Brushbeater: Context Is Crucial

On handhelds, who you are vs. who you aren’t, survivalist comms vs. tactical comms, and other important topics.




3 responses to “Brushbeater: Context Is Crucial

  1. John_Rourke

    CB/11m has a lot going for it if one treats it like a real radio and spends some time working with it.

    Just like the UHF/VHF and the HF Amateur bands it’s all about antenna when running at QRP power levels. There are folks running home brew ‘J’-Poles’, dipoles, wire verts and store bought verts in our ‘neigborhood’ network and they all work.

    If one has the right Amateur HF rig they will also run right though 11m with no drama.

    I don’t think any of us have bought a new CB, my mobile is a sweet sounding, well tuned Galaxy SSB rig bought for $40 at a swap meet, puts out a clean 30 watts with no internal hacking. I’ve also bought a couple SSB Cobra 148’s used. One is mounted in a plastic ‘ammo’ can with an AGM battery with some coax and a 300ohm ladder line J-Pole antenna.

    Of course everyone has a Baofeng or two or three haha, but few knew how to get much out of them till folks started getting up to speed.

    CB and Baofengs have been awsome gateway drugs, getting folks appetites wetted up for ‘real’ radios and increasing their skill sets. It’s really been a lot of fun and a good ice breaker for local networking on many levels.

    Much of the useful CB antenna information I’ve come across has come from Europe and Australia, apparently they get after some CB.

  2. I wonder what Bushbeater would think of using 802.11n tech for comms? Inherently digital, encryption can be impressed on the signal by either TLS or at the application level as in VoIP. Mesh networking is easy to implement, and 802.11r is implemented on Cisco APs to support roaming.