A Rootless, Traditionless Race

A sober look at national politics, circa 2017.

Put another way: you, your family, your frames of reference, and your way of life is opposed – viciously – by the mainstream of your countrymen via the organs of state despotism.

For confirmation, doubters of the premise above can raise issues such as race, gender, and the proper role of governments with co-workers and neighbors.

If you dare.

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  1. hummus abedin

    “The so-called ‘freedom movement’ has failed tactically, strategically, and intellectually in its stated mission to preserve and restore individual freedom in the former United States of America.”

    Spectacularly understated but true.


    If you look at the other side of the coin, what is in store fro NOLA and other -described: “Chocolate Cities.” We have seen the previews of coming attractions in Chicongo, SF, LA, New Yawk, Baltimore, etc. It is unfortunate that these monuments to the heroes of the War of Northern Aggression should be desecrated. But, do not cry over spilled milk.
    Save what you can of your heritage. Continue to educate and indoctrinate your young with the truth. Plan and prepare for the defense of your hearth and home. Any city or county which gives money and assistance to Dindus, Muslim “refugees” LGBT deviates, and other assorted human dreck will reap what it has sewn. And TPTB plus their useful idiots in congress and the MSM will not be able to conceal the facts of the moral, social, and cultural disintegration of this syphilitic country. Time is indeed running out for them. Bleib ubrig.

  3. POd American

    Wonderful and long synthesis of what’s wrong in the Former USA. If you find the article too long, skip to the last paragraphs and then let it soak in. Our current state of affairs is mirrored in Matt Bracken’s second book in his trilogy. Pass this article along to your friends…I did.

  4. Broaching those “hot-button” issues with co-workers and neighbors? Been there and done that; problematic to say the least. Hell, even within my combat vets group that meets weekly there are those divisions. Too many guys sit in front of the tube all day and/or every night and soak in all that rubbish and form their opinions accordingly. So it’s either MSNBC and Rachel MadCow or Faux Nooz Nitwits and Sean Hannity and Rush Limburger. Normalcy bias writ kinda large. Neighbors either the same way or very cagey.

    Oh well; meatspace recon continues and I’ll keep trying to find like-minded folks accordingly.

  5. “has failed tactically, strategically, and intellectually”

    Maybe cuz that’s exactly backwards in order. If we start intellectually, with the mind, we can readily see that…

    “the proper role of government”

    …is a goal that can never be reached. Might explain why it never is. Unachievable goals are never rational.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      So the choice we have is between: (1) government – which doesn’t work and may, on a long enough scale devole briefely into; (2) anarchy – which doesn’t work, and will, in very short order, be conquered by (1).

      • Guess those are the choices you created in your mind. Your life, your mind, your choices. Me, I prefer identification and correspondence so I go with those. To each his own…just don’t bring that bullshit around me.

  6. There hasn’t been an intellectual failure, Jim?

    • a follower

      i do believe the proper role of government has been achieved. Yah’s government. Not man’s.
      Following His governance is the calling.

    • Oh yeah, another understatement! Maybe I wasn’t clear…I was just saying one should think/identify first, strategize next and then get ‘er done.

  7. a follower

    Nothing is rootless.

  8. Look it’s good to understand this stuff. It’s wise to realize, We are not going to change it, that the best we can hope for, is not going to happen. Not in our life times.

    We ” the older generation” the ones with the time to understand, interpret what’s going on, need to lead the preparedness for our families. Lead the investing in our families, future.

    Invest in family infastructure. Don’t know about you all, but I’m getting a metric ton of crap from my family, who get it, yet think what’s in the garages in the loading room, is enough. ” it’s not” these young folks are so busy working supporting their families trying to make ends meet, only having the resources to pay their mortgages, car payments, medical dedutables.

    have enough left to have a few beers on the weekend, go hunting or fishing, maybe take their families to a nice dinner out from time to time.

    While they read and see what’s going on in the cities, they have a difficult time seeing those issues cropping up in itty bitty southern Oregon,mini bumb fuck Oregon.

    These kids, these young adults have never had an interaction with city county state or federal agencies. So they don’t grasp the depth of the corruption, the magnitude of far reaching potential consequences.

    Their far from ignorant, it’s just the life they know.

    Their is a better than 70/30 chance that my preps of the past years, my future preps, my gold my silver, my rifles and shotgun collection, my pile of defensive cases of ammo, my cords of wood, my seed vaults, my medical supplies is in fact for my families use.

    The preparedness dance is a long one. One that most preppers will never see the end of.

    If you have enough to survive for six months, it’s time to work on a year. If you have enough preps for a couple years it time to work on the third year.

    If you don’t have the tools to defend your preps, then you have exactly zero preps.

    While it’s true that our history is being erased by the left. I find myself asking daily just how much of that history was factual to begin with. I sat my grand children down last night and went over my collection of family pictures from the 1850s, to the 1980s, of all our family.

    Our history is first memorialized in Baggs Wy, on the family ranches. The Pierson family. In fact the Pierson Basin was named after them. I’ve got pictures of my great grandmothers horse freight line, business, and the rest of the family.

    This I know, the only way our history is removed, is if ” I don’t share it with my family, if I don’t share the existing pictures and oral history of my family.

    Historically history has been written by the winners, and has nothing to do with the truth.


    • And as long as Freefor is just focused on that then the Reds will keep marching on and becoming stronger and then one day we will wake up strangers in our own country and being hunted down one by one…Your history and mine won’t matter because the very existence of our being here will be wiped clean…I can’t look at my son staring up at me with his momma’s blue eyes and not want to rip out the Bastards throat that wants to wipe him out…Is there no men left that will stand in the face of this evil…Is there no men that understand that if we don’t build Community’s that will protect and defend or values then our way of life will be destroyed…What the heck you know I’m speaking truth what’s it going to take for you to take action…

      • Will just leave this here since it coincides with this article….

      • Lineman, I feel your pain. You shot a politician lately, a news personality, or one of those bad cops? You talk of contribution, standing tall, being aggressive. Ok, I’m as frustrated as you, I see it, I feel it, and I’m addressing it here, in a manner that meets my needs.

        My community IS a community of preppers, it’s a way of life for most. I’m no good to my family in prison, or dead. My focus is blood thick. My group, my circle get it.

        It’s common to be out for a meal and the topic inside the establishment IS prepping, Is how fucked up govt is, or DC central banks, UN. I live on top of a mountain, 100 miles away from major metro trash.

        These men and women are just as frustrated as we are. Yet their practical God fearing patriots. When it’s time to get to killing, these people will get jiggy.

        While our worlds a mess, my community isn’t. Lots of good stuff going on here.

        Most homes here are literally armories, food water solar, hydro and common sense prevail here.

        I thought you were in Montana. If so I seem to think your in an area is similar in mind set, and grit.

        For me, i pray daily that my killing days are over. That I grow old watching my children and my grandchildren grow and blossom, to the natural wonders here.

        I did what I did cuz I believed, I do what I do now because I know better, I see the lie.

        God bless you Brother.


        • Bless you as well Brother…Yes you are correct I am in a very good community here in MT but I know that it isn’t enough if we are to stop the march towards tyranny…Take Care Brother…

      • That is the problem with so many on the Prepper Right, they are still geared up to fight the last war: the war to survive in Mad Max Apocalypse Land. The problem is that the next war is likely to be a civil war of some kind that will determine who makes the laws (if any) that all the survivalists will be obligated to follow when they return to civilization.

        Claiming everyone you disagree with will magically die off & everyone who survives will have a Bible in 1 hand and the Constitution in the other is a laughable fantasy.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Damn good post, Dirk! Could not have said it better. We “old timers” who have been ’round the block–heck, we just know more than the young ‘uns just out there scratching out a living. I can’t knock or blame them. I just hope to educate ’em. Give ’em sound ground to build on after I leave.

      You and I have surveyed current events and history through field glasses and made valid predictions and conclusions. They’re stuck looking at the present thru a microscope. They just lack perspective, which is only gained thru experience and age using wisdom.

      Gonna take time and generations to get the ship righted. Our enemies have been at work for quite a while. Like termites eating at the keel and steering wheel.

      In my youth, I helped build the Saturn V rocket engines. My hopes and dreams are all that what I provide my young people is the strong “boost phase” just like a rocket, that keeps ’em going on course–a straight and true trajectory! It’s up to them after I “fall away.” Family and faith, truth, beauty, and goodness.


      • CC , I’ve learned that our leadership,our Govt are counting on our young not catching on, too soon.


        • Thank you all for posting here. I believe they are waiting on us to age out demographically and I think Lineman is correct that if we wait they win.

      • Thank you for your contribution in getting man off this rock. I fear we may have only one more chance to do this before civilization resets itself.

  9. Great article, thank you for posting it. Not that Washington and Coolidge were bigots, but Coolidge’s statement has proven true: “Our country must cease to be regarded as a dumping ground.” The USA since 1965 has become that dumping ground. Countries all over(Japan, China, Russia and Mexico) most likely would not have allowed 95% of the people the USA has left in because they knew most of them would be detrimental; but the USA builds bigger welcome mats, WTH ?
    Given the racial clash that Obama has set ablaze under his terms and firmly put all faults at the foot of the white man, anyone expecting the next few decades to reverse without a nationwide crisis is kidding themselves. Obama was right, he did fundamentally transform the country, the POS.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Japan hasn’t allowed much of any one in, and they’re dying out faster than pretty much any other nation on the planet. If a country is not going to allow immigration, it needs to make sure that it’s native population keeps breeding. White folks everyone – especially in Europe – have largely forgotten that.

      • Japanese are packed onto a tiny island. Shrinking population is probably a good thing for them. Whites do need to get some more points on the board, so to speak 😉

  10. Granting suffrage, first to women, then to negroes has resulted in the current cultural genocide that’s in progress.

    We know which (((group))) benefits from the removal of all monuments to white culture.

    Our culture was created by and for white Christians, and ONLY white Christians. Our grave mistake was to permit the (((other))) to move here.

    • And a big part of the problem now is that the so-called patriot movement has gotten so high on its own supply that it actually believes in this propositional nonsense, that we can somehow be blind to race and everybody will create new bonds of unity in their mutual love of Muh Constitution.

      Look what happened in Houston on Saturday. The Oath Keepers were there to virtue signal their Rainbow bona fides by assaulting white nationalists.

  11. Truth Corps

    I wonder what the next Dylann Roof is planning in retaliation for these (and other) acts? Likewise, I wonder what monuments will come down as a result until White people wake up and realize we’re being replaced just as the Plains Indians were. Whites are more concerned with what negro football jersey to wear to show their team pride this fall, while their daughters pop out mulatto babies for Grandma to raise.
    I wonder indeed if collectively we’ll wake up in time or not.

  12. The American “patriot” movement is useless in preventing the decline of Western civilization simply because the left has paralyzed them by name-calling: “racist,” “anti-Semite,” “xenophobe,” etc. Instead of supporting us nationalists who understand that organized Jewry is using negroes and Muslims as their street thugs to destroy white civilization, these so-called “patriots” lash out at us. I have seen this curious behavior now at several rallies across the South when we Southern nationalists were defending our monuments from the Judeo-Marxist left. This, in my opinion, is the poison legacy of Mike Vanderboegh. As a former (?) Marxist, he hated nationalism of all sorts.

  13. DixieDennis

    I know what we can put on those empty monument pedestals. Remember those giant inflatable apes the car dealers used to use? It would be a fine representation of the current inhabitants of the zoo called Nola. I would encourage any and all self respecting white folks to avoid that place or any other that dares to remove historical monuments (Can you say St. Lewey?)
    I left the communist state of Illinois 20 years ago (Thank God!). Voted with my feet. Now we can vote with our wallets. I refused to watch the NFL after the first game with the 49’rs. I know their ratings are down, wonder why?
    None of those towns would survive without white folks stolen plunder (tax money from the working class). I guess I’m ramblin’, but this shit gets my blood pressure up!

    P.S. Great link C.A.! Added to my favs.

  14. The secession of the first civil war was accomplished by State legislatures. Hunter Wallace did a great job in the first half of this long essay explaining why the states of Virginia and North Carolina are quickly becoming Blue states. He’s right about that, and there is nothing standing between here and the eventual minority status of the historic white people of those states.

    So, as much as I love his analysis of the present I still feel that the conclusion is weak. It’s like a 3/4 court shot just before the buzzer in a basketball game that’s not that close. A nice gesture that says: we tried to the end, but meaningless.

    Is there any State in the South that has even a tiny embryo of resistance that could grow into an adult secession movement? I don’t see it. And the sizable black population of these State’s is a huge hurdle. Mississippi is 37% black! Whose Army is going to kick them out? Louisianna is 32% black. As the article notes they are tearing out the monuments to Confederates as we speak. What transition is going to occur that turns a weak and defeated people who can not keep their historic shrines from being destroyed, into a force that will revolt, secede and create a new nation? Georgia 30%, Maryland 29%, South Carolina 28%. Tens of millions of blacks live in the South.

    Hunter, our own Pat Hines, and other supporters of neo Confederacy don’t seem to have a plan, just a false dream. Richard Spencer, too, talks about a future white ethno-state, but at least he is honest in admitting it’s sort of a mythological dream, not something that will happen any time soon.

    Despite this criticism I think Hunter Wallace is a talented writer and constantly finds interesting insights into things. I enjoy reading his stuff, but I don’t see the end-game in it.

    • I think both HW and RS are being cagey in claiming to not have a concrete plan. We don’t need plans, we need more white people to realize they are on Team-White, that we are a people with an identity. Without this, nothing else happens. With it, everything falls into place. The (((enemy))) knows this, which is why they freak out so much when white identity is at issue.

      I remember 1 of RS’s speeches, I think it was at Auburn. He’d been talking about the need to restore white identity, and some hebrew in the audience asked him “what then? What happens when whites wake up?” Spencer looked at him innocently, and then with a grin said something like, “oh I don’t know, I’m just worried about restoring the beauty of white culture!” or some bullshit.

      But it was obvious both he and the rabbi knew what happens next.

  15. Mr. HilI, absolutely disagree with you, my family, my circle could care ” fucking less what outsiders call us. In fact I don’t know anybody in the circle who gives a shit what the press, or anybody else calls us. ” we’re not global thinkers, we think more regionally, cuz that’s all we can hope to influence.

    It might vapor lock some for a period of time.
    getting stuck on words, is easy to do, I do it myself, often. ,the left, progressives have learned by changing the definition by one minor word, they have changed the narrative to meet their intent of the initial meaning.

    around here we watch the local news for local news. We want national of global news we hit the web sites that still speak truth.

    the sooner citizens learn that the press, the left have weaponized words, the sooner we develop a counter language spoken by our kind of people, our kind of thinkers.

    Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, I beer can race sailboats on Wed nights. It’s a blast. My newest crew member is a smart mofo, highly educated, Ivy League. Very progressive. I didn’t know of his political position when he asked if he could race on my boat with me.

    Did I mention he’s the editor of the local news paper aswell. Not a big paper maybe 100.000 to 150.000 copies a day. Frankly a very liberal

    No doubt we see the world thru different lenses. Yet, Im willing to hear him out. Frankly I’ve one a few rounds, and lost a few rounds. I don’t expect to change him, or his views, but I have ask that he as the editor make sure the facts, without personal opinion, or,agendas are posted fairly.

    Jury’s out on that, I’m patient. So I now have a new new crew member. Killer strategist, on the boat, far and above a better sailboat racer then me. So last night over beers at the club, I discover that Marks the papers manager, that he manages the NW part of this news paper network. Roughly 1 million copies daily in smaller markets in the north western part of the nation.

    Not sure how this happened, but I seem to realize it’s happened for a reason, which I don’t clearly understand yet.


    • “No doubt we see the world thru different lenses.”

      Yet another understatement. But don’t worry, you two share something very fundamental in common. Sounds like a great boat.

  16. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    I work at one of the largest and most powerful law firms in the world. This is 10/10 accurate @ 1000 Yards.
    or Meters.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. Grey Ghost

    “What matters most to me, at this point, is defeating the existential threat facing not just our Southern heritage and identity, but Western Civilization itself. In this fight for our very survival as a people, I am willing to pay any price for victory, even if that means fighting fire with fire.”

    Well, we all better be ready to do what is necessary to take out the marxists/collectivists/antifa jackasses. Your fire must be better than their fire and an attitude of take no prisoners will win the day. I can tell you one thing… winning hearts and minds is NOT gonna work, it hasn’t worked with SF in the past and it’s not going to work this time either.

    Grey Ghost

  19. SemperFi, 0321

    Any of you guys EVER been in trouble before, EVER?
    Or do you just go thru your whole life kissing the govt’s ass and behave yourself, so as not to cause any trouble and get demerits? Mommy would be so embarrassed.
    Most of you are your own worst enemy because all you do is spend your life kissing someone’s ass, paying tribute with your wallet, and then next week expect to become Rambo because you see yourself as some patriot saint with a tactical tomahawk to cleave heads with.
    The word resistance must have lots of different meanings, like the colors of those Velcro backed patches. Must be a code word for something else.

    What a joke this nation has become. Everyone sees themselves as their favorite movie actor, all their references to life come from a movie script, like quoting a line from a Clint Eastwood movie…….your version of reality, right?

    Forget about the theatrics, all us worthless boomers will slowly die off, and those genius millennials can burn off our gun stashes. Haven’t you been paying attention?

    • Notarealperson

      Oh please stop with the posturing. Anyone could say the same about you.

      Look any DA at this point is suicide unless you could motivate at least 3% of the population to join you. Then you’d succeed.

      What you should be asking is ‘how can we get more people involved?” People need to feel pain directly and that means economic pain. People in general will bullshit themselves like crazy if they;re making decent money that everything is okay. Take that away and it changes. You’ll get that with the stock and housing market imploding again. That will knock millions out of their collective delusion. Not mention wreck havoc with the Feds and the states.

      At that point we’ll be looking at Bracken’s “when the music stops”. There is nothing like a rampaging gang of blacks storming out of the cities to terrify people in action.

      Then you’ll get your 3& and your shootings.

      • “unless you could motivate at least 3% of the population to join you. Then you’d succeed.

        What you should be asking is ‘how can we get more people involved?”

        Its amazing no one in the anti-gov Right has ever asked this question before, or if it was asked it wasn’t given the attention it deserved . Instead, all you boomers just go around and around, beating your chests about what badasses you all were and what weaklings the kids today are.

        You never try to solve the problem, most of you never even identified what the problem was. You talk about the need for revolution, and speak ominously of “making lists” but you don’t do what really needed to be done: research. How does one bring about a revolution?

        The alt-right was at this point many years ago, and we’ve been working on it ever since. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, perhaps look for some worthwhile alt-right causes to donate to like Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, or some of the smaller podcasts like Salting the Earth, the Krypto Report, etc.

    • So how many feds have you killed lately? I don’t do so because I am a man of peace, and its currently counter-productive to the goals of the alt-right.

      You seem to see the need, you call those who don’t a joke and worthless, yet do nothing yourself. This makes you both a coward and a hypocrite.

  20. Snarky Motorhead

    The cuckoldry of the patriot boomers is disgusting beyond words. They are perfectly happy seeing western civilization die, as long as they are not called racists. They will defend to the last the one who denounces racism, even it it means the destruction of his people. The boomers need to die. In their political correctness, they are as dangerous as ISIS or hard core communists. If you aren’t going to stand up for your own ethnicity who will you stand for?

  21. Snarky Motorhead

    Not a freestyle comment area. Comments are heavily moderated.

  22. “We ” the older generation” the ones with the time to understand, interpret what’s going on, need to lead the preparedness for our families. Lead the investing in our families, future.” – Dirk
    “Your history and mine won’t matter because the very existence of our being here will be wiped clean…” – Lineman
    “For me, I pray daily that my killing days are over. That I grow old watching my children and my grandchildren grow and blossom…” – Dirk, again
    Gentlemen my brothers… a time is coming, and now is. I look back over the years here at WRSA and elsewhere, and we are all cognizant of the “main thing”. Sure, we hash out new capillaries every day, but the vein of discontent and trouble still bleeds us and our families every day. We know – we are not confused, nor do we lack understanding – what will happen. Indeed, it must happen, at this point. And in that, Haxo and Sgt. Barry are correct, as Pete has said…”there’s going to be a fight. Let’s win.”
    Not a one of us is getting younger. Our preps continue, as does our debate. But each passing day not only diminishes our number due to “age attrition”; but also diminishes the time we can see our loved ones heading out into the world we can leave them after our fight. For it is our fight, most of us are old enough to be aware this happened on our watch. Yes, this duty we have sucks, but it is still our duty. I do expect my sons and my daughter to fight by my side, that’s how they were raised.
    But I do not expect nor want my children and grandchildren to right these wrongs, and fight the evil; on my behalf. As much as I am able to make it so, I must do what I can to leave them better than this mess.
    My sons were raised with the understanding that, as men, we “do the hard things.” It is part of what makes us men. Acceptance of responsibility, even if it sucks or is costly, it’s what we do. The duty falls to us.
    We can – and have – talked, typed, postured, pontificated, cajoled, encouraged, argued, talked smack… Studied, prepped, practiced, ad infinitum.
    It is time to go fuck shit up. Each of us in our own way, to the level of our preparation, training, skill level, and understanding. But it is time – past the time, in all honesty – to go and fuck shit up.
    As has been said, we can work out the finer points on the other side of the excitement. It’s very apparent from all they do and say, that our opposition wants this fight – they’re too foolish and inexperienced to understand what it really means.
    Remember grade school? “He was asking for it.” Yes, yes they are.
    Dirk, I too pray my killing days are over, but I know they aren’t. Lineman, you know that anyone who wants to harm my Godson must go through me. And that ain’t going to happen, and you know that as well.
    They want to party?
    Then let’s dance.

  23. Yeah. Been in a lot of trouble. Cops are mystified when one is in the slam and has to be forced to leave after one has been bailed out./ S//