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To be truly dangerous to your enemies, train at MVT.

Review: Max Velocity Tactical Training, Idaho 2017.

I just completed another course with Max Velocity Training here in my own state of Idaho. My experience with MVT was so good the first time, I signed up for some more. The fact that Max was willing to come out to Idaho, so I could train with my cadre, in my own home environment, was the icing on the cake. The training Max provides is exceptional, regardless of an individual’s level of experience and previous training.

I realize that some out there are critical of what Max does and of those who take his training courses. I recently read some critical remarks posted in response to a video uploaded on You Tube and the Western Rifle Shooters Association website. This is something I cannot understand, unless it is from pure ignorance or a misunderstanding of those of us who do this. So let me explain my perspective.

I am a “quiet professional” with a normal job, a family I love, and a community that I care about. I do not plan to move my family out to the middle of nowhere in preparation for WTSHTF. I hope that it never happens, and I can continue to live my quiet, normal life. But, because I love my family, my home, and my community, I believe in being prepared in all aspects of my life. Yes…I am an Eagle Scout. I also believe that as part of a community, I am obligated to contribute, my time, talents, energy, and resources to care for my family, my country, and my community.

Not so long ago, I was discussing with an acquaintance (Bill) why I have food storage – including my belief that I should be able to care for my family and help others as well. Bill said, “Mac, you don’t have ANY food storage.” I was confused…because I do indeed have food stores. Bill then said, “Mac…you don’t have any guns…the people with guns are going to come and take your food stores and leave your family to starve!” It was my “wake-up” moment. I want to be able to take care of my family while also helping others. I will share what I have. But I refuse to allow some bad guy to come into my home and community and TAKE everything away from my family, leaving us to perish! Thus, began my quest to prepare to defend those I love and the resources I need to take care of them.

Until I took my first MVT class, I was mostly self-trained. But, as others have said, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” I now realize, I will not be able to stand in my doorway with a shotgun and protect hearth and home by myself. It will require a team effort. As others have said, “it takes a village.” This not only applies to raising a family…but also to protecting them. This is why Max Velocity Training is invaluable. Besides individual Combat Rifle Skills, he teaches Combat Team Tactics, Direct Action, Close Quarters Battle, and Force on Force training options – among other courses.

Some, out there trolling the Internet, watch the MVT videos on YouTube and say, this is all just “Disneyland for wanna-be’s.” Am I just a “wanna be?” HELL YEAH! I “wanna be” prepared to protect and defend my beloved family and community!!! And I guarantee, this is NOT Disneyland. I am not playing…and neither is Max. These MVT classes are tough and they are comprehensive. I suggest a significant amount of physical training in preparation for these classes. But that is another discussion for another time.

Just like you cannot learn how to swim by reading about it in a book, you cannot learn how to do this stuff by simply reading about it in a book or on a blog site. You have to DO IT, and then do it again and again. Training and practice are preached abundantly. Max tells us, then shows us, then leads us in drills, and eventually he has us running drills in a variety of scenarios until we can perform effectively as buddy pairs, teams and units. Am I trying to be some Army Ranger or Special Forces operative? NO – of course not. I am no longer a 21-year-old football player. Those days…and that body are gone forever. It is a reality of mortality. So I am doing what I can. And I can prepare, and plan, and train, and practice. But I need some help building a foundation of knowledge and skills. That is what Max has provided. This is a base to build on with good, solid, strategic, building blocks.

I am not going to give up my normal life, my normal job, or my place in my normal, quiet, community. But times are changing and society is disintegrating. I hope it never happens. But, if or when a group of thugs comes into my community with bad intentions toward my family – they will not only face me and my rifle, but my cadre of armed and trained companions, who will know how to fire and maneuver, communicate and move, react and attack with violence and aggression, using effective tactics, including the ability to break contact with covering fire. We know how set up a hasty ambush if pursued. We have learned about group security when moving or while staying in place. We have learned how to move in vehicular convoy through or away from danger. And we now know how to give aid under fire, as well how to provide tactical combat casualty care within the limits of our abilities.

If ever required, we know how to assault a fixed position with support by fire, using communication, tactical movement, and aggressive, overwhelming violence. We have been taught how to plan and execute an ambush, a raid, and an assault, with both small and larger groups. Leadership is an inherent part of these training courses, as well as how to think and act for the benefit and welfare of the group.

In all the MVT courses I have attended, I have trained with young, fit, athletic, warriors, as well as older, Idaho, family-men, all with varying degrees of fitness, skill and training. Some have served in various branches of the military. Max is able to adapt the training so that all involved are able to benefit, progress, and advance in their abilities. Instead of criticizing him, Max should be thanked for what he is doing to help us “quiet professionals” who are merely a bunch of “wanna-be’s,” to prepare ourselves to protect and defend our families and communities in the event that it becomes necessary. And after watching these guys run live ammunition fire drills and running force on force with UTM…I am glad I am on their side!

Thanks MVT!

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  1. kay_de_leon

    Haters gon hate.

    Given the choice between training with your people, and shit talking videos on the internet, only the sorriest type of people would choose the latter…

  2. yeah, these trainers have a place- for those who didn’t challenge themselves when they turned 18…. college is NOT a challenge.

    at least they now see the error of their ways.

    • Man, u never stop, do you?

    • lastmanstanding

      t…my dad ran a Marine tank command in 1950 for 18 months. Had a cousin killed in the door of a chopper hauling wounded out of SEA…cousins father had his arm blown off and other injuries in WWI2. Another cousin served in SEA…his father was an engineer on several Navy vessels during WW2.

      These guys all raised me. We were encouraged not to enter .mil. We were encouraged to be “challenged” by other things.

      Error…maybe. I wish I had entered .mil most times. No going back now.

      I actually do understand what you are trying to do here.

      The trainers that I mentioned above didn’t raise ANY pussies. :;

  3. Max offers a great product. Best bang for the buck for a sound knowledge base and skillset for a responsible citizen to acquire, maintain, and reinforce. The guy is organized, safe, dead serious, funny, and a genuine good guy. Don’t let his opinions or internet antics detour one from taking one of his classes. He is an experienced and talented professional with regards to training.

  4. great article. I always thought the detractors and critics weren’t worth much. I could never see how anyone who actually knew anything about SUT could be disparaging.

  5. I’m always ragging on Max, the truth of the matter is, if your not attending these kinds of shoot and scoot trainings, your falling behind. Been thru many many schools in years past. Their fun and an eye opener, and a ball buster.

    Live fire ups the game exponentially. Getting too old for this, to many fake body parts, try and stay frosty on my distances shooting, stalking, and hidden observation skills. I’m slow but can still go long distances when pushed. Rather crawl straight up, then down ever. Kills me anymore.

    On ” that day” we will all need to step up. My personal issue is, I’m not interested in leading. And I’m sure as fuck not following. A bad place to be.

    To you guys in Idaho, good on you.


  6. Comrade X


  7. Never understood why anyone would oppose SUT training. Max gets the paradigm of training the citizen and what the best highpayoff training topics might be.
    Too many folks busy themselves with transition dancing on the square range and neglect the much more fundamental skills in SUT.
    The more citizens attend training like this the better.

  8. The only thing some people bring to the table is $#!^-talking.
    Like the turds in any punchbowl, they aren’t your friends, and don’t have your best interests at heart.

    By all accounts, Max et al offer useful training for a reasonable price.
    Only fools would fail to avail themselves of those opportunities when possible.
    And neither training in your head, nor muscle memory, can ever be taken away.
    Make good use of the current pause. Nothing good lasts forever.

  9. OK here we go for the final time…I have read Max’s books and enjoyed them. I take no issue with MVT or the services they provide for a customer based business and Max answered my comment in a professional manner. If anyone wants to go to his classes…great…and you’re entitled to your opinion…and after spending 20 yrs in service to this country, many in direct combat and following retirement joining with private military contractors (Dynecorps, XE Services, GTAC) in support of US State Dept and other classified operations as recently as 2014 I feel that I am on fairly level ground with Max and his cadre so here’s the deal.

    One of the most important attributes of great leadership is the ability to ignore critics and remain mission focused. Once you start to be distracted by the small voices you begin to become consumed by criticism. This tendency to over react begins to diminish the leaders focus and leads to an erosion in team cohesion and effectiveness. Most tier one units use this tactic to assess leadership candidates and weed out the “ego types” before they can move on to the real deal. The age old advice to “don’t get calluses patting yourself on the back” is as applicable today as when some old salt said it decades ago.

    As I clearly stated before this is a free country (?) and having served this land for twenty years and more I truly mean it when I repeat…Max is entitled to his opinion…as am I.

    Now this for the Kool Aid drinkers…you take a four day camping trip and have the balls to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about? At least Max realized, as did a couple of others, that my sign off signified something. Most of you don’t know what the phonetic alphabet is or know how to tell military time. You exclaim that you weren’t in the service and then proceed to pass judgement on a subject you just said you had no experience with…WTF. You’re entitled to your opinion…and that’s all. Here’s a little advice…stay on the MVT forum. I hear guys and gals (yeah them too) at various venues (gun stores, ranges, 3 gun) apologetic for their lack of service and then critique others based on some class. Most of us just ignore it but start that in the wrong watering hole and you may be calling the dentist. My last suggestion…in addition to these classes seriously think about the decision to bunker in place. If you haven’t conducted current area studies in 360 @ 50m, set up simple comm procedures (the Dew can in the bush at…240°, designated recon/rally points, ingress/egress and figured what to do when a bearcat or bradley shows up and cuts the Ponderosa in half with a dillon or chaingun…you gotta a lot of work to do. Spend more time workin on that stuff and less time worrying about Max…he probably knows how to take care of himself. As for myself…our team will be picking over all the stuff the doomsday preppers leave for resupply as we move…might as well let someone else spend the cash. Have fun…and as always…Alpha Mike Foxtrot.

    Urgent Fury, GWI, GWOT…JTF 6, ODA 173…RIP Smokie

  10. John Doe,

    Nothing you said diminishes the need for folks to learn SUT.

    On the contrary your boast that “your team” is going to take preppers stuff is hardly the kind of argument that will convince folks that SUT is not worth it.
    For someone who bemoans “Ego” your post sure is dripping of it and I dont care how well credentialed you are.
    It all comes down to the basics anyway so no matter how good “your team” is if you keep aggressing prepared, armed and trained folks your “team” will atritt itself to nothing real quick after a couple
    Good Luck with that.

    PS: Why would a Bradley “show up”? Hey while your at it I guess you should prep for facing a pair Apaches too huh? Are you? I didnt think so. Why would we “worry about Max”? WTF does that even mean??
    The rest of your post also has little to do with the subject of whycitizens should train SUT (except unwittingly reinforcing it).. It’s also is dripping with false assumptions and just reeks of conformation bias run amuck..You may really want to check those biases.. Thats also part of “leadership” BTW….

    • Thumbs up f

      No bs from F. The more responsible citizens that have sut the better.

      Predicting how it’s going to “be” is amateur. Enjoy your retirement and congrats on still getting paid via tax payer.

    • Good points F. Was it ‘John Doe’ who made the original ‘disneyland wannabe’ comments? Interesting return comments then. I think the thing is that none of these guys are ‘worrying about Max.’ Instead, they are worrying about others. They are writing these student reviews, and as WRSA readers they are also seeing some of these comments when the videos originally went up about the Idaho class. They are addressing these points in a bid to counter the pointless negativity, and persuade others of both their positive training experience, and the urgency and relevance of it.

      And here is a thought: with currrent and progression training through MVT classes, with the progression and quality of live fire and UTM classes, a civilian can be more current and better trained in light infantry tactics than many military who were either 1) never in a unit that trained SUT to a high level or 2) are resting on laurels, real or imagined.

      Even many GWOT veterans do not have relevant experience to a light infantry fight, and suffer from survivor bias. Depending what their particular experience was, of course.

      MVT training is real and happening now. It is adapted to a civilian environment, primarily focusing on light infantry SUT with rifles. Given that SOF train at MVT, mostly as pre deployment training specifically to build core SUT skills on the same training packages as civilians, should give you a clue.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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