Do You Understand Yet?

From TSM, with a recommendation (seconded here) to read all of the source material:

All of this points to a basic, obvious truth of contemporary American politics: the Republican coalition is going to lose. Republicans are clumsy with power; they can’t seem to hold it for long, or ever use it to achieve any vision that fundamentally opposes the Democrats’. Republicans have been fatally outmaneuvered, flanked, and divided. The key institutions, the high ground, belong to the Democrats. Therefore, the Republican base is not going to get what it wants. The Democrats may offer a few expedient compromises along the way, but the state is well and truly caught up in the engine of “progress.” The total transformation of American social and civic life to align with the Democratic vision of the common good is a foregone conclusion.

And this basic truth, in turn, points to another. It’s this second truth that has become my singular political concern in the last several years. And this truth is one that the left has studiously ignored, because if they admit it, they will have to let go of their beloved vision of the common good. The truth is this: the right is not going to accept the left’s victory.

The left has treated politics like a game, like a matter of points and position, like a matter of scoring goals and blocking returns. It isn’t a game. There are neither rules nor referees. At its base, the Republican coalition is furious, outraged, boiling. They will not quit the field gracefully. We are not heading into the fourth quarter. We are heading into an explosion. We are heading into civil war.

Everyone who is paying attention to politics knows this, by the way. It’s just something we don’t speak of. But if we want to survive, this silence has to stop. Each side has reasons for staying quiet, but it’s the left’s reasons that matter most.

The left remains quiet about the civil war we all know is coming … because they think they are going to win it.

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  1. If you don’t choose a side one will be chosen for you.

    • “…to achieve any vision that fundamentally opposes the Democrats.”

      It’s never gonna happen. And do you wanna know why?

      It’s because there is no difference between a Dem and a Rat!!!

      Got it???

  2. Hadenoughalready

    You’re spot on, CA. But their silence wanes as their numbers rise; like a hornet’s nest. One in which they produce nothing of value save for to expand their population and plunder their neighbors.

    My Father spoke of a coming “civil war” many years ago, foreseeing the Democrats, being akin to the Nazis, and their ultimate rise to totalitarianism. Sadly, I’m seeing his words come to fruition.

    As I’ve warned many times before, people should NOT take this lull for granted. Continue to prepare. Be silent. Survey your “kingdom” carefully and KNOW your enemy. Above all – smile and nod, all the while.

    Your enemy is boisterous and proud. They love to brag so take advantage of their weaknesses.

    Above all – Keep the Faith! Pray the Almighty gives you the discernment to recognize who is what and the wisdom to take the appropriate action when needed to rebuke evil; “cold” as one may have to become.

    Remember the Canaanites…

  3. Pistol Pete

    From what i have seen from the right, you maybe correct. Most “patiots” are waiting til…… ?
    The time to stand was a while back, now everyone is stating that when it goes down i’m going to kick some butt. I went back and looked at the posts and posting times of some of the more vocal people on this site. They claim to be ready to go. But they are on line so much i dont understand when they have time to train? They dont attend rallies. They are not active in local politics, They really take no action other than attacking others on this site. Attacking people that supposedly have the same views as themselves!? Go ahead attack my statements, i know you cant wait to post your venomnous rants.

    You can claim to be a Patriot and or a Three Percenter, you can claim to be taking back “white” America. “white” America is Gone, never coming back. And soon, very soon America as a whole will be gone. The war has started. Wake up.!!!
    Why arent you doing something yet?! I know – you’re going to, just not yet…….not till its to late.

    Not everyone here is a poser, i know there are real men and patriots visiting this site. These are the men I now stand shoulder to shoulder with, we will fight for God and Country.

    Keyboard commandos, ha.

    • Randolph Scott

      Well, and I quote your statement “Why arent you doing something yet?! I know – you’re going to, just not yet”.

    • Ha! Yup. tfat?

    • Chuck NoName

      Pete, not everyone, especially the real serious Patriots like myself are going to be out there marching, attending Rallies etc..getting themselves placed in facial recognition software for the future. Why is that? Because some of us, (probably a sizable number of folks if my “friends” and peers are any indication) have been extensively trained, now are retired, in Unconventional Warfare – a skill set that will be desperately needed when the “war of movement” phase breaks out. Many of us are quietly staying in that fog of obscurity so as not to arouse suspicion or make ourselves known. To my neighbors, friends, acquaintances – we’re just another “old retired Army or Navy or Marine Guy” who likes to fly the flag, cut his grass and go fishing or hunting. I like it that way. The Leftist Turds will not know WHAT the hell hit them after some of us slide into a Ghillie suit and go on the offense. Suddenly, it won’t be comfortable for the Socialists, the Communist scumbuckets or their useful idiot tools like BLM go out marching etc..Just know, we’re out here, preparing – gathering info, gathering supplies and making our OPLANS – ok?

  4. Publius X Maul

    (((Ayan Rand)))’s (((individual rights))) bullshit was part of the Jewish attack on the white family and white communities and standards for proper civilized behavior and one’s duties as a citizen in a civilized white country.

    • Grenadier1

      So individual rights are a Jewish plot introduced by Ayn Rand?

      • not precisely, though they are tangent to the usual neo-con proposition nation/magic dirt claptrap. Libertarianism is, like Marxism, just another expression of the universalist Tikkun Olam.

        • I thought Libertarianism was an expression of the agreement that we don’t start a fight with each other as a basis of civilization. Basic rules for getting along in community, universal in the sense that they work anywhere, and all civilizations follow them.

          • evidently you were misinformed. Judeo-Libtardism is a mirror-image of Judeo-Bolshevism.

          • That set of rules only works in a highly intelligent and HIGH TRUST “society”.

            Northern and western Europeans and Scandinavians have evolved in high trust “societies”.

            Are there any “societies” comprised of purely north & west Europeans and Scandinavians left to implement a libertarian experiment?

  5. “The left remains quiet about the civil war we all know is coming … because they think they are going to win it.”

    Then, and by all means, “”Cry Havoc”, and let loose the dogs of war!”

    As they used to say on the street, ” if you’re feeling froggy, then jump.”

  6. The Usual Suspect

    Remember, there are no rules when you are fighting
    for your life.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Tut, tut, dear boy; one must *ALWAYS* abide by the dictates of good manners and the Marquess of Queensberry. Stooping to the level of one’s opponent simply won’t do.
      – The Right’s “Leadership”

  7. None of us are going to be very effective alone. Check out

  8. hummus abedin

    Currently watching the Comey testimony show.
    It seems to be setting a base of legitimacy
    for impeachment.
    Early on, the point was emphasized that while
    Trump’s election win is legitimate, his ties
    and connections with Russia are not.
    And therein lies the crime committed by Trump,

    • there will be no impeachment/conviction. Trump has completed his Ritual of Submission to Zion, and it would mean the immediate end of the GOP. Republiscams are stupid, but not this stupid.

    • tayronachan

      What ties and connections with the Russians? Where is the evidence?
      He doesn’t even do business in Russia because it’s too hard, you get ripped off.

  9. Very very interesting read, thanks for linking it. The author’s take on the struggle between the two Chrstianities, and attributing left-socialism to one branch of Christianity (with a compelling argument) trying to create heaven on earth, is perhaps going to piss off some folks who prefer to attribute literally everything bad to those damned atheists and libertarians.

    I agree with the author’s assessment of the outcome of a Hillary election, and the sequence: it would start with gun bans, and then attempts to enforce those bans, and then armed resistance, and then civil war, with the left exterminated. Some of us are aware of the Maryland assault weapons ban case now making its way to the SC, where a newly-reconfigured-under-Hillary SC (following Scalia’s untimely murder) would have upheld the ban, and then it would spread to other states.

    But I digress. The left has declared war on us in so many ways that what is one more now? They seek total power, and the author correctly notes their firm belief in the righteousness of their case and their willingness to do anything to achieve it.

    Trump is maybe a stay of execution, nothing more.

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    I have never read “more truth” in a few terse paragraphs, than the words in the italics above.

    The retards, the statists, the deep-state shit-stains in the Republican party such as “chinless-wonder-Mconnell, Senator Psycopath and Senator Sodomite, to name a few (McCain and Graham) are putting us on a path to a hot civil war, along with a breakup and dissolution of the USA (which might not be such a bad thing).


    What “The Left” thinks and what “The Left” does are two different things. For years and years, going back to the Mario Savio Free Speech Movement at Berserkley, these Marxists and their legions of useful idiots have screamed and hollered, demonstrated, carried on, etc. Look at today’s posturing at Evergreen State College in WA. I recently saw a photo of a bunch of these mutants posing with baseball bats to: “…defend their safe spaces.”
    Yes, there were bombings by the Weather Underground during the Viet Nam War. Hey, look at our history. Washington and Hamilton crushed the Whiskey Rebellion with military force. The American Lenin sent Yankee troops to New Yawk to shoot the draft rioters. You had the Haymarket Riots, the Ludlow Massacre, etc. When The Deplorables and the rest of us dirt people start to get physically threatened and/or assaulted, “The Left” and all of its attendant useful idiots, SJWs. special snowflakes, etc. will see unpleasant blowback.
    Keep in mind that the big motivator for the great unwashed is economic. When the Amerikan Sheeple experience the next big “economic correction” and cannot meet their debts; and when the Banksters say: “Pay up or get thrown out in the street”, then that iconic photograph above will become a reality. A lot of political criminals will become subject to rules 7.62 and 5.56. Bleib ubrig.

  12. thesouthwasrght

    I like an sms, would like to have a nice Russian sample, but it wouldn’t be my 1st, or 5th, choice for sporty times.

  13. The Walkin' Dude

    They think they’ll have men with more guts in their little fingers, than all libtards combined, to do their bidding for them. They also think the right doesn’t have men willing to scorch the earth, cuz muh “high ground”. I know I am willing to be the bad guy, so the “good guys” don’t have to “get their hands dirty” 🙂

    • “The Left” has been sowing the seeds of their coming destruction for decades.

      They bitched and whined and tore down the majority of the population economically, culturally, and, most importantly, morally.

      With immigration and outsourcing policies, our jobs have been wiped out, left with mostly low-paying jobs that leave little left on the bone after the “stealth inflation” cut.

      The jobs left are fought over by not just male breadwinners, but by “empowered women” and an increasing amount of “immigrants that will do the jobs whites will no longer do.”

      The culling-down of media to SIX major owners has pounded their agenda into everyone, who still listens or watches, for the past few decades, instilling the culture they want and “shaming” those that don’t follow.

      The attack on Christianity, whether you believe or not, has left either limp-wristed race-cucks, hardened believers, or those who have few compunctions to wiping out those who have taken away their foundation.

      In every war between whites and others, the others lose badly in all-out war for survival.

      In wars between whites and whites, there has always been an unwritten “gentlemen’s agreement” not to intentionally mass-slaughter each other, mostly based on Christian values.

      What happens when whites that have little to no “Christian values” fight an enemy that are mixed white and other, in a fight for survival?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “In wars between whites and whites, there has always been an unwritten “gentlemen’s agreement” not to intentionally mass-slaughter each other, mostly based on Christian values.”

        Guess the Germans and Russians missed that memo during the ’41-’45 contretemps. Pretty much all of Europe missed it during the ’14-’18 go round, though they didn’t chop up civilian populations as badly as they could have. It wasn’t overly prevalent in the Thirty Years War, either.

  14. Disclosure: I read as far as the list of what republicans want. I think the author is way off base. I’m about as far right as you can get and that list is pure foolishness and represents damn few ‘republican’ wish lists.

  15. Oh….I was at Cabela’s yesterday and saw an SKS on the used gun rack for…..$599.99!!! LMAO.

    • Randolph Scott

      I wish I could get that for my pristine Model D. Ha Ha.
      Can’t think of anyone that would pay that kind of money for an SKS.

  16. No, no, no, that’s not how you do a good rant, this is how you do a good rant:

    1) This is a response to a repost to an original blog post made on November 6th, that was obsolete last November 9th. Srsly?

    2) The “analysis” of the GOP is closer to anal-assis, as in the entirety was pulled wholly from the author’s rectum. It’s not only just wrong, or bad, it’s both, to the nth degree, and of such fatuous amateurism as to embarrass the likes of paid professional fabulist retards like Bill Maher and Michael Mooreon. Seriously, someone’s village is short a major-league idiot, one who’d probably go pretty early in the King Of The Dipshits draft this year, definitely the first round, maybe even the #1 pick.

    And those are it’s good points.

    3) Then there is the rampant hyperbole, and bile-injected defeatism such that somewhere, there has to be a prodigious pile of dead curmudgeons minus their spleens, somewhere, to slake the author’s thirst and infuse his body with that much unadulterated jaundice. This guy could suck unripened lemons smothered in sour milk and vinegar with a straight face. And clearly, probably does exactly that, most days.

    4) Followed by analysis (and I use the term loosely) of history, science, and religion, worthy of the worst two-kegger and bong-loaded sophopmoric dorm room bullshit session ever imagined, attended solely by Affirmative Action Diversity and football scholarship holders (but I repeat myself), in the 1/2A Division. The only thing missing from it was the kraken, Ayn Rand lesser apocrypha, and recourse to the apocalypse of St. John, as told to Howard Zinn, and co-covered by Alex Jones, George Nouri, and Zombie L. Ron Hubbard. On LSD. After cold-turkeying off Prozac.

    5) Finally, as if it weren’t blisteringly obvious thus far, the author bids us endure him self-inflicting a Siberian forest’s worth of spruce splinters up his own ass to see him ride the fence of “I Am The Independent Voter, Hear Me Roar!”, and ere he rides out of sight on a wall the length of which, if actually built on the Mexican border, would give the entire board of directors of VDare woodies that you couldn’t get from eating a superbowl full of Viagra spoonfed to you by naked Playboy playmates, in order to virtue signal to one and all his anti-Democrat/anti-Republican street cred, and cheerfully wish them “A Pox On Both Your Houses!”.

    Well played, Agonblogger. You’re wiser, better, and smarter than all of humanity, squared. Just ask you.

    But the Internet Truth In Advertising Law requires us to note that there’s a “y” missing from the source-blog’s title, which should appear after the “n” and before the “b”. Along with a warning from the Surgeon General, and a link to the dangers of eating bowlfuls of leaded paint chips. (It’s also possible I’m underselling it, at that.)

    And since about two days after he killed those poor harmless electrons that never hurt anyone, to decry the Y2016Virus that only he foresaw, his entire screed was wholly overtaken by events, and is now worth about as much as 2017 Superbowl LI Champion shirts – for the 2016 Cleveland Browns.

    Mind you, there are rhetorical flourishes here and there, the excerpt of which here and on TSM’s blog was apparently most of them.
    (If you’ve ever wasted good money on a total shit movie after seeing a trailer that had cleverly excerpted all the good 90 seconds from a 2 hour assflop of a flick, you know what I mean.)
    And, to be fair, I love a good rant, well-written and heroically conjured.

    But this wasn’t any such.
    It’s was more like 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back, to listen to some misguided sad panda mouth-breather rant about the dystopian future he imagined after playing D&D on acid while listening to NPR.

    Any self-respecting fool would have yanked the original post NLT last November 10th, out of sheer embarrassment, and left an appropriate placeholder in its stead:


    • Nobody does hubris better than you, Aesop. Nobody at all.

      • Hubris I could understand, but it requires being right, not so egregiously wrong you’d need air-sea rescue helicopters and GPS to find reality from that deep off in the woods. This was premature sour grapes, and poor prognostication, compounded by a dearth of any substance for going so far astray in the first place.

        Unless the point of the exercise was to garner unmitigated laughs at the effort in the first place.

    • Yep.

      Chicken Littles, cursing the sky for not falling fast enough.

  17. “It’s was more like 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back, to listen to some misguided sad panda mouth-breather rant about the dystopian future he imagined after playing D&D on acid while listening to NPR”
    ^ Ima steal this Yo?^
    The sad truth is that the content here as of late is not more than the rephrasing of the same tired rant; “Why are YOU sitting at Your Keyboard? Be like me, a rootin tootin gun shootin counter revolutionary! then there follows passive nihilism, exhortations to TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! maybe some anecdotes and calls for active nihilism but always “It’s YOUR FAULT, The Constitution is SHIT! Now get off my lawn!”
    This becomes tedious, especially when Conservatism is winning, it has the ring of a psy-op

    • Describe how “conservatism is winning”, in detail.


      • Detroit III

        When you tell us how you aren’t laeader of the book of the month club.

      • While everyone was watching the Comey sideshow, a bunch of new conservative judges were confirmed to assorted federal benches.

        >>But that doesn’t count because Black Robed Tyrants!! Who are JOOOOOOS!! or at least Shabbats Goyim.

        In Michigan, the state House of Reps voted a bill to remove permit requirements for concealed carry.

        >>But that doesn’t count because State Senate! and Governor! and it’s Not Happening All At Once Everywhere! and Chicongo!! and probably some JOOOOOS.

        That’s just two. I’m off to my non-existent job (there is NO manufacturing in the US, let alone in Michigan, you know.), so if you want more, you’ll have to wait.

        And by the way, WATER IS WET. Try not to waste my time getting me to prove it beyond a shadow of YOUR doubt…..

        • Grey Ghost

          They aren’t CONservative judges until they rule in multiple cases supporting the CONservative ideology. So you just have a bunch of HOPIUM here dude. How many times have so called CONservative judges ruled opposite of the CONservative ideology? All the CONservatives are head over heels re Judge Gorsuch, but just wait til this asshat goes against CONservative values in a decision… then what? Situation normal… FUBAR.

          Ahhh the vaunted House of Rep of Michigan what about the Michigan Senate and the Governor? Like it or not this IS technically a nothing burger until passed by the Senate AND the Governor. Wake me up when those two branches pass it. Are those branches going along with this constitutional carry plan or is this just more HOPIUM from CONservatives? Same bullshit re the Hearing Protection Act in Lincoln’s Congress.

          I don’t think anyone here said there were no jobs in Michigan… though I am pretty sure Detroit has been turned into a shithole by the left and if memory serves there is some city in MI that is almost all sand nigger.

          Now that’s … PURE MICHIGAN.

          CONservatism has NOT saved one damned thing of western civilization from the collectivist/marxist left in this country or any other country for that matter. So yeah CONservatism is a big fat loser for me. So now you can go lick Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hannity’s boots… after you get off work of course.

          Grey Ghost

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “CONservatism has NOT saved one damned thing of western civilization from the collectivist/marxist left in this country or any other country for that matter.”

            Fie, shame, and infamy! Such slander! We have protected CEO compensation from virtually every attempt at government regulation. It is the hill we are absolutely willing to die upon.
            – Conservatism, Inc.

      • They didn’t answer your rhetorical question. Because they can’t.

        My definition of Conservatism is, “The revolution stops here!” Just one step behind the Revolutionaries.

        Of course, the Revolution keeps advancing two steps forward and conservatives “draw the line” just one step behind the Revolutionaries.


  18. There is one AND ONLY ONE political party in the FUSA. It has power. We do not. Everything else is bullshit fantasy and political theater.

  19. should be a hoot watching the clueless expressions on the stupid murkins faces as they exhale for the last time.

    fuck ’em.

    200 million.

    • Detroit III

      The worst of the 200,000,000 is better than you.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      As we both keep reminding ourselves, the brainwashing here is bone deep.

      No hope for these folks, still clinging to their notion of Greenwoodistan. We’re the greatest nation on earth, this can’t be happening to us……..except that history also shows how ignorant arrogant fools become their own next victims.
      For over 70 yrs Americans have been crowing how they kicked the Nazi’s asses singlehandedly, and suddenly we find ourselves next in line for extermination.
      Gee, how did that happen?
      And still letting our egos run away with US.

      • Who knows?

        Maybe one really can have individual freedom and the right to exclusive control over one’s real, personal, and intangible property in a country populated by illegal collectivist migrants, maleducated masses, utterly corrupt govt officials at all levels and branches of govt, unrestricted warrantless omnisurveillance, and unfunded govt liabilities at 6x+ annual GDP.

        No Wall.
        No Obamacare repeal.
        No cancellation of the Forever War.
        No termination of fedgov omnisurveillance (cuz the 4th Amendment sez “unless for national security purposes”).
        No cessation of Muslim migration, let alone expulsion.
        No meaningful legislation out of a Republican-controlled Congress.

        All is well.

        Just gotta convince those naysayers and Chicken Littles to shut up.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Pete, you crack me up!

        • Grey Ghost

          Pete, wait just a god damn minute, I thought CONservatism was winning all over the place, especially in Michigan. Hell the CONservatives repealed Obamacare 47 times when the Kenyan Usurper was in power but now they have power and magically they (the CONservative House and Senate) can’t just pass a plain repeal… LoL.

          Your post is a great short synopsis of the current state of Lincolns Leviathan.

          Yup … All is Well… in a pig’s eye. And thankfully I still have a first amendment here. Thanks.

          Grey Ghost

        • There’s plenty to be pissed off about.
          So, anyone raising hell with their congresscritters, or just sitting in shitty diapers because Magical Wizard isn’t doing everything imagined, instantly, with a wave of a wand-encumbered hand?
          (While fending off, nigh single-handedly, the most overtly treasonous opposition from both parties and the press in the entire history of the republic, btw.)

          The country is still heading for the falls. But not everywhere, nor in every way. The message is decidedly mixed. The only real difference in the last seven months is that it’s a flat-bottomed raft making lazy progress down the Mississippi, rather than a Zodiac paddle raft careening down the Colorado’s rapids. So all that changes is the pace, and the comfort of the ride. Not so much the destination.

          One can try to change that reality, or prepare for it, or even try both simultaneously; but no one can seriously think having a hissyfit about things will ever substitute for either course of action.

          And the OP was nothing but a baby flinging his diaper spackle hither and yon, because he couldn’t have a pony – that could fly.

    • We’ll start with you./ S//

      • like i said.

        you guys with the funny hats don’t have a great ROI from day 1.

        tell us all.

        just who have you prima donnas ever liberated?

        i’m waiting…..

        Bueller? Bueller?

        • You have to be a female. You cannot stay on subject./ S//

          • you SF guys are irrelevant,

            go sell some coffee, shirts, or mebbe make some really funny videos…

            leave the war stuff to those who will actually fight it.

            • “…(W)ho will actually fight it.”

              You mean like you?

              You couldn’t gun your way out of a Brownie meeting. Who (whom?) with astonishing acumen decided to hop on his motorcycle and leave the army in order to gather a sleeping bag full of eleventygagillion dollars to buy a secret island in the near vicinity of the Great Lakes (more or less in Canadistan) populated with five boats and a driveway (why — how are they going to drive there?) upon which you will kill anybody attempting to approach your magnificent and palatial Prep-away.

              Like all cowards and liars you are fearless behind your pseudonym.


      • btw.

        fuck you.

        we’ll start with your tired old ass.///

  20. I’ve often wondered when, if ever, patriots are going to stand up to corrupt .gov or leos and say “eff it, we’ve had enough”..

    After watching what happened at the Bundy Ranch (justified) and then the misadventure at the Wildlife Preserve (justified, but not wisely carried out at all) it’s obvious how quickly a rebellion can go off the rails.

    Perhaps its best it hasnt happened yet. It certainly should have. The federal reserve alone is enough to go to war over, they are stealing our livelihood, every day.

    My guess is, as long as they (the dot-govs or dot-mils) don’t come for the homes, or the guns, of the patriot community, things will remain at a boil without boiling over.

    But had Hillary won, she’d have certainly come for these things, and Ogabe would’ve, if he believed the army would’ve backed him.

    It’s amazing how close we are to conflict, and yet it hasn’t broken out.

    • Pericles"

      “It’s amazing how close to conflict…….” perhaps the most prescient comment I have read in ages, and one that I have wondered about for a while. What will be the proverbial “straw” that sets it off, if at all? All of the “prognosticators” can keep on prognosticating and continuing to get it wrong, until one day, who knows when, if ever, it happens. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Until then, if ever, I just live my life, take care of myself and my loved ones, build relationships with good moral people who, btw, will shoot your ass if you try to harm them or theirs, and I know have my back.

  21. “We are heading into civil war.”

    This is nonsense.

    A civil war is defined as two political powers contending for control of the government. There are no two political powers in this country. That is how the system was designed.

    The “American Revolution” was a civil war. The revolution (actually a coup) was the Constitutional Convention. The “Civil War” was not a civil war, the South left the Federal government and had no designs on it.

    If we are headed into violence over politics that is all it will be, violence over politics — disorganized, aimless, effete. The Party will win because it has no organized opposition and then “resistance” by the “right” (there is no such thing in this country) becomes nothing but politically motivated crime and brigandage.

    And yet, the bloodlust here continues.


    • The “Civil War” was not a civil war, the South left the Federal government and had no designs on it.

      I would largely agree, except that analysis overlooks a certain ill-advised foray into Pennsylvania around the midpoint, and the inevitability of loss in the first place.

      Precipitous wars and a dearth of forethought rarely end well for the instigators. But trying to teach that lesson to hot-heads (whose bloodlust is, indeed, unabated) is like teaching pigs to whistle.

      The analysis of the current situation is true, insofar as it has gone, but it also overlooks the unknowns, and the effect of both inertia and momentum on any potential contest. The last thing I think likely is that the uniparty walks away with anything like keeping so much as their own heads. The extremists on both sides will see that that doesn’t happen, if only out of sheer self-interest.

  22. Mr. Frosty

    As long as “Racist,” “Nazi,” and “Anti-Semite” have power over White men, there will be no resistance. These words have the power to make most White men back down and surrender their daughters.

    I consider them compliments, but then, I’m a bad, bad boy…

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  24. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  25. TimeHasCome

    I live near Seattle , the cauldron of Liberalism. The Lefties ALWAYS telegraph their punches . I knew about ‘White Privilege” three years ago . What’s next ? Simply banning white males , being white and male is now a crime . See what is happening at Evergreen State College when they threatened to take hostages when they could not force the white males off campus.
    Before I forget the move in Seattle is to ban the 4th of July and rename it . They want to rename it” Freedom Day” for Gays , Blacks , Women ect , all except white males .Fireworks will be band ,too noisy and violent.