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  1. June 6, 1944

    Here’s what *really* happened to the first wave at Omaha Beach. You’ll
    never hear about this. They were slaughtered wading into a Pit of Hell. No Saving Private Ryan scenario here.

    As bad or worse as anything that happened at the Canal, Iwo, Peleleu or Okinawa.

    Read this ^^^ and weep.

    The really sad thing: This all could have been prevented if we hadn’t gone hole-hog with “Uncle Joe”. We should have told him to go fuck himself and gone in from the South. The traitors in the gubment, including Frank the Cripple, Harry Hopkins, Ike and Marshall sold out all our forces in the ETO.

    All those men butchered for the sake of Communism when we could have stopped it in it’s track.

    Patton was fucking on the money. We killed the wrong armies and destroyed the wrong nation.

    • We DID go in from the south. North Africa, Sicily, then Italy. Brits having a go at Greece. Normandy was Act III, Scene 1. (Act IV was on the other side of the planet and ended with a couple of bangs.)

      • no. The main effort was Normandy then “liberation” via western Europe. The whole Mediterranean theatre, 1941-45, was a minimalist sideshow. For both sides. It’s true that Churchill wanted the main effort to be up through the Balkans and Italy in order to cut the Reds off from Eastern and Central Europe, but FDR and his (((Red)))-riddled regime refused to go along.

        • Not sure I want to waste time pointing out the pitiful condition of the US military, especially in ground forces, up until WAR WAS DECLARED OR INFLICTED UPON US IN 1941, and how it took years and tons of donated scrap metal to bring it up to what it took to go into Normandy, and how the troops went into Africa and southern Europe and WON, DANGIT!! even in the sorry shape they were in.

          Some sideshow.

          Not since the War to Capture Fort McAllister was a war begun with such weak forces. And yeah, For McAllister was captured, too, after 4 years of battlespace preparation and 15 minutes of fighting!

      • Jimmy the Saint

        And there was another invasion in Southern France shortly after D-Day, too – Operation Dragoon.

  2. Sorry. “whole”, not “hole”…

  3. even during the depression, men wore a tucked-in shirt and tie.

    today. in a crowded store you could count on one hand those with a sense of self-respect and dignity- me being one of them.

    fat guts, dirty t-shirts, scraggly beards, and filthy tattoos are the norm now…

    there is no America, there is only murka.

    • Not to mention the feral humanoid trash walking around with their literally worthless asses hanging out of their pants. I have immensely more respect for the coyotes I hunt than that entire swath of human debris.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The way a lot of men’s shirts are cut now doesn’t work well with tucking. Shirts (mostly) no longer have tails, so everything tucked becomes untucked.

  4. Randall Flagg

    Ol Remus’ compendium of ‘The coming Crash’ is exceptionally good this week.

  5. “Look at England today. Effeminate posers, deranged Marxists, diversity enforcers, career weirdos, faggots, political correctness commissars, and child molesters run the place.”
    Dude. The correct nomenclature is poofters.

  6. He says how I feel: “I care what happens to America. I did care what happened to London and Manchester and Westminster before they imported and shielded their Islamic masters. Their apologists ask us to believe these serial attacks are outliers, acts of crazed extremists. Au contraire. These aren’t random attacks, mere crimes, they’re calculated operations by a determined insurgency. And like any insurgency, a significant part of the population has to support them. And they do.”

  7. A previous set of comments being closed:

    “How has compliance with those provisions proven over the 225 year track record?”

    That a law has been violated does not invalidate the law. Were it otherwise, the law against murder either has permitted, or failed to prevent, murders from being committed. (Suck it, Spooner.)

    • 225 years of disproving a particular set of limits on central government would, by logic, strongly suggest fallacy in said limitations.

      Moreover, has the malum in se prohibition on murder been enforced over the past 225 years?

      Show your work please.

      • Both have been enforced, in part, and incompletely.

        Do your own work.

      • My last reply was excessively curt. My apologies.

        I’m just getting tired of finding new ways to say that just because a law is violated, whether a big one like the Constitution or a small one like “Don’t go killin’ folks” doesn’t mean the law is bad or should be repealed. It seems like it should be as obvious to everyone as it is to me. I don’t know what work I could do besides stating something as plainly, visibly, in-your-face obvious as “water between 33 deg F and 211 deg F at sea level is WET.”