Actually, It’s Just One Of The First Answers

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There are others, of course.

6 responses to “Actually, It’s Just One Of The First Answers

  1. perhaps a bit of skull phucking shouldve happend too ….

  2. most just cannot accept the truth.

    they want to believe the lies they’ve been spoon fed their entire lives.

    the worst of the worst have a teevee turned on right now…

  3. Dr. Frankenstein could not create a more disgusting smelly hole than Kathy Griffen….except maybe Rosie O’Donnell. A comedian that is not funny is pathetic.The entire political establishment is pathetic and disgusting.Washington DC is an insult to anyone smarter than a bag of hammers. Do not waste valuable time and energy thinking it will change.Focus on hemp production and streetlight/power pole structural integrity.The Kayan and Karen tribes take years to stretch a neck.I believe it can be done in under ten seconds. They are doing it wrong.

  4. BAMN is a two way deal.

    Goose, meet sauce.

    Gawd, what a hagggg!

  5. At some point a way must be found for them to tone down the WWE rhetoric so that we will all accept the premise. Note the Iranian asswipe cleared from the table this week.

  6. Celebrity Paul Lynde

    Kathy Griffin looks like Martin Short in a bad wig doing one of his “unflattering celebrity impressions” of Celebrity Kathy Griffin. Or maybe he should do this one… I mean hell, Short nudged a (obviously extremely vain and mentally unbalanced) “celebrity dermatologist” to commit suicide over one of Short’s unflattering impressions. Dr. Frederick Brandt.