RTWT and think.

Did the opposition to the Mighty Kenyan have such a mechanism during his regime?

In what ways did the Republican Party effect any meaningful opposition to that President?

Why is that?

14 responses to “Trumpileaks

  1. Because the Jew opposes only white families.

  2. The Jew.They have a firm grip on your sub-conscious. indistinguishable from a Baba Yagar . You keep an eye out for those Hebes.They will eat your kids.


      Sir: They do not eat your kids. They just worm their way into school boards and indoctrinate them. I saw it first hand while growing up in LA County in the 1950’s. That is why my mom went back to work so she and my dad could afford to send us to parochial school. Otherwise, we would have been bused to Watts.
      Truth is its own defense. I do not buy into some world-wide Zionist conspiracy simply because I have not seen irrefutable proof. However,this is what happened to me and mine. Sadly, it is also happening here in Kootenai County with them and their useful idiot cosmic-white-liberal male and female stooges and patsies. I am not exaggerating.

  3. Jim Klein

    Wow, 2 out of 2 same explanation…what could be more persuasive? Meanwhile, what of the the New Good Rulers, fka Republicans? Give ’em credit…being against Obamacare was some of the greatest fake theater in all of history. For politicians, that’s a mighty high bar.

  4. Lol they are the same, oligarchy and I’m not in it

  5. Mark Matis

    Not only did the opposition have any such mechanism during his regime, but can you imagine what the NSA and the Only Ones would have done to ANYONE who had dared try to provide such a thing?

    God damn every filthy maggot pig in this country straight to hell where they belong, and God damn their filthy whores right along with them.

    • Jim Klein

      That didn’t take long. How do you derive your positions…coin flip maybe?

  6. The fact that there’s not a dimes worth of difference between the 2 corrupt organizations goes a long way as an explanation.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      How dare you, sir! There are clear distinctions:

      The Dems worship socialism; the GOP greatly favors socialism.
      The Dems hate whitey; the GOP strenuously dislikes whitey.
      The Dems covet power; the GOP is infatuated with power.
      The Dems seek to rule everyone; the GOP wants to lord over everyone.
      The list is endless, my good man.
      – The GOP

  7. Its just a cohencidence that top donors to both parties are the same people.

  8. Michael Moore will require a sturdy lamppost to swing from.