SWF “Spy”?

More like Fifth Columnist.


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  1. Why in the hell was such an obviously literally insane woman working at the NSA? God damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Randolph Scott

      the NSA is full of psychopaths and sociopaths, an insane homosexual fits right in with that satanic group of cocksuckers.

      She can act tough all she wants, she isn’t immune to .308itis.


        Word. She would look good in a Burqa. And, I bet she can’t write her name in the snow!

        • Jimmy the Saint

          ” She would look good in a Burqa.”

          Not really. She might look better in one, but not good.

    • Even I would not ‘date’ that thing. You know the old saw about Richards and Crazy right?

    • Northgunner

      Wrong question.
      Correct question: Why is the nsa, cia, and any other ‘bastion of gov’ allowed to continue existing?…they should ALL be nuked from orbit, just to be sure!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  2. Apparently the NSA doesn’t stand for what we thought.
    Perhaps it’s NSA = Nation’s Socialist Agenda

  3. fugly bitch..

    25 year old stupid as a rock and given the keys to the safe.

    and a tattoo. go figure.

    what could possibly go wrong?


    • Gunderson

      My tattoos beg to differ.
      “Reality Winner” is a real thang?
      People buying it shouldn’t critique it, by any means. The product placement will not be disturbed.

      Still, the focus remains far away from the root of centralization and mre appointedly, central banking.

      Sever roots, tree dies.

      1: High Horses are the easiest targets
      2: and that right soon.

    • Hired and given the keys all in the name of ‘diversity’ I would bet heavily!

  4. thesouthwasrght

    Wanna cure this bullshit? Try her, sentence her to death for treason, execute her and let her family tote her ass off if they want her. Next up…….

  5. (((Reality Winner)))

    “the Jews are ruined by their women”

    – Georges Valois

    • S/he can probably beat up most of the keyboard commandos here for the simple reason that the KCs don’t do PT.


        GS: I’m pushing 70 and even with my arthritis issues, she would lose. Remember, there is no such thing as a fair fight. And, as Charlie Reese opined long ago: “…fighting is what children do…”

  6. That’s a dude……

  7. It’s all part of the plan. The people busy with their importing of savages, care little as to the finer points of doing their business. So what if a prole gets outed, their progress will continue.

    Local, local, and local. Range cards are appropriate.

  8. This story reeks of psy op. Reality Winner? GTFOH. And furthermore Islam must be destroyed. Enough.

    BTW, if I was a rag head I would think that the season was fully open.


    • This still comes after Qatar has participated with Saudi Arabia in attacking Yemen.

      Qatar is a strange animal. On the one hand they have sharia law on the other hand they allow Christian churches.

      Makes one wonder if Saudi wahabbists are trying to force a significant Christian minority off the Peninsula by pressuring Qatar.

      BTW Qatar is one of the richest countries on the planet. The rest of the Arabian Peninsula cutting them off would be like Europe cutting off Switzerland or Monaco.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    Typical biodegradable knock down target.

  10. The bitch can eat all the pussy she wants and work on her physique for the next ten years in club Fed …….. Hope it was worth it dumbass! Perfect place for a Marxist if you ask me.

  11. Her taxpayer funded prison sex change will be a bargain with that boy bod. A couple shots of T and it will be good to go.

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    Spy, 5th Columnist…

    “Potato, potreason.”
    – Sterling Archer

  13. Unbelievable that this could be the norm for hiring for today’s agencies.

  14. honeycomb

    TRANNY Alert

  15. Skip Jack

    Thats a dude!

  16. ben dover

    Where there’s one, there’s more.

  17. She wasn’t just working there. She is the NSA.Her and ten thousand more just like her. She can bench press a car,doesn’t know if she is a pitcher or catcher,stands when she pees and will ruin your life if given the opportunity.This is the future. Out of her fucking mind,confused and tormented,brainwashed and dangerous. She will rip your penis off your body,hand it back to you and say,”Does this belong to you?”
    . Hopefully she is a stripper with a drug problem.Can’t wait to introduce her to the family.

    • ALL gubbermint employees are participating in the evil- some more than others. they know it, and willingly cash their checks…

      the wages of sin is DEATH- literally.

      spend it while you are healthy traitors.

      tic toc tic toc

      • I’m getting to really like you…

        • that’s because you have seen the light.

          anyone who doesn’t like me, just plain can’t hang with the grown-ups. there’s a card table set-up in the basement for the kids…

          drive on. VT.

      • You wont do dick, son. You’re a blowhard. “tic toc” indeed, tFAGGOT.

        • and you suck copcock.


          • Still can’t grasp the difference between ridiculing you for the piece of shit you are and “defending” cops eh, retard?…… There’s a surprise. Hey, how’s that cop bodycount of yours comin along, coward? Still a solid ZERO?…..There’s another surprise…… hahahahahahahahaha What a loser.

  18. Look at her date of hire. Check out her social media presence before said hire date… This useful idiot/zealot is a sacrificial goat, nothing more. Some very frightened people are going to extreme lengths here. Unfortunately, it wont lead anywhere important, which is by design.

    • oh fuck you.

      the way you support the pigs, you are most certainly a tax leech.

      you parasitic lowlife.

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahha You’re projecting again, tFAGGOT. Funny that a cunt like you, all rich n whatnot spends so much time screeching online about how others need to kill cops you ain’t got the balls to kill yourself….. Almost as if you’re just a sad, lonely, bitter sociopathic little bitch of a manlet. Bodycount still a solid ZERO, coward?….. “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” for me, tFAGGOT. It amuses me, probably lots of others as well.

  19. Notarealperson

    When DISCO was privatized investigative standards went into the toilet. many were just pencil whipped.

    it used to be for clearance like the one she held,DISCO went deep and would find out a lot of things she thought she hid. Also ten minutes googling her would have revealed she was a nut job and thus unfit.
    But I doubt they did this.

    As for this rabid mudshark she got in because she was a double minority. female and homosexual. Still she would have been a raving lunatic and bitch at work complaining about all the white people.

    I bet they threw a party at work when she got pinched.

  20. This Beast is Proof the US Intelligence Community is Completely Penetrated (A Leftist Speciality) and on the Socialist Train to the Total Destruction of this Republic.
    I have No Respect or Fear of these Animals, just Pure Hate for what they are…
    The Enemy!!!
    But not a Blinding Hate.

  21. “At Evergreen, the spark that set off the recent turmoil was an announced “Day of Absence” in which White students and campus members were told to not come to campus so that students of color would have a day free from their oppressive presence. Evergreen State biology professor Bret Weinstein had concerns with this plan, writing that it seemed, well, somewhat racist. Certainly, excluding White students from campus for a day would seem on the face of it to be spectacularly racist, but we must remember that the prevailing logic of the social justice left is “people of color can’t be racist” — which is then interpreted as “anything we do to White people is ok.” This dynamic is visible in any of the videos of the confrontations from Evergreen State or any of the other recent campus race-based protests. The template for this is for students, faculty, or protestors “of color” and their White allies to unashamedly harass, scream and swear at, insult, and on occasion initiate force or threats of force against White individuals whom they accuse of being racist, insensitive, or merely insufficiently subservient.”


  22. She won’t get off like Hillary does. It helps to have videos of all the major players in bed with children, and she ain’t got ’em.

  23. And while WRSA readers are distracted by midriff selfies, this other female will quietly make her way through federal court:


    I know I know this doesn’t fit the usual short bus narratives here that the Jews are behind everything. Oh wait, the Jews control 1 billion Chinese too….

  24. “Looka lika man!”

  25. 1) A little more testosterone and s/he could probably grow a serviceable male member (is it OK to say “dick?”), thus saving the taxpayers the cost of tranny surgery.
    2) Anybody remember “Pat” on SNL?