Enemy Of The State

Tommy Robinson, with Stefan Molyneux.


11 responses to “Enemy Of The State

  1. I’m not a fan of Tommy Robinson but here he is talking to Stefan about something I’ve been moaning about for years.

    The fact that the White English Christians who dare protest about the racial and cultural injustices hidden behind the PC, MCultural, religiouly tolerant government policies are harrased by the UK government (and their agents) to silence them.

    The UK government (whoever is in power) has let the worlds filth in over the years, houses them, lets them breed, gives them welfare, allows them to attack our culture, turn feral, go to war, and finally bomb, knife, and abuse our women and children.

    I ask you, what’s to like?

    Fun bit? You’re letting the same element(s) into the US.
    That element is also protected by your government and their agents.
    And those agents are the ones attacking Trump for trying to keep the worlds trouble makers out.

    Wanna see what is going to happen in time? Just keep watching the UK.

    • I’ve tried reading Mein Kampf twice. Now I understand why somebody invented television right about the same time.

  2. Tommy’s 4 generations too late. We could have stopped all this in the ’70’s. Europe will be a muslim caliphate within 2 generations.

  3. I recall that one of the sub-plots of Hill Street Blues was the politics between City Hall and the ethnic gangs. The insight offered up by Tommy is perfectly applicable to the current situation in the US, we still have time to counter this blight

  4. So what’s the plan? Continue to bitch, or actually do something?

    • Do you have your local accountability folders completed?

      Have you built your organization per Bill Roberts’ instruction?



      Have you recruited local folks to work what that staff produces?

      Intel – who’s doing it and how well?

      How is your PT?

      And that of your team?

      How about your team’s weapons skills, both deliberate and reactive?

      How about small-unit tactics of fire and movement, both in the advance and in retrograde?

      Got logistics to support that organization? For how long?

      What about comms – both transmitting and receiving?

      Who’s handling your community relations? How competent are they?

      Most importantly, have you thought through and decided upon the end state towards which your team will be working?

      And can you clearly and persuasively convince others – by logic, reason, and common experience, rather than brute force – that your end state is beneficial to them so as to enlist their support?

      If not, this weekend is a good time to start.

      • lastmanstanding

        Well aren’t you just one cheeky bastard at 6:12 am mst brother…on a Saturday morning in Montanistan.

        We have a lot of what you list going on. Will it help? It sure as hell won’t hurt.

        Keep up the good work.

        As always…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Red in OleVirginny

        100% agree. If I may add a thought: Look to the IRA as an example. Hit hard by British gov spies/intel, they finally went to the closed cell model – except in Armagh which had a large family structure and kept the battalion model.
        Stay small, stay quiet and you will be able to handle the local pols.
        Theoretically speaking.
        Best regards.
        Red in OleVirginny

  5. you won’t be long for this world if you don’t neutralize the poop poop threat first…

    that’s reality.