Moar Winning!

Washington Times: Trump backs permanent snooping powers he once criticized as abusive

9 responses to “Moar Winning!

  1. that’s because dumpf is nothing but an orange colored steaming pile of shit.

    spying on thee, but not on me…

    ALL gubbermint parasites are the enemy.

    scumbags one and all.

  2. Zazzle, Cafe Press, and Redbubble are already offering a nice selection of “Miss Me Yet?” Obama bumperstickers. Selling briskly to reformed Trumpaholics.

    • Horseshit.

      No one who voted for Trump, no matter how disillusioned, misses the putrid serial offender fagocyte illegitimate treasonous bastard Oblamo.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      And people sold “Miss Me Yet” shit with Dubya on it pretty shortly into Obizzle’s first term. Odds are pretty good that someone digging in the sand in Egypt could find the exact same thing featuring Hatshepsut carved onto a stele during Thutmose III’s reign.

  3. If anyone is surprised, please see Rule No. 1
    (all credit due to Graham Kill House)

    • Outstanding! Killhouse. Add detention training to any regimen. Detention tactics/ reconnaissance.Tactics and training.A person without discipline is reckless in all areas of life. Without discipline survival is not possible.
      . Knowing who your adversary will be, is quite difficult.. Intel…tactics ,training,discipline.Train for life.Train to fucking win.Second place is the first loser plus you are dead.

  4. Folks should go find/peruse some of the source readings scattered in the comments of the Times’ article. Rule #1 indeed.

  5. Ace Frehley

    The Govt and Big Business. I recommend the book Data and Goliath by Bruce Schneier. The only short term solution is to completely unplug.