Suarez: The Real Answer To Muzzie Knife Attacks

Read and do.

Your gubmint wants you to be impotent and afraid.

Don’t be.

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  1. I’m expecting another round of firearms confiscations in the aftermath of the General Election.

    The time and conditions are ripe for it. Most Brits,to whom I’ve spoken, are more adamant than ever, “no guns for ordinary men”.

    The good thing is that this latest attack has “outed” a few people in my meatspace. They’ve nothing to offer and will receive no succor from me, if situation deteriorates. They are, in fact, dangerous to know.

    There’s no way out.

  2. CA Warrior

    all good points and to these I will add:

    – you need to blend into the scenery. Look like you belong there, just like an everyday joe. Do not look or act like a tourist. Don’t make yourself an obvious target right off.

    – when the time comes to act you also need a plan of smooth egress. Something where you can quickly and quietly slip away. Staying around proclaiming Yup I Shot Him in Self Defense will get you nowhere when the po-po shows up. Then comes press, attorneys, activitsts, etc. If you choose this option, your life will instantly change for the much worse.

  3. Attackers wearing fake bomb vests, perhaps to pause police from shooting them center mass? When I read that I thought about Suarez’ posts advocating to shoot em in the face.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    Great advice , but beyond the capability of most people in
    FUSA to conceptualize , let alone begin to adapt to that new
    Sorry that’s just the way it is, Americans bye and large have
    been very successfully neutered.
    There is no fight in them !

    • wait ’til the flow of (((freebies))) from the is interrupted. You’ll see plenty of “fight” on all sides. Especially when Long Pig becomes the cuisine du jour. And it will.

  5. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    I’d rather carry out the “solution” on the politician who let the jihadist into my Nation in the first place!…….Oops!, did I say that, think that, or text that!?

  6. Check out this background on Manchester bombing –
    Had to read it twice. The treason, it reeks.

  7. Camacho2016

    I say we take off, and nuke the entire mosque from orbit.

    It’s the only way to be sure.

  8. dumpkaine

    Excellent and on point. State of mind and willingness to do violence are for most people the most important takeaways.

  9. See the Homeland Security troops in action:

    Didn’t know HS was active on the streets.

  10. Forgot to say, one hell of an article. This guys excellent I haven’t read a piece of bad advice yet coming from this direction. Thank you sir!

  11. “The Real Answer To Muzzie Knife Attacks”

    Perhaps we could start with recognizing the racist character of “Muzzie” and its contribution to racism generally, even if it means admitting you are a racist.I really won’t hold it against you, but a little truth would be refreshing here.

    • You can’t possibly be serious.

      • Serious as Hell.It is or it isn’t racist.You are or you aren’t a racist.You are among somewhat like-minded individuals here, and we are having an honest discussion.What’s going on in Europe by Islamic Fanatics needs to be debated.It is obvious that there are aspects of Islam in certain communities, etc that need to be debated head-to-head, condemned, confronted, kept at bay or eliminated.In this debate, we need to keep the feet-to-the-fire wherever necessary.

        • Ms Grant, what is going on needs no debate, A warm bag of sauerkraut could tell you what time it is. Do you really feel a debate is in order? Then, by all means, go to a rapefugee camp and have that debate… with them. I need no debate on the topic, I understand it. I lived amongst them, and it is worse than many can imagine.

        • Northgunner

          So Ron,
          What part of the death cult of ‘mo’ ISN’T on the table for open critical debate and outright scorn and opprobrium?

          Child molestation..because the ‘perfect man’ did it with 9yr old Aisha?

          Ongoing genocide and chattal slavery as practiced by ‘mo’?

          Genital mutilation of female children and women not to mention gender apartheid where the death cult of ‘mo’ holds sway.

          The destruction of freedom and liberty via sharia law as ‘team mo’ increases in demographics enough to drop the ‘religion’ mask and go he’ll bent for leather in pushing for the implementation of sharia law?

          That the ‘mo’s’ ummah has NEVER moved into a kaffir civilization to assimilate and become part of it..their goal is domination through the ‘three choices’ as given by their ‘perfect charlatan’ ‘mo’.

          I could go on, but I think the above covers it for now.

          They aren’t ‘islamic fanatics’ btw, they’re orthodox, devout moslems faithfully following and carrying out what their cult leader ‘mo’ preached and practiced.

          My question for you is, why are you here carrying their putrid ‘zamzam’ bucket for them!?

          No use for moslem savages..except for interactive target training for my Fn-Fal!

          Yours in Total Contempt and Defiance of ‘mo’ and his death cult!

          Northgunner III

        • Randolph Scott

          Well Ron-ohamad I tell you what… The only goo mooslim is a DEAD mooslim. Get in the way and it will you as well. Can I make any more clear?

    • Grey Ghost

      Well Ron, how about sand nigger? Does that make you FEEL any better now. And no I’m not a racist… just call em like I see em. You best run for your safe space their special snowflake. And no I’m not gonna apologize to you, Bill Maher or CAIR.

      • I appreciate your honesty, as much as I loathe your belief.It serves the narrative of ISIS well.
        For the record, I have confronted terrorism in the African bush,7.62 NATO vs 7.62 Warsaw Pact.7.62 NATO won every time!

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha………………GO AWAY TROLL!!

    • A little truth? Truth IS racist.

      Islam by its very nature is intolerant of all things not Islam. Don’t lecture us on the “racism” of reciprocity.

      • Certainly, today’s Christianity and our western liberal democracies have a lot to teach Islamic societies and communities about Modernity.We have seen that the young in the Arab world yearn for change.That the Arab Spring largely failed shows the difficulties of such fundamental change in these societies.But there is hope.
        We can only do so much to bring about needed change in Arab/Islamic societies, and historically we might have done too much, ie, colonization, Foreign Policy, etc.
        We certainly are obligated and duty-bound to protect our own citizens and values here at home, and hopefully, the price will not be so high as to change our societies into something less than they are today.Muslims who have chosen to live in our countries and cities must do their part in defending our societies values and way of life.Given the increasing frequency of attacks in London, etc., it is clear they need do more if they are to maintain the citizen’s trust.

        • ….”Given the increasing frequency of attacks in London, etc., it is clear they need do more if they are to maintain the citizen’s trust.”

          Clearly you are a troll…there is NO citizen’s trust. Period. It was stupid & misguided/perhaps criminal politicians who brought in 1000’s upon 1000s of people whose way of life is incompatible with Western civilization. Those same politicians are as hated as the muzzies they brought in. People like you, that still think there is some place for muzzies in the West, have failed to learn from more than a 1000 years of Islamic invasion/ aggression. What they are doing today is no less than the invasion of the Ottoman Turks to the Gates of Vienna.
          You protect your citizens by Expelling the foreign invaders – All of them. To do less than that is to fail your obligations to your fellow citizens. Benedict Arnold was a traitor to the American people 200 years ago. People who think as you do are the new Benedict Arnolds of today. Go away from us – we seek not your counsel.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Given that Islam is a religion, not a race (so far, Islamic attackers have come in white, black, yellow, and brown varieties), the term “Muzzie” has no racial element whatsoever.


    What he is talking about it mindset. If you do not have the proper will to defend yourself and/or your loved ones, or even total strangers, then forget about packing a knife or anything else.
    Where were the “Men of Albion” when the Rotherham(sp?) pedophilia investigation surfaced? Where were the fathers and mothers after the Manchester slaughter? Muzzies should have been falling like ten pins in the streets and lanes. Gabe wrote a good article. It is falling on deaf ears.

  13. I always have a knife on me, sometimes two; unless it’s extremely illegal, like in an airport; then I check it. At the rate the west is declining, I expect i’ll be using it one day.

    • The West may indeed be declining, thanks to the likes and worldview of leaders like Trump.Build your Walls, etc.The people of Europe will keep their most precious and treasured values while confronting the threats of Islamic Fanatics and Fundamentalists.With or without you.

      • As long as “bleeding out in the street” remains one of Europe’s most precious and treasured values, you are probably right.

        • Londoners are used to “bleeding out in the streets”, having survived the Blitz and the IRA.Religious Fanatics are a different kind of threat, and ways will be found to deal with them, popular or not.Hopefully, our societies will not have to change for the worse or permanently before ISIS and its likes are defeated or brought to bay.

          • kay_de_leon

            I’m sure the past and future victims were and will be comforted by that notion, and what with all the British youth having been hardened by WWII, the IEDs should be a piece of pie.

            Are you South African?

      • Many’s the time I’ve asked fellow Brits … “What are these ‘British values”?”

        To be worthy of the name, the values must be common to all, and established upon sound principle. Or, so I believe.

        At best, I am met with platitudes, such as ‘fair play’ and ‘decency’. Occasionally, they’ll spout some received wisdom about Democracy and the rule-of-law. Nothing that withstands even cursory examination.

        I have come to the conclusion that “British values” do not exist. Maybe that’s because there isn’t really any tangible thing called Britain. It’s just an idea that exists in the heads of some people. Thus, there is no such thing as “British”. There’s just people who happen to inhabit this particular landmass. A fractured society with almost nothing to bind it.

        In short, there is no unifying ideology for which the Brit will fight. The follower of Islam, on the other hand, has much in common with a billion other followers. That’s why they are going to win, absent some volcanic change in the minds of “indigenous Brits”… and even then, the fortunes of war are uncertain.

        Still, I’d be fascinated to hear about these European’ values which you claim are proof against the ravages of Islam.

  14. Smart people have been doing this for years. It is a way of life for many in Cali, chicago, dc, ny, among many other who work / live in those environments. Don’t forget the social skills and opsec. That takes practice to. Be good at all of it, especially being responsible citizen.

  15. People will be wondering why I am carrying a piece of rebar into a restaurant…

    Just kidding. A gun really is a better bet.

    • Northgunner

      Or do like the movie…
      Enter with a battle rifle, “I’m here to blow the shit outta child raping moslems and chew bubblegum…and I’m ALL outta bubblegum!!”

      “Orban!!..What is best in life?!”
      “What is best, is to whip the moslems as they flee before you in terror and hear the lamentations of their pussyhatted manginas!!”

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      Northgunner III

  16. you can all blame it on the politicians if it makes you feel good.

    in reality, tear down their blue wall, and those politicians are just so much hot air. the murkins desperately need to love their jailers, er, i mean cops.

    “…In the final analysis, emotionally bonding with an abuser is actually a strategy for survival for victims of abuse and intimidation. The “Stockholm Syndrome”

    “If you’re in a controlling and abusive relationship, you may recognize several of the characteristics described in this article by Consulting Clinical Psychologist Dr Joseph M. Carver, PhD. Beginning with a description of how bonds form between victim and abuser..”

    Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, June 1, 2017:

    Townsend, Massachusetts: An officer was suspended for five days without pay amid allegations of dishonesty and unprofessional conduct.
    New Jersey State Police: A trooper stationed in Camden was charged with falsifying records to cover up improper stops of women to ‘start relationships.’
    Chillicothe, Ohio: An officer on a “last chance agreement” with the department for repeated violations of protocol was suspended 15 days for associating with a known felon while he was off duty. He claims he did not know whether either of the women he drove home had a felony conviction, and there is no alleged wrongdoing connected to the incident beyond the improper fraternization.
    Update: Albuquerque, New Mexico (First reported 3/28/17): The chief overruled a recommendation that an officer who accidentally shot a man in the back serve an 11-day suspension for the incident.
    Frankfort, Indiana: A detective was arrested for OWI with a BAC measured at .141. He was stopped for erratic driving and unsafe lane movement.
    Pasco, Washington: An officer who served on the crimes against children task force was charged with raping teen multiple times over five years starting when she was 14 years old.
    Howard University (Washington, DC): Two officers were fired for dumping a hospital patient out of her wheelchair at a bus stop. Their supervisor was also fired for ordering the patient out of the hospital.
    Gates County, North Carolina: A deputy was charged with sexually assaulting a female prisoner who was in his custody. He was also charged with obstruction of justice.
    Tulsa County, Oklahoma: A deputy was arrested for gun possession while he was intoxicated.
    Update: Belleville, New Jersey (First reported 11/10/16): A now-former officer pled guilty to shoplifting bottle of tequila and was sentenced to six months’ probation. According to the report, this was not her first arrest for shoplifting, but her previous arrest did not disqualify her from working for the department.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. Suarez is spot on.