Kunstler: Gimme Shelter

A well-done edition, with a plausible initiation sequence near the end.


You’d best be ready.

8 responses to “Kunstler: Gimme Shelter

  1. Kunstler can certainly turn a phrase. And he’s been basically right all along. All Ponzis collapse, only the timing remains uncertain. One thing is certain: the longer the debtBomb ticks, the more destructive the eventual detonation. Which is much to the advantage of the hardRight.

    which has, by the way, “no enemies to the Right”. Unlike libtards, constitutionalists, neo-conz, cucks and all other such trash which will shortly be swept into the dustbin of history.

    on a related note, I see Anglin’s legal fund too fight the ((($SPLC))) lawfare thugs has crossed the $150,000 threshold. Thanks to all who helped.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    Good ole Vlad must view FUSA with the same bit of tempered sadness
    and disgust that we Fusians view Great Britain with.

  3. Trump and Putin will gain power exponentially because the EU is committing collective suicide. The Czech republic just joined Slovakia, Hungry and Poland in telling the EU to fuck off about it’s demand that they take more rape refugees. Europe’s biggest business is tourism and tourism is getting slammed. 5 years ago Europe was clean and safe. Now the streets of Europe are trashed with 100’s of thousands of migrants living on the streets, mattresses and all. Sweden, not content with leading Europe in rapes is now leading the world in hand grenade attacks and ‘ Safe’ London is leading the world in acid attacks. Every corner in Europe has a squad of assault weapon carrying army personal which doesn’t make anyone feel safer. And still, Mad Merkel and Macron are importing thousands of rape refugees a week.
    London bridge has fallen down, allah akbar.

  4. Russia is a authoritarian state but as the muzzies really get going in 10 or 15 years and get more intense weapons(thank you Obama); Russia just might be the safest place to be.

    • Sad to think that it may take Russia, China, and those that align with them to save civilization from Islam. At least Ballet and Opera and the Sciences will be preserved. Can’t say much for individual Freedom though. The Epicenter of Scientific research is moving to China already. Once the Chinese Universities get into the top ten, there will be no need for them to send their brightest students /spies here to get an education and steal all the Intellectual Property that they can. There will not be enough American students to support the current System Of Research Universities once the Chinese kids start staying home.

      Then a strange mix of Idiocracy and Fanatics will be the new majority.

  5. It’s a sad state of affairs for this cold war veteran to think that learning Russian may be the best hope for an old white man.

    • Grenadier1

      Having grown up with the shadow of Soviet ICBM’s hanging over our heads its a wonderment that I hear the words of Putin and see more logic and wisdom in them than anything that is said by the leadership of Europe. Even if he is lying through his teeth at least he is telling a good lie. cant say the same for the Eurotards.