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  1. @Abu Hajaar

    No, I’ve never visited rawles site. Just not interested in anyone else’s agenda- that’s their dream, not mine.. There’s noone on the net with the credibility AND intellectual honesty that compares to CA and WRSA.

    I won’t waste my time with psuedo-gurus or websites(of any sort). They can all continue waving the murkin flag and singing kumbaya till they die in a puddle of their own bodily fluids. Fuck’em.

    What’s interesting, is most of the people I speak with generally agree with me to the extent I allow the conversation to go. I’m the one who intiates contact 99.9% of time, so I have the advantage of setting the mood so to speak… In my estimation, nearly 90% of the general population are unfit for actual combat for physical and/or psychological reasons.. That leaves 10% of 330 million which “could” take up arms against each other, and that is still a metric shit ton of boots on the ground(wouldn’t want to be the thugs in blue on that day:) ). It’s been reported that 12 trillion rounds of ammo are in the hands of civilians here in Fusa. Think about that for a minute. Like the inevitable economic collapse, the physical conflict will “first go slowly, and then all at once” and that’s best case scenario. The possibility remains extremely high that we all (or a large portion)just go at once. Something the (((rulers))), no doubt, plan and game for.

  2. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    This is strange. Look a photos of people in white and light blue coveralls. They are smiling and laughing??? Strange behavior after so many of your country men slaughtered and wounded???…………. And also once again, no blood. How is that possible? Throats slashed, stabbed and ran over, but no blood,..HHMMMM??? No blood on ground or people.

  3. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Please watch. This is a hoax!…. This video will explain it.