Barnhardt: Cut The Crap. Islam Must Be Extirpated.

Blunt talk.

We can’t have any of that.

We’re civilized, don’t you know.

Now be a good lad and pass the hand cream.

Wringing is hard work.

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    Agreed. And, it will never happen or come close to happening.

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    Yep, it’s them or us.

    Ultimately it had to come to this, because the satan they worship demands it. It came sooner than it had to because the traitors running Western countries provided financing and training for the mohammedans, for fun and profit.

    If we hadn’t given them all that oil money they might have stayed in their cat boxes and not bothered us for a while, but we gave them trillions of dollars to buy bomb vests and suitcase nukes, and imported millions of them to within bomb vest range of our families.

    Now mohammedans must all go.

  3. 15 years ago I wouldn’t have agreed. Now there is no choice.

    • Moose limbs are to be cared for and treated as you see fit….I am aware of the threat they pose. Mathematically portrayed, the moose limb is high risk.Is the moose limb a greater risk than the dindus, mombacks.,wetbacks,PR’s and assorted nefarious groups,which the taxpayer finances. Throw in main stream propaganda,wall street and hollywood.
      What a whorehouse! I would say it has turned into a shithole…. it has turned into the sump pump of the shithole. Been waiting for teotwawki?..maybe the wait is over.
      “When the machine breaks down,we break down.”

      • “Is the moose limb a greater risk than the dindus, mombacks.,wetbacks,PR’s and assorted nefarious groups,…”

        Only if you hang out in Urbania.
        They don’t come out here in the sticks cause they know shit will kill em out here.

        Live where they don’t want to be, then let em kill each other off.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “They don’t come out here in the sticks cause they know shit will kill em out here.”

          They don’t come out there – yet. A good many of them are from sticks that make our sticks look like Manhattan. They’ll probably do just fine in rural areas once they decide to start. The more they shore up their numbers, the more places they’ll start appearing.

          • Yup. They’ll come out to the sticks sooner or later.

          • I ran to the rock tried to hide my face,
            the rock cried out, no hiding place!
            There’s no hiding place down here.

            Oh, sinner man, where you gonna run to?

            And besides, avoiding the battle enables the enemy and assures defeat.

          • no worries.

            the poopLICE will protect n serve- the politicians that is…

            you badgesuckers are first on the list for a righteous killing on “that day”.

            • right. Ann Elizabeth might as well be braying about the Catholic Church in its heyday, or Judaism for the last 3,000 years. It’s all “hand over the money, or off with the head”. The Muslims – the religious icing being much thinner stuff – are, however, a good deal more honest about it.


            Word. They are doing just fine in Twin Falls, ID. No one hears about the outcome of the rape investigation of the 5-year-old girl in the HUD apartments laundry room. The hatchet-faced man-woman US Attorney in Boise has threatened anyone who posts any outrage on social media with a hate crime charge. And, the local NGOs and that fat, bald traitor on the TF city council are still sucking up the FEDGOV subsidies.

  4. “Islam is a political system, NOT a religion…”

    Pretty much all political systems are religions, and vice versa.

    • Northgunner

      Absolutely Paul!

      Anarchy/Voluntarism is the only philosophy that states that each individual owns themselves and that no individual owns another or has any claim on any other individuals property, life or anything else of theirs..’dumb-ocracy’ and every other pseudo religion that the statist’s bow down and worship always claims to own individual’s and everything associated with them. The death cult of mohammed is no different!

      How people here fail to see it (authority worship = islam same system just different packaging and marketing) is beyond me.
      The rampaging thugs of isis…badged orcs doing the bidding of the parasite class..same difference!

      Fight BOTH til they’re gone!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  5. eliminate the threat of pooLICE retaliation and there would be NO problem.
    as long as cops are attached to the backs of the taxpayer, there will be islam.


    • Jim Klein

      Which is easier to deal with…tens of thousands of faceless whackjobs from across the planet, or millions of tyrant wannabes born and raised right in your own back yard?

      This is America bud, where easy is good and doing nothing is best of all. Besides, choosing to do something about crazed, collectivist religionists might be suicidal. It’s only SOME crazed, collectivist religionists and figuring out which ones can be tough. Violates the “easy” rule.

  6. Just so, because I don’t see them returning to their home country hellholes voluntarily….

  7. Saw a church the other day with a huge banner in the front that said “we stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters”.

    I guess that means the church is now endorsing a political system?

    • Northgunner

      It means that the church (and it’s corporate hierarchy) are prostration before the moslem ummah and declaring their dihimmitude.


      If you can, give the pastor of the church a print copy of Ann’s essay..or leave truth about islam on the car windows.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!
      Northgunner III

      • I don’t remember exactly where the church was but I’ll make note of it next time. I’m sure once I get into the inner urban areas I’ll see more of this bs, but I do recall this church being in a rather conservative, suburban areA.

      • The church is probably getting government money to provide “social service” to the Muslims.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Not to mention committing some serious heresy.

      • Pretty much. They’re not only hastening their own demise but helping further an evil belief system.

  8. saw some fox news host interview the guy that interrogated KSM and KSM told him islam is peace, but it doesn’t get to peace until they have taken over or gotten everyone to submit.
    letting muzzies fight with anything more than rocks and sticks despite having nearly 2,000 years of history that tells you muslims don’t play nice with others was a mistake since before WW2;

  9. colddeadhandsdays

    I always say the same thing and it’s coming. The more they attack the more to the right we go. Trump will be like Obama compared to the nationalist leaders that will be swept into office within 10 years.

    • laugh of the day. By 2030, absent Ponzicollapse, ZOG-ruled ‘Murka will be majority non-White, and the urban Whites will remain committed to self-liquidation. Plan on Kamala Harris/Catherine Cortez-Masto.

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    I am predicting now and here that this is going to come to pass.

    I will state that in the near future, Muslims will be driven out of the USA.
    Wholesale and at bayonet point.

    These rats are going to committ a heinous deed–so despicable, so voilent that people in this country will rise up and drive these fuckers out. I see a time when all these mosques will be burning on TV at the same time.

    The Mus-Rats will knock over a grade school/s, or poison a water supply, or set off a massive bomb in a stadium–or do something so huge and so violent that people will rise up.

    Mark these words please.

    • Pffftt…. 9/11 happened and they keep importing them.

      Pipe dream.

      • thesouthwasrght

        Disagree. 9/11 was small potatoes for what’s coming. And when they dirty bomb a city, slaughter a couple hundred kids in a school, etc.. Sooner or later they will overplay their hand here and we’ll have that Tombstone moment: “I don’t feel like being arrested today sheriff’s.
        So far as Britain, France and Square-head land goes, I agree. They will never do shit but pile up teddy bears and wave candles. They are toast, and America need not send it’s youth there a 3rd time. Fuck em.

        • I’ll believe it when I see it. The slaughter of children etc is what the left wants as it helps further their agenda which right now is aligned with Islam (islam will eliminate them eventually too). Those who would wish to retaliate would have to do so against a group protected by the cops, media and politicians.

          They gang raped a little girl in Idaho and not a damn thing was done.

          Again, I’ll believe it when I see it.

          • Stewie nails it. If a dirty bomb or the like goes off, the and (((MSM))) will claim Iran/Russia did it. Anything less will be portrayed as the vibrant part of diversity. Same as in Britain/Western Europe right now. And the sheep (of all colors) will bleat and obey…PROVIDED they’re still getting the debt-financed bennies.

    • VoorTrekker

      So heinous that people will rationalize Ickslime and condemn any retaliation against the “brotherhood of peace!”

      The gubbmint will re-criminalize Christians and white men and begin protecting the evil empire of FUSA.

    • If only … the opposite is equally likely, that the fetid pile-of-shit that is our FedGov provides immediate and full support for the muzzscum. It was a near-certainty during the Reign of GMPI, and just as likely now that the (((Deep State))) is clawing back control of the largely Eloi pop. Trump rhetoric aside, it serves the Imperium to let muzz in.

      [GMPDI : gay mullato polydrug using dicksmoking Islamicist ]

  11. Waiting patiently here in the hills of the flyover country . Welcome and here is your god ! Meet him .

  12. Seems to me you have three “great powers” that want nothing–zilch–nada–to do with the Sons of Mohammed violent politics.

    Russia, China, and USA.

    Why can’t Putin, Xi Jinping, and The Donald get together and make common cause–above or below board? Get the ball rolling–front channels or back channels. Why re-invent the wheels? Just askin….

    • Mark Matis

      Because in the US, the Deep State loves them some ragheads. If The Donald dared to do as you suggest, that would be all it would take for the Democrats and the Rove Republicans in Congress to impeach, remove, and execute him for treason.

      God damn every one of them straight to hell where they belong.

      And God damn the filthy maggot pigs who enable them. And those pigs’ whores as well.


      CC: Follow the money. The House of Saud and other ME emirates own the world economy. None of these corrupt puppets are going to bite the hand that feeds them.

  13. Grey Ghost

    Now there is a LA politician who gets it. So Dweezil there may come a time when it does come about.

    Grey Ghost

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. It’s a plan. As good as any.

  16. Harold Balzac

    Man that’s a big shotgun…

  17. I agree with most of what she says, it’s just when she starts spouting off for romanism that I start cringing.


    • Yeah, in her previous post on the Manchester bombing she opined that the 8 year old girl who died is most likely burning in Hell, because the girl hadn’t gone to her hourly Confession or something.

    • Grenadier1

      The irony of dismissing their pedo moon god and demanding that he be superseded by her dead man on a stick and his mother, is lost on her.

      Its a joke don’t get your rosary in a knot.

  18. Chuck NoName

    I too think it will take a herculean effort to rid ourselves of this pestilence called Islam. Set up internment camps? Maybe..eliminate all practice of that cult inside any institutions like the Prisons, the military etc..shut down mosques that preach even a hint of civil disobedience – identify any Islamic organization that has a Jihadi individual attached to it and shut it down – incarcerate the Jihadis. Of course, all of this requires a suspension of our Constitution to combat this scourge. That’s what they’re hoping for. They will hang on to the hope that the form of lying and “becoming like your enemy” will eventually prevail based on the hopes of someone like Obama leading a coup and regaining power. The Deep State folks are made up of many many Islamic zealots – hiding, in plain sight. Jeh Johnson, Brennan and Jarrett made sure of that. By the way – that little stick chick with the 12 ga looks absolutely ridiculous – if she fired a 3″ magnum round from that it would bust her itty bitty shoulder all to shit. Stop with the profiling…

    • Confederate miner

      No it wouldn’t. I was shooting 12 ga magnums when I was a kid weighing about 90 pounds. After a couple boxes though you will have a nice bruise! It was a 1100 I would fire 3 rounds in quick succession and end up 7 foot back where I started! Haha but never really felt any pain or flinched I was having too much fun.

  19. you’re all just jacking each other off.

    there will be no meaningful resistance until you understand who protects the scum… all the scum.


    they wear goofy blue suits and shoot family pets in front of little children,,,

    • If you were as smart as you think you are, you would have realized by now that the trick is to get the mercenaries working for you.

    • Grenadier1

      We get it, really we do.
      The other day you accused me of being a cop supporter. You could not be further from the truth. Before you came around I used to post links to Injustice Everywhere until it went belly up. Most people around here are not law and order, thin blue line supporters as much as they are “that dindu probably deserved it” types.

  20. I look at that photo in the post and all I can think of is the Gummers from ‘Tremors’.

    As to Islamists its a given that really soon we will be playing Cowboys and Muslims.

  21. Scott in Phx

    Well here is how you do it in the USA.

    Ain’t no other way –

    Ann liked it (many other “conservative” blogs didn’t) but even she wouldn’t push the idea.

  22. It is well documented that there is a network of over 22 Islamic terrorist training camps in the USA, most in rural areas. They do so under the rubric of intentional communities, which provides partial immunity from labor laws, local taxation, environmental regulations, and other such. They’ve been in operation for years and recruit heavily from the US prison population. Upon release form prison, the ex-inmates are provided housing, employment, and, of course, “spiritual guidance.” Leading the charge on exposing that network, as well as the indoctrination of US school children in Islam is the Christian Action Network. Next step: Check out their documentaries because, you know, reading is hard.

  23. I agree…in part. Islam has to go. But I imagine is Miss. Barnhardt had her way we would all be forced at gun point to bow down to her little imaginary friend. No thanks to her. No thanks to Muhammed.

  24. A loudmouth radical hates other radicals that are more loudmouth than her, that are more dangerous? Whodathunkit?

    Barnhardt can go fight in the Yazidi army right now and put her money where her mouth is. Somehow I don’t think that’s what she has in mind.

    The only solution here, is:
    1. An end to occupations in the ME. Just pick up and leave. They’re the defenders there, they have the moral high ground and strong recruiting fodder the longer this goes on.
    2. Economic isolation of the ME. Put the fuckers back into the 17th century and leave them there while the rest of us move on to undreamt of technological wonders.

    The WWII SCAP protocol that she proposes requires wholesale murder of hundreds of millions of people in order to subjugate the remainder into terrorized compliance and then compulsory religious indoctrination.

    That’s a reverse-Caliphate.

    Fuck her. Right in the God-damned neck.