Facial Recognition Tech Makes It Official: There Is No Privacy Anymore

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17 responses to “Facial Recognition Tech Makes It Official: There Is No Privacy Anymore

  1. “our mission is to make the world a safer a more comfortable place”

    by preventing Chinks from stealing the toilet paper

  2. Xavier Xelente

    Which is why you grow a big assed beard, with a mustache that covers your mouth, wear a hat, and mirrored sunglasses. You can get mirrored polarized ones that aren’t very dark at all. They still allow you to function indoors.

    Of course, people might think you’re weird if you go around looking like that…

  3. Sucks but what did anyone expect? This day, this age is too complex, tech advancing too quick for people or govs to keep up with. Be happy with the past good ol days, but move forward. Emergence, divergence, or descent.

    Nearing 8 billion people on earth with enormous impacts to the environment. There is not enough planet for freedom. The problem is much bigger than a country or countries, race, religion, whatever. Much more fundamental. Humans are going to get sorted out.


    • Surprisingly this planet is lightly populated even with 8 billion people. 5-6billion are crammed into cities.

    • kay_de_leon

      ‘Not enough planet for freedom’

      Hahahhaa, good show! Really, really good stuff. Ignorance is strength!

  4. Xavier – ZZTop has been getting away with it for years.

  5. Brian in Chicago

    “While the increasing use of facial recognition in crime prevention and detection in public spaces is controversial, its’ good arguably outweighs the lack of privacy.”

    The author obviously does not understand the importance of privacy. Nor correct punctuation.

  6. When I was a child I was often amazed how adults could read me. When I realized it was on my face, I developed a poker face. Now, however, I know I need a burqa. I just wish they made them for men. And don’t say the Moslems never invented anything useful. They were 1300 years ahead of their time on this one.

  7. Anonymous

    It’s not a like a burqa is tailored to an hourglass figure, seems about as unisex as possible. With facial recognition you will either wear a burqa or your face will be a license plate.

  8. Is this really surprising? The 4Chan kiddies outed the the Bike Lock ‘professor’ using little more than photos from consumer grade cameras and some graphics design software. Soon you will be wearing iGlass that has an app that scans every person you walk pass and above their head will be a tag you can blink and read out their entire history right in the system, in real time.

  9. Letters that spell nothing

    Am I crazy, or is that a photo of the Happy Acres guy’s son?

  10. Jack Veteran

    Investment tip: I foresee wide brim hats coming back into fashion…

  11. Jack Crabb

    “Our mission is to make the world a safer and a more comfortable place.”

    If that were truly your mission you would leave us the fuck alone, asshole.