more is in the works. I live in a rural area and the nearest range to me is about forty minutes away. I’d rather shoot in my own area.