An Empire Without Barbarians

A guest post at VFS.

Do not trust a single extant American institution.

6 responses to “An Empire Without Barbarians

  1. That’s a stunningly powerful illustration of Jew money power in the US.

  2. Well why didn’t the anti-war proponents say this earlier? I would have believed them back in 2001 if the information in this article had been stated instead of hysterical flower children protesting.

    I would have believed them back in 1965 if they had been calm and rational. Oh wait, the calm and rational peace proponents were never heard, nor read because they were never publicized.

  3. So how does this change? ” clue” it doesn’t!


  4. Nice Venn. I notice the left-hand side has many “Obama”s, somewhat fewer “Clinton”s, one “Bush” and no “Trump”s. Leads me to believe that the diagram is out of date or that the “problem” is largely partisan / no longer extant.

    Oh, and JOOOOOOOOOOOOOS, check. No White Person EVAH worked in banking….

    • I’d recommend going through Trumps cabinet and doing the research yourself. Goldman is well represented there. If foreign interests are funding well over half the party donations in the US, does it matter who they are? Does not compute Will Robinson.

  5. Where’s Steve n Stevie?

    Mnuchin and Cohn 2012!