Friends And Allies

The latest from Jesse James.

If you are not involved in both intergenerational and cross-factional skills transfer, you are wrong.


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  1. excellent essay. VoxDay accurately calls Conservatives the “Praetorian Guard” of the hardLeft. This because Buckley and Co. allowed a Sanhedrin of “ex”-Trotskyite communist Jews, alias neo-conz, to take over Conservatism Inc. and then the Republiscam Party itself. Which then spent all its energy conserving Zion-in-Palestine, while conceding everything else to the Reds.

    Kerensky? He tried to have “no enemies to the Left”…but the Bolsheviks still aced him. As I may have mentioned before, I met Kerensky – then at the Hoover Institution – @ a UC Berkeley student seminar c. 1965. What a wimp.

    S’truth, though, if you’re hardRight…you have no enemies to the Right.


      True that about the fraud, William F. Buckley, Jr. He threw Joseph Sobran under the bus when he dared to refuse to be part of the NR Amen Corner for Israel.

  2. Somebody needs to tell McInnis to stop shoving stuff up his ass. He doesn’t seem to know.

    Anyway – that pic is basically of the vanguard of the neo-neocons – or the Alt-Light/Alt-Left. They want more of what got us into this fucking mess. Some of them might be salvageable, some of them are not.

  3. ha ha ha

    alt-left, alt right… tomato – tamato

    let’s you and him fight.


  4. You can find me, @ProGunFred, spewing pro liberty, pro rugged individualist, and pro preparedness at the Alt-Right on Gab.ia

    I’m finding allies, lot’s and lot’s of them. The Alt-Right wants to learn weapons, tactics, and techniques for fighting and survival. They want to know our culture and people’s history and relish in tales of ancient wars and battles. They are adept at dominating a cyber space and are moving swiftly into dominating and demolishing enemies in meat space. They soak it up like sponges. Yes, they are young and contentious and guess what, they bight back hard. I don’t take it personally I just keep relaying the truth of almighty God and whatever info you guys provide from mostly liberty movement blogs and postings. They ARE PAYING ATTENTION and learning. They say so. Many have met each other and are willing to travel to engage with potential allies. They are young and full of piss and vinegar which many of us older men could use. Many are coming to the realization that we ain’t voting our way out of this, a critical understanding.

  5. Jesse Bogan

    Watch out for those shiny black shoes…

  6. The ultra left, aka Judeo-Marxists claim to be arming. This needs to be watched, if possible, to assure adequate strategic responses are possible.