Z Man: A Message From PM Barren Cat Lady of Al-Brittania


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  1. When violence is the only route to peace, the moral imperative to war has been reached.

    Read that again.

  2. Theresa May is a pitiful joke – nothing is going to change except the ever-increasing body count in Merry Olde England.

    The traditional Englishmen had better step up and do what needs to be done, and quickly, unless they like attending lots of sad funerals.

  3. Mountain Cracker

    Laughable. Her suggestion is to crack down on internet service providers, limiting free speech. She again misses the point, that this is the nature of Islam and the Moslem, not a minority radical element. Europe is lost. One idiot in Nashville posted how worried she was for the “immigrant community” there. Worried not for her people, not her kin and kind, but for a bunch of goat-fuckers. This is what a matriarchal society buys you folks, the flower of third wage Marxist Feminism is betrayal by our women and cultural suicide. We western men need to strengthen our pimp hand.

    • SpongeBob

      Its not just the invaders that have to go back. The leftists and cucks that cry for the “immigrant community” will have to join them. I’m sure they will enjoy the diversity and they can escape the oppressive influence of the white western world. Its a win-win for the leftist and cucks.

  4. Oh yeah! More religious tolerance and diversity. That should make it all better. Just submit and there will be peace.

  5. So the terrorists aren’t proper Muslims, and the Internet companies are at fault for providing… Um… Internet service.

    Screw off, hag.

  6. Socialists; they yearn for your death

  7. We know who is funding and directing the Muslim invasion of Europe. It’s not negroes or Muslims.

    • No, Pat, you don’t. You haven’t the slightest clue. I’ve seen your crusty comments on here now for a few years and it’s nothing different from the regurgitated tripe that I saw get passed around in the old Spotlight newspapers from the 80s/90s. The imagery you conjured above goes back even further to The Dearborn Independent out of Michigan or Thule occult publications from Germany. That stuff and your Bible should not inhabit the same bookshelf.

      From a purely secular viewpoint you completely ignore the open meetings between Europeans and Arabs going on in the UAE. Try pulling your head and your mouse hand out of your ass sometime and Google the World Government Summit.

      • “From a purely secular viewpoint you completely ignore the open meetings between Europeans and Arabs going on in the UAE. Try pulling your head and your mouse hand out of your ass sometime and Google the World Government Summit.”

        I’d suggest you take your advice and liberally apply it to yourself.

        Ignoring what European Jewry, funded by the likes of George Soros’ $500 million, and the Rothschild’s banking system, makes your notions just plain silly ignorance.

        The Rothschilds ARE the EU.

        • The Rothschilds (including George Soros) are funding this:

        • You really don’t know how to follow the money. The Rothschilds, like Soros, are bagmen for European blue bloods and their crony corporations.

          Did you even bother to do that Google search? Of course not. You wouldn’t want any reality that challenged your fantasies. Not a yamulke among that sea of meccan shemaghs in the photos from the WGS.

          Do your homework next time before you come to class or it’s back to the turtle table for you again.

      • Grenadier1

        And they ignore the millions of dollars that the Saudis spend to keep the Muslims from moving into the kingdom.
        Ask yourself why it is that these people will risk their lives to cross open ocean rather than take trucks down to Mecca or Medina?
        This IS a plot, but it is not a plot by jews to destroy Europe. Its a plot by Statists to prop up a social welfare system that is running out of other peoples money.
        The same reason that the same statists are letting the US get over ran with South of the Border denizens. Not enough Europeans being born to keep up the pace with the aging populace.

        • the reason “not enough” Whites are being born to “support the social welfare system” is because organized Tikkun Olam Jewry killed White family formation and the White birthrate by inflicting a kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, and Judeo-feminisim.

          and also: the invasives are sucking way more out of the system than they put in.

          you cucks lie like the Judeo-globalists you front for.

      • Fred Seymour, Jr.

        I’m with Pat!

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    Sha-ri-ah for the UK
    It’s coming real soon
    It will be
    I’ll bomb a concert
    Or stab with a knife
    Your future dream is as a dhimmi
    ‘Cause I
    Wanna be
    A shaheed
    – Jihadi al-Rotten

  9. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    “Yes, it turns out that the two cities with the highest number of cameras after Beijing are London, with around 422,000, and Chicago, with at least 17,000 (aww, bless its little heart, it’s trying to play with the big boys!). Now, it goes without saying that because London and Chicago find themselves within the two founding countries of the official Bastions of Freedom Club, it must be assumed that our giant all-seeing electronic nets are nets of safety; while those of Crazy Oppressive China are nets of tyranny. Obviously.
    The full top five list, though based on now slightly outdated figures (2011), looks like this:
    1. Beijing, China (470,000)
    2. London, UK (420,000)”………..
    Can someone direct me to the site that has the surveillance camera recordings of the London bridge attacks? Oh and while your at it the Manchester attacks also?

  10. The politicians aren’t stupid, ignorant, or crazy. They know exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it, and for (((whom))) they do it. Its long past the time when we can excuse our leaders’ failure with those excuses.

    Hanging those currently in charge would lead to them being replaced by exactly the same kinds of people with the same policies. No matter what they claim during the election.

    • Randolph Scott

      I imagine that after hanging the first bastard the standards we place will be a little higher. If the replacement veers one statement to the left shot the bastard. Keep hanging them until they do get in line. They work for us, we should make sure every fucking on of them clearly understand this.

  11. At some point this thing is gonna result in blow back and then it’s on. Hopefully for the Brits anyway.

  12. Assuming barren cat lady has a loved one somewhere, I wonder how she would answer if asked, ‘So, Madam PM, if one of these sixth century pedophiles lopped the head off you ‘husband’, how do you suppose you’d feel about that?’

    The pols are as much the problem as the goat humpers themselves.

  13. oldanddecrepit

    As surely as night follows day, there are demands that we surrender liberties, in order to “keep us safe.” And after the next inevitable attack, there will be a new list of things we must give up, in order to “keep us safe”, and on and on and on.

    Politicians like May have let these savages loose among our populace. Perhaps their motivation for doing so is less benign than they claim, perhaps it is not virtue signalling so much as it is the mechanism by which they can claim ever-more-increasing authority over our day-to-day lives.
    Perhaps the reason that these atrocities continue to happen is that the political class derives some level of benefit each time members of the plebescite are mowed down, blown up, or hacked to bits. Perhaps the reason the savages were let in in the first place was to continue the destruction of ordered societies so that they could be remade. Perhaps the savages were let in because a new, ultra-violent underclass was needed to continue the march towards total control, because the original underclass had become somewhat jaded and had lost some of its effectiveness. Perhaps the political class believes that once they have achieved their consolidation of power that these savages, this new underclass, can be bought off in much the same fashion as underclasses before were bought off, once they ceased to be useful.

    Perhaps the political class is horribly, tragically wrong.

    • …” the people
      Had forfeited the confidence of the government
      And could win it back only
      By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
      In that case for the government
      To dissolve the people
      And elect import another? ”
      [Bertolt Brecht]

  14. you can’t believe anything your see or hear these days…

  15. Hang the Queen for betrayal of her people. Over throw the government of the UK. Execute the traitors immediately. SAS, SBS, Paras? Nothing to do this weekend? Give it a go.

  16. Sean here. As I enter my .third month in hospital,my qualified advice is to never go for any of new power fulll remedies for chrohns that lower your immune system. I got double pneumonia and had my life.
    Saved only by the smart actions of my wife and an er doctor getting me a traechyotomy I’d be long dead.If this sounds. Stupid the way I’m writing, It’s because I’m only using one finger. to type. My vision is bad, cataracts. A lot has happened, I was sedated for five weeks,and my muscles are toast. As I lay here, a helpless wreck, not all that far from eternity, I still say death to Islam, and Europe it’s veloren. Keep fighting the good fight, prep, and pay attention to what Selco and his friends say,
    . I’m. I

    • was wondering where you went…

      get well.

    • Hope you do a 180 and have a few more good years. Definitely sounds like you got a good woman and that’s something any guy should seek out. I can tell you watching my parents in hospitals, a good spouse there will save your life. Hospital staff, even at the best hospitals are not paying attention to you, they are reading the computer and doing what the doctor says and if you do not have a spouse there to say stop and think you idiots, giving a full dose to a woman weighing 100 pounds could kill her; real common sense stuff.

    • Hang in there.

    • Grenadier1

      Get well brother we need you for the up’in coming.

    • Sean, are there needs that might be met from some
      Where are you (State & city/county)?

      Stomach in chest out.

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”


      Sean: You are on my prayer list. May God be with you, bless you, and heal you; in Jesus’ Name.

  17. https://out.reddit.com/t3_6efp6n?url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.redd.it%2F1il14oevtu0z.jpg&token=AQAAwoA1WXRWewp7G1DZlBsgxZj8xWO7u7gK2ts6bNqomxrgJiqu&app_name=reddit.com

    A new bill board seen here in Indianapolis. Heartening, but they still don’t come right out with it and say islam is the problem.

  18. “Armor piercing ammo is necessary, you just can’t penetrate their skulls without it.”

    Big enlightenment going down over at Gab about the political class as the real problem. It is become international, German’s, Brits and Yanks, a lot of which have been banned from twitter and faceborg, especially across the pond by the euro based globalist thought police.
    Even the Queen’s sovereign loyalty and where it lies, regarding the well being and interests of her native subjects is being questioned.

  19. muzzies –> increase in violence –> take away freedoms for security –> continue until all the world is a ‘socialist utopia’.

    muzzies are agents provocoteurs brought in to do exactly what they do: produce exploitable troubles for ‘leadership’ to ‘fix’. the ‘fix’ always requires more control and less freedom.

    wake up people: govts bring those people in despite what they do. WHY?

  20. So…turns out these diaperheads were supposed pillars of the community?(according to Sky news)They had wives and kids and liked sports and played with the kids in the hood etc.Then all of a sudden one day they grew beards,started spouting radical bs and went on a rampage.Yeah ……Oooooo..K.If this doesn’t prove you cant trust ANY,what will?Euroweenies and toast is on the whole menu,with a 16oz.goatmilk chaser.

  21. SemperFi, 0321

    After what we’ve seen transpire here and in Europe in the last 20 yrs, I can’t believe the depth and vastness of brainwashing that still exists here. Most of you still revert back to your default position and listen to what the MSM tells you, and not a question as to it’s validity. The level of stupid is mindboggling. Still looking for ragheads behind every bush and van?
    No wonder there is no cohesion between any patriots, you’re all still taking directions from your favorite MSM channel and playing groupie along with the rest of their followers, right? And anything resembling a conspiracy theory goes straight into the denial bin.
    We are so fuk’d!