Kek Mit Uns

And other irritating (to the Bad People) swag.

Kek Republic flag

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. What can i say, i love my patches and shit….
    Have all kinds from custom made: “Super Cracker,” to “Deplorable,” some 144:1 stuff and now Pepe….I ordered this am, and they are in the mail.
    Gotta love great shit, and customer service to boot.
    Not to mention, i love spending my hard earned, deplorable cash, at a like minded shop…
    We have to support in as many ways as possible, those businesses that share our values..just my .002 worth.
    ps…i cant tell you the last time i went into target, and cancelled my netflix after their bullshit, paypal too….
    fuck em, i vote and make choices w my $$$…
    PsyOp out.