“It Will Come To Blood” – What Spain’s Civil War Can Teach America’s Patriots


If they are willing to listen and learn.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The Spanish Civil War was a civil war. Catholics (Franco, et alia) versus… well, the Spanish version of the Liberty Movement.

    Can anybody be astonished that ‘Murkun Patriots in the 1930s threw down heavily on the side of the Communists and Anarchists in Spain (for Democracy! of course), to the point of forming the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, which even today some nigger keeps insisting must be supplied with the status of “Veteran?”

    Nothing to see here. Keep moving along.


    • you cowardly piece of fuck.

      you god damned losers and your girl scout hats have never won or even helped anyone to win ANYTHING.

      nothing but assholes who have the propaganda machine drilling lies into the dumbasses heads about how great you are.

      fucking BULLSHIT.

      you aren’t even a pile of shit in a detroit niggers backyard.

      now tell us again who you overblown shitstains have ever liberated?

      SF Seals et al. all nothing but a pork barrel of waste and fraud.

      fuck you bitchboy.

    • “Murkan Patriots”? Not exactly: about 60% of the Brigadistas were Red Jews. Merriam, the C/O, a Shabbatz goy. Cf.:



      and numerous first-hand accounts by Jew-communist members of the Brigade:

      Bessie, Alvah: MEN IN BATTLE
      Felsen, Milt: THE ANTI-WARRIOR
      Lipton, Eunice: A DISTANT HEARTBEAT
      Wolf, Milton: ANOTHER HILL


      • True enough.

        Except read the Jews Papers of the ’30s. And count the number of Red Blooded ‘Murkuns (The ’30s Antifa crowd — today morphed into the Liberty Movement, spouting the same ’30s propaganda) who went to Spain to fight for “Liberty” and “Republican Values.” Under the Red and Black flags.

        And who at the same time were being blasted as “Nazis” by the same Jews Papers?

        Lindbergh, Fr. Coughlin, etc…

        There is a pattern here.


        • And then, of course, you had an entire generation of Red Blooded ‘Murkuns who cheered the overthrow of “anti-Democracy” Czarist Russia by the Jew Bolsheviks, whose stupid children drooled while staring at the cartoon shorts praising “Uncle Joe” just before they were drafted to be cannon fodder in the War to Preserve Communism.

          Their children became “patriots” in the ’80s in consequence of their being Hippies — then Yippies.

          It’s all the same Revolution.


  3. SemperFi, 0321

    Ego is one of the greatest learning disabilities I’ve ever encountered. Leads to deafness too.

  4. unlike Spain, where the Left was divided and lacked strong leadership, in ‘Murka it’s the Right – both nominal and hard – that’s fragmented and lacks anything resembling a Leader. Once the universal Ponzi – moral, political, and economic – run by the Zionist Occupation Government collapses, though, I expect that situation to gradually reverse. In the meantime, as the Vdare essay indicates, the whiteRight is going to take heavy losses. That’s why it’s important not to jump the gun. First, collapse the Center – a task which would have been facilitated by Clinton and now rendered much more difficult by the Trumpenthal regime – then exterminate the Left. What just happened in Britain is instructive: the hardRights, ex-UKIP voters and the like, jumped over the Cucks and supported the Reds, resulting in a hung Parliament, promoting instability, and eventual chaos. And chaos is our friend.

    • I understand the accelerationist viewpoint, but I disagree that HRC winning would have been a good thing. It might have kicked things off faster, but to what end? We are fragmented, but the leader aspect of that isn’t as important as the ideological fragmentation. If we won, what would victory look like? Lots of people who still think the Constitution is perfect and Israel is our Greatest Friend and Ally would be wanting to make all the same mistakes over again. If they are still in a large majority afterwards, it would have all been for naught.

      Chaos is also our (((enemies))) friend. When ideologically fragmented nations collapse, the jews clean up. Which is why they so often initiate that collapse. Imperial Russia, USSR, Ukraine. All had a breakdown, a chaotic period… and it wasn’t the Right that ended up in charge, at least not right away.

      We need to get far more whites on board. I think many are already, they just don’t want to admit it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If the plan is to collapse the Center, there will need to be another plan in place *beforehand* to make sure that the people leaving the Center don’t flock to the enemy.

      • Jim Klein

        “there will need to be another plan in place *beforehand*”

        Whew, lucky that’s false cuz there’s sure gonna be plenty of flocking to plenty of enemies. Hell, it’s still a longshot, but it’s the best option going—maybe they’ll kill each other off. In any event, I’m glad a non sequitor like this means nothing.

    • robins111

      The left is divided now too. Its just many can’t see it.

  5. Spain’s civil war was the Iran-Iraq war of its day: fascists against communists.
    In 1936, as in the 1980s, the poser was wondering which side to cheer for, and frequently expressed hopes that both sides would kill each other out of existence for the good of humanity.
    It was also a proxy duel among seconds for Hitler and Stalin, later replayed in 1941 with the principals.

    That Spain stumbled into democracy fifty years later is hardly a cheery thought, and their first act after half a century of Franco’s dictatorship was to re-embrace socialism, and it remains a fractious conglomerate that threatens to balkanize given sufficient impetus.

    What Spain’s civil war should teach us, is that if you win, consolidate power most brutally, or prepare for an endless replay of the original issues, century after century.

    Look no further than the German example, and both East & West Germany’s embrace of socialism after the war, and replacing the Jewish Question with, now, the Turkish/Syrian Question. The European idiots never learn. Never.


    What was it Bracken said?
    “Yugoslavia times Rwanda”?


    Having a nation, and keeping a nation, are two vastly different subjects. And no one, so far as I can conjure, has ever really settled the latter question, which is by far the more important topic of the two.

    When someone forms up an army to exterminate fascists and communists to the last child, and leave what’s left afterwards the hell alone, to the maximum extent possible, give a holler.

    • So who’s going to fund that? SFC is correct but he didn’t tell us who hasn’t pushed their chips onto the table yet. Russia, China, Saudi, EUC socialists (and our homegrown reds)… already have their teams picked. The cartels? Seems they have plenty of money, are they just not capable of stepping up a notch? Or who holds their leash?

      I’m still the retarded kid at the tail end of the kickball picks.

  6. johnnyreb

    “”For that reason, as Hines predicted, if there is a second American Civil War, we can expect most of the casualties in the beginning will be on the conservative side.””

    Gee; maybe we can come up with a way to get the media to re-think whose side they’re on?

  7. What Spain’s Civil War Can Teach America’s Patriots…that things are complicated. If American Patriots bother to study it.

    Maybe American Patriots can ask themselves under what circumstances would they enlist foreign Muslims to their Nationalist cause.

    After all, Franco did.


    “We spared nothing and no one. We uprooted everything and killed everyone we encountered,” Betmaki said with pride.

    “We chanted an Islamic prayer to praise the Prophet Mohammed before launching raids. Horrified Spaniards attempted to flee as soon as they heard the words of our prayer.”

    • yes, Franco’s Moors were the winning edge…esp. against the (((International Brigades))).

      and Reuters is owned by the (((Rothschilds))).

  8. As the marranos and their sympathizers lost ground,
    many left and changed their names and traveled to
    other countries to CONtinue their insane agenda.
    Many traveled back or to Cuba, the “Castros” and their
    buddies kept their ideology and eventually spread
    from the old “Spanish Main Hub/headquarters” destroyed
    via the Spanish American War years earlier, and slowly
    spread and joined their filth unto Central & South America.
    The Manhattan Project was and is not just nuclear bombs.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  9. For more info, really interesting documentary on Spanish Civil War. Best part is the interviews with the many survivors, from both sides. Notice how insane the eyes of the commies still look. Combine that w/ the 2nd para from article: this is why the Left ultimately always wins; they are fanatics, the Right just wants to be left alone. So we win the war, but lose the peace. Hopefully we learn that lesson this time around…

    • Correction “the 2nd para from article” should read “3rd para from bottom of article”

      • robins111

        That is a reasonably done documentary series, abet slanted to the left and they have a real love for the anarchists. Some outlandish bullshit in the series was the casualty count at Guernicia and the posting effects of anarchism in Catalonia…

  10. It has come to my attention that far too many people believe that anti-communism is somehow “right” wing. Pro-Free Enterprise capitalism is right wing, fascism is not. All dictatorships are left of center, because the left is the primacy of government and the abrogation of individual rights and freedoms; where right of center is the primacy of individual rights and freedoms and limited government power.

    Anarchy is social order in the absence of government. Franco and Hitler, Pinoche were left of center.

    Now these FreeFor militias need to be organized by a strong leader who is acknowledged by the militias. Charismatic leaders are only so effective, Washington may have been popular, but other generals were much more effective.

    Do we need another Patton, or a John J Pershing? I’d go with a Pershing leader.

    Street violence may become directed at individuals at random instead of the circus events of lately. The Left and alt-left may have an upper hand at first, but we will learn to organize an effective counter force or we will be defeated.

    • Fascism is really more of an aesthetic, or an amorphous goal like libertarianism, than a hard-coded system. Hitler mentioned in Mein Kampf that internal markets are important to unleashing the economic power of the German.

      If you are super-pro capitalism, realize that it sends us right back to where we are now after a short time: A few oligarchs buying the politicians and ruling by proxy.

      • I’m for free markets sans government interferences and the interferences of “oligarchs” whom can’t fathom fair competition and other people being prosperous. (Rockefeller, JP Morgan, etc.)

        Mein Kampf was a contemporary political commentary written by an offender serving prison time.

        When people accept responsibility for their own lives and we are not being threatened by oligarchs because they won’t have all of the money. Or that “white people” thing of becoming a tyrant because of wealth. I don’t get that at all.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          With the dumbing down of society to it’s lowest point in decades, you forget the masses WANT to be groupies, they don’t want to be bothered with making decisions on how to run their lives. And above all else, don’t confuse them with politics or economic choices.
          When people choose criminals like Clinton to rule over them, you know they don’t care about their own future any more, they’re that far gone down the sewer they can’t make logical choices anymore.
          So now back to your comment about accepting responsibility for their own lives…………like it even matters anymore?

      • True capitalism prevents a monopoly. If some investors see another investor is making better than market profits in a business, they move in as competitors and monopoly is prevented. It takes, no requires, the government for a monopoly to occur. This is because the government has the monopoly on ultra-violence and for no other reason and can use that monopoly to prevent free competition. Damn the government at every opportunity. It is not our friend and is only marginally helpful to our lives.

    • Just like here in occupied Maryland. Only cops, lawyers, judges and the elected get to carry legally.

      • Unpossible. The 2A guarantees the right of all citizens to keep and bear arms. It says so, in clear English.

        Your claim is simply unpossible, and thus must be ignored.

        [/sarc off]

      • Whats “legal”, and does that even matter? Serious questions.
        Is it legal for cops and other magically approved persons to carry arms, but your not?
        Is it legal for those approved persons to respect the US Constitution for themselves, but ignore it for you, then turn around with what is legal foe them, but if you respect the US Constitution, they make you a felon?
        What is legitimate?
        The first question, is your arms are your property before they are anything?
        If those approved people ignore the US Constitution, where does their legitimacy to deny you property and the ability, (and primal right), to defend yourself?

        Personally the hypocrisy of such “Laws” imposed by such people are on a criminal scale. I think it can safely be called treason.

  11. Normies are too scared to voice an opinion, never mind contemplate any kind of resistance. Can’t voice an opinion because they will get fired. Even if they have “conservative” employer, he or she will have to fire them or else… boycott, IRS audit, and/or thuggery. However, when the normies realize they have lost already with nothing further to lose, some of them will jump into the fray wholeheartedly. All the while wondering, “Who turned our kids against us, and how did this happen?” Sesame Street, Hollywood, Government Schools, Facebook, and good old denial. It’s been as plain as day all along. Until the normies turn (and depending on if there is enough of them)–critical mass–, much of the resistance will be futile.

    • It is time to make Normies into Allies. We all who understand the truth and what has to done better find ways to help Normies figure it out. Normies is all we have for allies, and they us. We are all going to need each other in ways we can hardly imagine how important it is.
      We don’t have to agree on everything long as we all have similar goals and interests. And there are a shitload of Normies, they outnumber everyone.

      • I have tried. All it did is cost me some friendships. It just simply has not gotten bad enough yet. They still watch sportsball, get high, get drunk, laugh when you mention God, watch idiotic TV programs that universally depict white men as buffoons, and think there’s no need for a civilian to own a battle rifle. Mind you some of these normies remember the race riots in the 60s, watched the LA Riots in 92 on TV, and had their retirement money stolen in 2008. Just how bad will it have to get? Yes they are “natural allies.” But they are still under the spell of those that dictate what their culture is and should be. Sadly when they snap out of it finally they will only be good as cannon fodder. And yes, I myself am a hypocrite and will be until I drop the last 30 extra pounds I am carrying around. I realize that as well. So tonight I will walk for 3 miles with the dog. Tomorrow I will hike 6 miles with my pack. Sunday I will rest.

        • Maybe it’s time to find a new AO…

          • I don’t try to convert normies anymore. I have a few solid neighbors. Some like minded folks in the greater AO. Keeping a low profile. Tabula rasa. This AO is as good as it gets.


    A really good book detailing this horrible situation is titled: THE PASSIONATE WAR. I forget the author’s name. What is significant in the history of the Spanish Civil War is how “Uncle Joe” and his useful idiots double-crossed the Republican forces and made off with “…the treasures of Spain.” It is unclear whether the Spaniards ever got them back.
    As far as the last sentence of the article about how this situation keeps going on is correct. The Reds NEVER give up. They may shift gears, throw up false fronts, do end runs, etc. They never stop. Marxism is a satanic ideology formed and propagated by an avowed satanist, Karl Marx. This was documented in Ted Flynn’s book: HOPE OF THE WICKED. Satan never sleeps and neither should we. Stay vigilant and watch your A/O. As the little girl in POLTERGEIST said: “THEY’RE HERE”.

    • robins111

      Nope, Joe never gave the gold back, 510 tons of it, it’s still outstanding and has never been returned… Some of it went to France also and it disappeared too.

      Another interesting aside, is that Joe was happy to send over assistance in the form of NKVD to ensure that the ‘Republicans’ were sufficiently politically pure.

      When I was young, we had a member of the International Brigade living close by, and he would talk about it periodically, He told me once that the NKVD killed more of their own people than were killed by the enemy

    • The claim that Marx was a satanist is based on a single poem of his. Marx was a disciple of Rabbi Moses Hess whom Marx called “my communist rabbi.” A careful distinction, Marx was a Judeo-Luciferian, a redundancy. I urge skeptics on any of those points to read the chapter on Rabbi Hess in Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit by Michael Hoffman, ISBN 9780970378453,
      available at

      The deceit of “atheistic” Communism meshes with another old trick designed to gain plausible deniability for Satan’s tribe. Having been expelled from hundreds of nations, principalities, and city-states because of their crimes against humanity (and even simple treason like, during the times of the Reconquista, the “Jews” who opened city gates at night to allow entry for Muslims to cut the throats of Christian families asleep in bed), Satan’s chosen people eventually learned the art of false flags. They have disguised themselves as “Portuguese” slavers, Young “Turks,” “Russian” mafia, “Austrian” economists, “atheistic” Communism, “Hollywood” pornographers, Marranos, Dönmeh, “neocons,” “international” financiers, etc. All these disguises of chameleon Judaism are quintessentially talmudic—derivative of the deceitful exhortation of Moed Kattan 17a that teaches Jews that when they are tempted to do evil, they should disguise themselves, then do their evil “in another city.” The Talmud is full of corollary instructions to do evil against gentiles providing there is no blowback on the tribe.

  13. The Usual Suspect

    The Spanish left wants to desecrate Franco’s grave,
    the more things change, the more they stay the same.
    Shades of Robert E. Lee !

  14. That was a good read – intend to follow that author to see what else he has contributed.

  15. Having lived in Spain fron 1979 thru 1983, I became very interested in their civil war. Had many conversations with the locals on their prospective on that era.

    Was a bloody war of attrition,while. Franco was supported by Nazi Germany’s, and Spain for the most part was not involved in WWII, they did prepare.

    My home in ROTA Spain was on the beach. Right over the sand dune, behind my house was a very very thick two story concrete bunker, in fact they were placed every 200y and were many many of these pill boxes, ” expecting invasion” use to run to my home,from the base, on the beach, often.

    At the bar across from my house a group of us history buffs were told by men, in their 50/60s then, of capturing and machine gunning their communist foes against some of those large bunkers.

    At the time their was still a very small army garrison, roughly 500 yards down the road. Never say them train, only guard the coastal road to a town named Chipiona. Of course you could drive all the way into Portugal if need be.

    My point is, it’s always interesting to me, to read history an then to hear from men who participated, ” which is a rare oppertunity” History rarely reflect the truth, but service the overall needs of the nation.

    I enjoyed my time in Spain. Back then the spaniards were just starting to excavate the old roman ruins, which were under the moorish ruins, which were under some other occupying nations ruins.

    Fascinating place. Fascinating history. The Spanish especially in the ” sw and med side were a curious mix of African Southern European mix. The women their are stunning, and spirited!. And naughty.

    All wonderful traits when your 20 something and thinking with your dick.

    I’ve still got friend who retired their after the ETSed the Navy. At Christmas time an old friend sent me a pic of my old house in Rota. Was fun to see again.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Most interesting CETME I ever saw was one propping up a Spanish sailor on the pier in Rota (1975). Several of us Recon Marines were headed to the beach for some Sangria and this sailor had the rustiest weapon I’ve ever seen, worse than the dilapidated M-1’s I saw in the Philippines, it was actually orange colored, and standing guard duty.
      Cadiz was pretty cool town though, lots of Brits to get drunk with.

  16. at least we can count on the super heroes- the Green Bray(s). the Seels. Delta Farce… not only losers, but liars too. tell us all about bin ladens death and burial why you’re at it. pure horseshit meant to prop up the moral of the poor hosts who have been bled dry of their finances and futures.

    fucking jokes.

    i want my money back. fuck you.

  17. Jim Klein

    >>>If you are super-pro capitalism, realize that it sends us right back to where we are now after a short time: A few oligarchs buying the politicians and ruling by proxy.<<<

    Get a clue; there's enough confusion here already. In a free market, nobody buys unless someone sells. And since only fools sell their souls, this "problem" is just some wild fear.

    In "super-pro capitalism," there are no rulers. That's what it MEANS.

  18. I think Ireland is a better model for what will follow here in FUSA. Large lumbering superpower meets rag tag group of comitted drunks and fuck ups who rapidly transform themselves into a force to be reckoned with. They brought the whole “empire” to it’s knees. Now what they did with that after is another matter but the results achieved by the IRA are a great example of what can happen when superpowers step on the peoples toes just a bit to long.

    Bloody Fridayty

    The Troubles (watch all 8 parts)

    IRA bombers (lads wrote the book on blowing shit up)

    Sunday (bloody sunday story)

    Ballymurphy Massacre


    The Shankill Rd Butchers

    Follow ups:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GZ38XBLuAg

    Milltown Cemetary Massacre

    There are many many others. You should watch them and understand Bracken is correct. Bosnia X Rawanda. No one should want to go down the road we’re on. But down it we’re going.

  19. Fucking hilarious. One could go back to the 2007 comments, compare them to the 2017 comments, and it’s like deja vu.

    It rhymes.

    They played the flute for us, and we did not dance; they sang a dirge and we did not mourn.

    Just repeat that for the rest of your lives.

    So… what’s the lesson here… again?

    Maybe pray and hope that SHTF scenario, whatever flavor du jour of the day it is, doesn’t happen in your lifetime… so you won’t actually have to do something about it? Heaven forbid if “Patriots”, whoever, and wherever they are, actually stood up, rather than singing years of the same old rhymes.

    And seriously, that word “Patriot” keeps getting slung around. WTF is a “Patriot”? Has anyone seen any “Patriots” around?

    SHTF! Just right around the corner! Then we’ll show them! She’ll be coming around the mountain… when she comes! If she comes. There will be no Civil War in America. There will be no Revolution in America. There may be a few hit and runs and misses here and there, at most. But you are not getting back the country of your fathers, and there fathers, before them. Nor are any of you going to carve out your own little freedom fiefdoms. Anyone care to gander a guess why?

    At best, you can count on living a life on the run.