Frank Pinelander Sends

While the Children, Amateurs, Mosh Pit, and Bloviators alternately wring their hands, wail, gnash teeth, and pound their chest – there are those of us that are stepping back and looking at things.

The Bolsheviks have been playing this drama out for decades. When they started using certain words, we took notice.

Words have meaning. What all should be concerned about is the meaning as described in the legal sense. Last I knew, SCOTUS used Bouvier’s. The military has theirs.

The Bolsheviks have a Grand Strategy, as opposed to no strategy of the “conservatives”. Start with the Grand Strategy, and work backwards. In doing that, you will see the various sub-strategies and the tactics that go along with it.

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  1. Funny how everyone hinges the fate of the FedGov on Trump doing something or another.

    Fucking ClownWorld.

  2. Saw this linked by Publius Huldah.She knows they are evil incarnate.A tidbit…”Looking past the near-term concerns that have plagued population policy at the political level, it is increasingly apparent that the long-term sustainability of civilization will require not just a leveling-off of human numbers as projected over the coming half-century, but a colossal reduction in both population and consumption.”

  3. blah. blah. blah.

    bottom line.

    the cops will enforce ANY law- except on themselves and politicians.
    the cops will lie about everything- PERIOD.
    the cops will steal anything- except theirs and the politicians.
    the cops will rape, rob, and murder anyone- except themselves and politicians.

    Update: Las Vegas, Nevada (First reported 5/23/17): An officer was charged for the chokehold death of Tashii Brown.
    New York, New York: An officer is being sued for false arrest by a man who spent two years in jail awaiting trial for an attack with a pipe he was incapable of committing. He was acquitted of the charge, in part because he is missing several fingers on his hand due to a case of frostbite when he suffered when he was homeless.
    Bradford, Pennsylvania: An officer was fired after he was arrested for shoplifting about $10 of meat from Wal-Mart on two occasions.
    Update: Baltimore, Maryland: An officer who has been charged with sexting a 15-year-old boy in York County, Pennsylvania failed to appear in court. His bail was revoked and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.
    Asbury Park, New Jersey: An officer is on trial for misconduct and racketeering for tipping off gang members to police activity.
    Ripley, Tennessee: An officer was charged with sexual misconduct for contact with sex workers while on duty.
    Randolph County, North Carolina: A deputy was charged with DWI after driving on the wrong side of the road. His BAC was measured at .150.
    North Miami, Florida: Several officers are being sued by the family of an autistic man whose therapist was shot while trying to help him. The man suffers from severe autism and was unable to communicate but officers held and interrogated him anyway after the shooting. The therapist previously filed a suit for being shot while he was on the ground with his hands up.
    Garland, Texas: An officer was suspended 56 days for uncuffing a suspect who had earlier challenged the officer to a fight and then beating him up. The officer was also recorded bragging about the incident. His partner was reprimanded and his supervisor was suspended for three days. No charges were brought for the assault.
    Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: An officer was arrested for getting paid for hours he did not work.
    Mission, Texas: An officer resigned amid an investigation into a video of him while he was intoxicated and handling what appears to be marijuana.
    Youngstown, Ohio: An officer was indicted on 10 counts of sexual battery and unlawful conduct with a minor. The report suggests the incident happened while the officer was off duty and working in a non-law enforcement capacity at a school.
    Sunbury, Pennsylvania: An officer was charged with failure to report child abuse and tampering after images of an abused child were found on her cell phone.
    Ville Platte, Louisiana: A now-former officer was sentenced to five years of hard labor, suspended, and given probation after pleading guilty to intimidation and abuse charges. He made women pose for titillating photographs in order to avoid arrest.
    Update: Newark, Ohio (First reported 11/2/16): An officer was fired after an investigation into his domestic violence arrest last fall.
    Update: Pushmataha County, Oklahoma (First reported 5/15/17): A deputy who was fired for falsely reporting a shootout that led to a manhunt will be criminally charged for the incident.

    these low lives are the criminals first line of defense…
    any questions?

    prepare accordingly.

  4. This is an important read.

    Read the post link. Read it again. Read the words.

    From the link… “All resistance movements are externally sponsored and supplied.”

    Get it?


    • France is in no position to help nor would they be inclined to.
      What Nations or group would benefit from the reorganization or break up of the current United States?

      I just don’t see external help happening.
      It will have to collapse on its own.
      Then outsiders will choose sides in order to enrich themselves.

    • Grenadier1

      Clarification Sgt,
      That can have multiple meanings. Externally as in external to the organization, or externally as in external to the national boundaries?

      • External to the national boundaries; the UW term for it is “Secure Third Area.” It’s purpose is recruiting, training, organizing, C3I, and logistics. For this contiguous borders are necessary. The contiguous border need not include the foreign sponsor — one of it’s allies or puppet states will do.

        Of necessity the foreign government backing the rebellion must distance itself from the organization. Like the US/NATO/GCC distances themselves from their mercenary army AQ/IS (same thing really).


    • The meek shall inherit the Gulag.

    • well then.

      let’s pray for Russian assistance.

      pretty obvious to anyone with 2 brain cells that the murkin military is a paper tiger and 3rd world goat herders are a blowtorch…

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