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8 responses to “Hatespeech

  1. Eis Augen

    Check out the latest Daily Shoah – Nathan Damigo (punched Moldylocks) talks about Stewart Rhodes and some factions of the Oath Keepers driving non-violent Identity Europa guys out of Free Speech rallies.


  2. correction: in multiracial societies everyone – except altruistic, self-liquidating Whites – votes their own Tribal interests.

  3. Yes indeed, race is a core value. Prejudice is a defense mechanism, miscegenation must become illegal again.

    The nigger is the most destructive force on the North American continent, run by his owners, the Jew.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That graphic would make an excellent t-shirt and poster – clear, simple message that’s easily understood; it wouldn’t have any impact on true believers, but it might work wonders on people with the generic, soft “diversity is good” mentality that’s been beaten into them.

  4. Mr. Frosty

    Tell that to the “colorblind” boomer cucks that claim America is a set of “values” that are compatible with every race and religion.

    • America is a set of values that are compatible with every race and religion. Races and religions are averages of large groups. However, not every individual is compatible with America. Colorblind does not mean behavior-blind. Any person no mattter their race or national origin is welcome to live a peaceful, productive life as my neighbor.

  5. Given the number of black, hispanic, Muslim, … youtubers supporting Trump in the last election, I don’t believe the premise.

    Ditto all the Bernie Bros who voted for Trump.

    You can only believe it if you think in stereotypes.

  6. Cook County, Il. voted in a black female communist as the new States Attorney. She promptly began to reward her constituency. No more felony weapons charges for gang bangers. And today she announced no charges for driving suspended or revoked, unless you have 4 prior convictions. Also, no felony theft charges unless you have been convicted 10 times prior. Insurance rates will be going way up.