Look Mom! I’m A Star! They Love Me! They Really Do! And I’m Brave! Really!

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  1. Rush had a caller today who said that if you read the transcript of the Comey testimony without knowing who it was you’d swear you were listening to a 23 year old female graduate student who was trying to find her safe space.

    He’s a 6’8″, 56 year old man trapped in a Snowflake’s body.

  2. The Walkin' Dude

    Senile McCain and his “President Comey”

    • You have to wonder what the country would be like if McCain’s name was on “The Wall” instead of a Senate office door.

    • Raised the bar so high Meryl Streep will never get nominated again.

      • Here’s the thing: thousands of us have named the Jew. Every single goyim in a position of power — and there are many — has to know true score about the JQ, and yet not one has the courage to name the Jew. Today would’ve been a great day for somebody to do it.

        It is not possible to be even a run-of-the-mill every day lawyer in any midmarket city without understanding the Jewish problem, let alone a United States senator or congressman.

        There are plenty of goyim senators. We saw many with a speaking role today.

        Yet not one dares to name the Jew.

        Just like us every day run-of-the-mill lawyers who work for them do not have the freedom to say anything if we want to feed our families.

        That nobody with any position of power officially names the Jew (Jewish newspapers openly chastise other Jews who support Trump as not being Jewish, thereby open admitting that the opposition to Trump’s voters is Jewish) demonstrates the severity of their power and stranglehold on this country and the countries of Western Europe that arrest white people for complaining about their demise on Facebook.

  3. Randolph -shoot the son of a bitch again -Scott

    when the Klinton’s do him in I hope it hurts. Really Bad.

  4. James Woods, sorry but you are mistaken. There are no “losers” on the left. They will just continue to lie, obfuscate, and demonized anything that is wholesome, honest, and morally right….until they are dragged out of their glass houses and shot. Then they will be “losers”…..

    • Unfortunately the communists always win. Have you heard of World War II? First the JEW Bolsheviks in Russia killed 20 million WHITE FARMERS. Then TEAM white lost World War II AND countries like Hungary were fed to the Jew bolshevics , under which they suffered and continue to suffer to this day along with the United States and Western Europe


      What has happened since?


      Ross Perot
      Ron Paul.

      They tried.

      Democracy in which women and brown people get to vote is not the answer.

      • Democracy IS communism.

      • Unfortunately the communists always win.
        Zombies Che, Ceausescu, Allende, Kim Il Sung, as well as Daniel Ortega, Gorbachev and the entire Soviet Politburo beg to differ.

  5. I think the following will prove how deep the stench goes.
    George Webb is practically doing his parallel construction.
    The thing is, parallel constructions only works (to total chaos)
    in their “world.”

    The spiraling rabbit hole of the Seth Rich Murder – With George Webb

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  6. fuck the poop poop
    fuck the gubbermint

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